Internet Speak Explained

Uploaded by somegreybloke on 16.05.2009

Now and again people send me electronic mail
asking for my advice or help on various matters
and I'm usually happy to assist, if I can
I got a mail like this the other day. It said:
So, this video is a quick guide for Valerie and others like her
who are mystified by the abbreviations
that sophisticated internet users often employ
PMSL annoys me, actually
because people use "PMSL" to mean
but "myself" is only one word, it's not "my" and "self"
so the abbreviation ought to be just "PML"
and if you ever type "PMSL"
you're committing a grievous error and you shouldn't do that
I've set up a group on Facebook, in fact
to raise awareness of this issue and hopefully effect some kind of change
because there's really no excuse.
In any case, what you will have observed by now
is that most of this acronymic shorthand is used to express
various degrees of physical and vocal reaction to amusing stimuli.
People who are extremely entertained by something they've seen or read might type
or even
But what we should be aware of when we see somebody typing
any of the "ROFL" variations is that this person
is a liar
possibly sent by Satan, to dissemble and mislead
because I think it's very unlikely that
somebody rolling around laughing hysterically in their own urine
is also capable of typing out those letters in the correct order
So be careful or those people, Valerie
Definitely don't give them any of your passwords
Lastly, one very underused abbreviation that I think should be far more popular
is this one:
which of course means:
and which also, coincidentally is a village in Wales
So I hope that helps Valerie and anyone like her
and if you have any other internet related questions that you'd like answered
my inbox is open