Presidential Debates...No Jobs For Johnny

Uploaded by zionget on 11.10.2012

The Dog & Pony Show has begun with the face offs between Romney and Obama. But after the
1st Debate they both look like dogs to me. America's jobless was the first order of business
with Obama saying that "education and training" is the answer to America's unemployment. [Clip:
"And let's begin with jobs." "I think we've got to invest in education and training."]
But already thousands of college grads with advanced degrees and saddled with huge student
loans can't find jobs. Then Romney chimes in saying that "opening up trade with Latin
America" and cracking down on China "if they cheat" is the answer for America's jobless.
[Clip: "Open up more trade particularly in Latin America, crack down on China if and
when they cheat."] But Latin America thanks to NAFTA is now making the US products that
America used to make and trade with. And China doesn't "cheat." Jewish Wall Street cheats.
Cheating Americans out of their jobs, and handing them to China on a silver platter.
This 1st debate was nothing but a charade. For both Romney and Obama dare not oppose
their Jewish masters on Wall Street. And this is the root of the problem. You see, Jewish
Investment Banks like Goldman Sachs, Wolfensohn & Company, and CitiGroup, who underwrite the
stocks of US corporations, sit on their boards, and dictate policy, have transferred American
manufacturing and wealth to China and India. Wolfensohn himself recently boasted--apparently
plugging his advisory role at the China Investment Company--that by 2030 two-thirds of the world’s
middle class will be, not Americans, but the Chinese. Yes, they own us. For when manufacturing
goes so goes the white collar jobs: IT Pros; Computer Programmers; Design Engineers; Research
and Development--all the jobs that make for a strong middle class and keep our cities
in the black. And don't be misled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics' lying Reports that unemployment
has fallen to 7.8%. According to John Williams of Shadow Stats real unemployment is above
22%. That means at least 25 million Americans are out of work... many of them white collar
professionals. You see, there's no manufacturing left in America to speak of. All we make anymore
are hamburgers and pizza. And those new 114,000 jobs the BLS is 'BS'ing us with are mostly
non-tradable jobs like bartenders, orderlies, warehouse stock boys, cabbies, waitresses,
and hairdressers. And the biggest hairdressers of all are Romney and Obama...who while prettifying
our balding economy with makeup and mascara...are pulling what's left of America's hair over
the eyes of the gullible and the clueless. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee.
That is, if you have a home left to smell the coffee in.