120125 - Gold to Replace Dollar as Reserve Currency

Uploaded by HyperReport on 25.01.2012

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for Januay 25th,
Here are the prices for various items; such as, gold, silver, and oil for today.
Gold for Oil: India and Iran Ditch Dollar
Despite Iran being banned from trading gold and
silver and its Central Bank assets stolen... err frozen,
it appears that India has bought oil from Iran using gold.
You know, that shiny yellow metal that sugar daddy Benji Bernanke
says that people only store because of tradition. So, as the EU and the US are left increasingly
in the cold over oil supplies, India and China are enjoying the windfall
of an exclusive oil supply.
Why More QE is Coming and What That Means for the Future Price of Gold
Most traders and some economists believe the Fed will step in
with another round of Quantitative Easing. They may not call it Quantitative easing,
but perhaps, impliment nominal GDP growth where the
Fed makes up a difference between real GDP growth and desired GDP growth.
The price of gold is saying to expect more volatility in the equity markets.
Expect more pain from the European debt crisis. Expect a military showdown with Iran
and that the bull market for gold has a long way to go yet.
$58-60 Silver Price by September
Karachi Jewellers, in Dubai, are selling 600 to 700
one kilogram silver bars a month with a 4.1 percent profit margin.
With the European Central Bank joining the Federal Reserve in funny money printing,
expect more inflation and the prices of commodities, like silver to go up.
Of course, silver is off to a good start with the price up 13 per cent since the New
Year so keep stacking.
Older Americans Cutting Health Care To Save Money
More than one in five older Americans skimp on health care to save money.
One in 10 people in excellent health reported skipping or postponing doctors’ appointments
to save money. 27.5 % reported having difficulty paying their
monthly bills. Just imagine the situation in about six months
Earthquake Chimney Inspection
After the August 2011 earthquake, the kind folks at FEMA
are recomending that someone inspects chimney's for earthquake damage.
While this is a good idea, the idea of having a FEMA inspector
inspect people's chimney's is a little uncomfortable. If they find something wrong,
will they put people up in a FEMA camp until the chimney is fixed?
Isn't that extra special.
The Ron Paul FIX Is In
If you have not already done so, please watch this excellent video
by SGT on the manipulated votes within the Republican Primary.
The Republican Elite will do anything to ensure that
Ron Paul does not get the nomination; however, Ron Paul's persistance is paying off by educating
the masses on the scam that is the U.S. government.
Fractional Banking and the Federal Reserve System Explained!
This is a great video describing the Fractional Reserve System.
Question, at the 2 minute mark, it says only 3 percent of dollars exist
in physical currency and the rest is in computers alone.
What would happen if a massive solar flare, like the one that hit in the 1800's,
destroyed computers and their hardrives? Just a question folks.
People did not like SOPA, and they are going to like Anti-Counterfeiting
Trade Agreement, or ACTA, less.
This is an international treaty, and will have less transparency.
So look out folks, here we go again!
Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day