Qayamat (2003) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 4

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I'm no guide. I'm a scientist
And noW starts a deadly game
We're holding you hostages
Till the government meets our demands, you folks Will remain here
We have no enmity against you. But you must do as We say
Get us out of here!
Surround the jail With guards. Use the radars
At every entry point, deploy motion sensors
James, What's this? - It's a motion sensor
Whenever someone gets close to it, our computers Will alert us
And if someone even defuses it, We'll still get to knoW
You mean We'll get to knoW immediately that someone has arrived?
Where have you placed the seven missiles?
One's in the toWer, tWo in the library...
tWo in the ammunition room, and tWo in the Portuguese room
I've connected you both to the C.M.'s phone
C.M., bad neWs for you
We've turned the Elphinston Jail into a prison again
What rubbish are you talking? Who are you?
Don't interrupt. Talk only When We ask you to. Go ahead noW
Why're you asking him to talk? - Okay, shut up!
You talk. - Who are you?
You speak up again! So let me tell you
We're madmen...
by the end, We're going to turn you mad too
We've captured 213 tourists. Including some foreigners
Who are you?
Who are We...?
Why? You Want to get your daughter married to them?
Even if you Want to, don't offer the guests any Water
If they drink the Water, they're doing to die!
With our missiles, We have targetted the seven lakes...
Which supply drinking Water to the Whole of Mumbai
Our missiles are carrying not just explosives...
there's also the virus We have stolen from the CDC Lab
C.M., if you don't meet our demands, We'll let go of a missile...
and the Whole of Mumbai Will perish With the Water
Don't talk, C.M. Just Watch the teaser
At the lake in Goregaon
Full of emotions...
and cries of agony
Cancel all my appointments for the day...
What's happening here...?
28 people are dead, a child's suffering...
tell us something, sir!
The effect of the virus
Take a look at this, sir
I need samples of this Water. - Okay, sir
People have died a horrible death!
We've seen 29 bodies today, it'll be 2.9 million soon!
I'm glad they haven't contaminated the air to terrorise us
They've only contaminated the Well Water
One moment. Call from Elphinston Jail, sir
15 billion and a ship to get out of here
What? - Aren't you recording it?
Listen to What you've recorded
You have 24 hours. - I get it
You speak up again? All right, go ahead
You must speak noW and then
As for What We can do, you've seen a sample at the Well in Goregaon
I'll explain. Until We have sailed across the Arabian Sea...
the 213 hostages Will remain With us on the ship
You're already using your brains...
as to What you've got to do in the next 24 hours
Tell him, James
Anything done Within a radius of 3 kilometers of this jail...
Will see our missile land in the seven lakes of Mumbai
If you try to explode the missile in mid-air, they'll no doubt bloW up
But the virus Will spread everywhere in the atmosphere...
and kill all of you. You get that?
24 hours... to doomsday
These criminals Who have taken over the Elphinston jail...
are they indeed capable of doing something so dangerous?
They are. Akram...?
Ali Rehmani
He found many jobs, but because of his abusive nature...
and his bad habits, he couldn't keep any job
Abbas Rehmani
Like this brother, very intelligent...
dreams of becoming rich overnight
The tWo of them deal in defence equipment only in name
But actually, they're agents of international arms-smugglers
Once the life of the discos in Bombay
She's the life of the tWo brothers noW
James Ricardo. The gang's techno-brains
He used to Work for the NASA earlier
Murthy, Worked in an explosives factory. Expert at explosives
Lop, a radar-expert
There's another thing. As smart as they are in committing a crime...
they're equally adept at Wiping out the evidence
Which is Why, We have only information. We have no evidence
We have informers, no Witnesses
Is there no Way We can survive this virus?
This virus spreads very quickly in air and Water, sir
In Mumbai, it'll spread faster because of the humid conditions
This virus could perhaps be destroyed With fire
We're still experimenting, sir
To begin With, alert the navy
Seal the area, 3 kilometers in the radius of the Elphinston Jail
So that no vessel, Whether it belongs to the fishermen or the government...
goes there. Also declare the area as a no-flying zone
Alert all the emergency services. And please...
think of a sure-shot plan to rid ourselves of this crisis
I'll go and have a Word With the P.M.
Why that smoke...? - Reaction
O God! We must get the gas out of the chamber!
Else, they can't get out either. The gas Will spread through the lab
The experiment has succeeded
Put the concentrate in the test-tube
This virus can be destroyed With fire
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