How to Make a London Broil : Preparing Potatoes for London Broil Recipe

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I’ll be making traditional
London Broil with roasted Yukon Gold potatoes and asparagus wrapped in bacon. Now I’m
going to start preparing the potatoes, this is something you ought to do about thirty
or forty minutes before you want to go ahead and cook the London Broil. So mine has been
marinating for about a day now so I’m going to take my potatoes, I use Yukon Gold potatoes
they’ve got a really, really nice flavor to them, they’ve also got a nice buttery
flavor to them, they are also not really starchy. So, not the best potato to make mashed potatoes
with although they do make good mashed potatoes but they, you would want to use something
a little starchier to get that creamier texture. So what I’m going to do, is I’m going
to cut these into slices lengthwise, I’m sorry crosswise, lengthwise would be this
way, crosswise like this. So since I want to maximize my usage I’m just going to knock
the end off of this one, off this one too. And we’ll cut them into about a quarter
inch thick slices, you get too thin and you’ll basically make really thick potato chips,
you get too thick and they won’t really cook that easily. So it’s important to get
them to just the right thickness, and I can of course use those potato ends that I have
right there later for, I could use them in potato soup, or I could also use them in a
regular soup if I’m pureeing it to thicken it up, I could also use them in a vegetable
stock which would be nice. And the amount of potatoes I’m making here, four potatoes
is enough for about two people depending on how hungry they are. It could be enough for
four potatoes if they weren’t very hungry. But two’s a nice number to go with, depends,
the basic rule is by the time you’re done you get about, with these small potatoes like
these are, about a potato to a potato and a half a person. Especially when you realize
how delicious they are going to end up to be. And something else you’re going to want
to do right now is get your oil started, you’re going to use that, the rest of that olive
oil you had, that other quarter of a cup you’re going to want to get that going in a pan and
get it nice and hot because that’s what you’re going to, you’re going right from
here to the pan with these potatoes because if you let the potatoes sit around too long,
they’ll start to brown off. Like these I just cut these and see they are already starting
to turn just a little tiny bit on the edges, so if you want to hold them a little longer
before you cook them, you could always slice them and put them in water. The problem with
that is all the starch comes out of them, so I’m going to go from here to right into
the pan.