Teippaaja Pro - Taper Pro

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Taper Pro
Alright, I'm just gonna show you some different kinds of tapes. Your everyday masking tape.
Easy to use. Great brand, 3m. They use the best adhesive in the business.
Then we got colored tape. This tape is more for professionals.
Not everyone can use this tape. This requires some experience.
This is Veny (roughly translated: Stretchy)
See, it stretches...
Fuck, are those the cops?
Next we got regular black tape. It's kinda like hockey tape, but with a rubber surface.
The quality of this is shit. Look, the surface isn't smooth.
Usually I don't use this. Like, if I see some troubles about to happen..
"Could you let us through?.... thanks"
"Could those get you into trouble?"
Yeah. Good thing I was only showing you this stuff.
If that security guard would've caught me taping with this, shit, I would've been fined.
Well with my income, whatever. But that was close.
This is a more heavy duty tape. Orange 5cm.
This tape is the shit. They don't sell this in Finland.
Damn, this is a nice bathroom. It's just been renovated. Real nice.
First, just clean some of the surface.
I'll just do the corner.
After you've cleaned the surface
this tape is gonna stick so fuckin' hard, it ain't ever gonna come off.
Stretch it. Why do you stretch it? So you get that nice edge.
Remember always press it with your hand to get rid of all the air pockets. Break it off.
And that's it.
That's a good looking piece of tape.
Okay, let's get the fuck out of here.
Hey, don't open the door yet! My backpack is open!
Fuck yeah!
So, a "slap" is if you're in some trouble, and you wanna leave a mark.
You can place a piece in your palm, sticky side up.
Then be like nothing even happened..
..like nothing even happened, and lamasee (sort of means slap)
You've left your mark.. On to the next spot.
This is Invisible Tape, like, for when you wanna practise at home.
I don't stick these on walls. The adhesive on this is terrible.
Then, there's this sort of European influence.
In America this isn't so old school.
But people in Berlin have started using this stuff.
I'm talking about Double sided Tape.
aka Respect Tape
It's called respect tape, because....
"Alright, it's time you guys get the fuck out of here"
See, the know my face, and when they see me,
they immediately come tell me to fuck off.
"You think we should leave?"
Yeah, we should.
They probably sent a squad to follow me.
Now that they know I'm here.
Just goes to show how oppressed 21st century taping is.
Just pull out a roll, and people start bitching.
In the 80's, you could just get on a tram with a roll of tape
the Conductor would say; "Hello, what's that?". Tape. "Okay. Have a good one.".
We don't have that kind of freedome anymore.
"Red Pro"
Rad color.. Ain't nothing bad about this tape.
Well packed. No air pockets. No scratches.
Top quality adhesive..
Really good adhesive.
Really good..
"How much did that cost?"
Twenty bucks.
"Twenty bucks!?". Yeah..
"How much taping can you do with that? How many metres of tape is there in a roll?".
It all depends what you're doing...
(Vartija: Security Guard)
Now we're going large scale..
Time to start using modern equipment.
Load your roll of tape..
It's best I hide my identity.