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MBLAQ's crazy variety-sense "You really seem to be crazy"
Singing! Dancing!
multi-dol MBLAQ's <font color="#FF0000">hidden talent?</font>
Above expectations~<font color="#FF0000"> Excellent acting </font>such as an inspired performance(?)
Oh~ <font color="#FF0000">acting</font> with <font color="#FF0000">top star</font>, Ryeowon?
Lee Joon : In fact, Ryeowon noona asked me to play an act together...
Lee Joon : I participated in drama (as a cameo).
Lee Joon : I was so pleased.
Lee Joon : By the way, it took 6 hours to shoot in spite of short scene.
Lee Joon : going to the ski resort.
Mir : You went to the ski resort and knew Ryeowon noona...
Staff : Do you have any plan to act in the future?
Mir : I always think about it.
'A prepared guy' Mir : Because I prepare all the time.
G.O : In fact, even on the < This is War >'s music video,
G.O : he asked our CEO to give main character,
using his personal connection (?) <font color="#FF0000">as brother-in-law</font>
G.O : Though he requested through private connection,
G.O : he was rejected cruelly.
<font color="#FF0000">Cruelly</font>
Seungho : The CEO of our agency keeps his private and public matters separate clearly.
But! Not everyone is successful... "GOD is fair"
shocking statement I also <font color="#FF0000">played an act once.</font>
G.O : I acted a commercial film of lip bam.
Hey Guys!
Do you want to dance?
The line is difficult for me.
G.O : I had a role of teacher even though we were similar ages.
G.O : role of dancing teacher
G.O : I played this "Do you want to dance?"
G.O : I would like to have acted well.
Mir : There are some prohibited clips between our fans.
<font color="#FF0000">That is the one </font>of them.
'tightening his jaw'<font color="#FF0000"> That shouldn't be posted.</font>
Lee Joon : Please challenge it again now.
Seungho : Please act 'Do you want to dance?' once.
G.O : Do you want to dance?
<font color="#FF0000">An explosive response </font>with just practice!!
I'll do it now!
Concentrate on the emotion.
Immersion !
Do you want to dance?
This irresistible <font color="#FF0000">awkwardness....</font>
G.O's acting skill<font color="#FF0000"> Infinite potential for development!!</font>
Full of inborn talents! Variety-dol MBLAQ "There is hardly anything to stop them?!"
Seungho : We always show just the way we are, frankly.
Seungho : We don't know we are doing well...
Seungho : I recently have questions a bit.
Seungho : Because the singer must be fabricated and have good image,
Seungho : We worry to have shown ourselves too much.
Are we doing <font color="#FF0000">well</font>?
Beyond the imagination! Showing MBLAQ's <font color="#FF0000">new appearances</font>
We appoint MBLAQ as <font color="#FF0000">the best variety-dol!</font>
The acquaintances didn't say "I watched it well", but...
Many colleagues saying<font color="#FF0000"> "Yah!"</font>
Many colleagues saying<font color="#FF0000"> "You really seem to be crazy!"</font>
G.O : Many of colleagues told us this so much.
I'm an <font color="#FF0000">idiot</font>!
I know it~
G.O : It will be funny if we do such shows again.
Seungho : We have been much more fun to play among ourselves rather than with guests.
Mir : I was so sad.
Mir : I hoped to shoot (Kkaeal Player) so much.
Mir : But I was resting because of my waist injury at that time.
'Real variety' Mir : I wish to do that once more.
G.O : Though Mir didn't appear, we continuously talked about you.
G.O : We exposed Mir Mir : Thank you.
G.O : We made you look as if you were in the show in spite of your absence.
Staff : What is your plan of variety activity in this year?
G.O : We'll do <font color="#FF0000">without mercy.</font>
Mir : as we receive
We'll <font color="#FF0000">run </font>towards any place if there is the <font color="#FF0000">variety show</font> without question!
  To South America throughout Asia... "We started to raise our shoulder"
No.1 on Oricon daily chart in Japan! Hero of K-POP fever MBLAQ
Seungho : We knew the Oricon chart's dignity.
Seungho : But we couldn't feel it directly in Korea.
Seungho : After I heard from Korea that we was on the News during our promotion in Japan through e-mail,
Seungho : Only then did we realize it.
Seungho : We started to raise our shoulder.
Mir : We prepared for Japanese album for a long time, right?
Seungho : Yes, we prepared for about 1 year.
<font color="#FF0000">It was a natural result~</font>
Five guys having irresistible <font color="#FF0000">attraction</font>
<font color="#FF0000">MBLAQ </font>captivating the Japanese Islands
Seungho : There were the promotion events as 'High touch' in Japan.
Seungho : 15,000 people gathered at the first 'High Touch' event in Tokyo.
Seungho : It was <font color="#FF0000">like a dream.</font>
G.O : First, I remembered all of fans one by one.
Seungho : We did it for 8 hours.
G.O : But the same fans who came before were there again.
G.O : And other fans came later.
G.O : Because they passed quickly,
<font color="#FF0000">my eyes became bleary</font>
G.O : They moved at <font color="#FF0000">the speed of light.</font>
Optical illusion
Staff : Is there any funny episode during your promotions in Japan?
<font color="#FF0000">Mannequin!</font>
Seungho : While the second album's promotion, we took mannequin poses in Japan.
<font color="#FF0000">The mannequin event </font>which we will never forget.
Lee Joon : We participated in event during this promotion of Japan.
Lee Joon : A staff in Japan asked us not to greet fans when they entered.
The staff said <font color="#FF0000">"You're mannequins now!"</font>
Lee Joon : The staff asked that each of us took a pose and looked ahead standing with a blank look on the face.
Lee Joon : I thought 'Does it indeed look cool?'
Lee Joon : I asked 'Is it cool?', and got a reply it would look cool.
Lee Joon : Because Japanese culture might be different, I guess it would be good in Japanese view.
Lee Joon : So, I took a pose.
Mir : Many of fans cheered loudly for us, but...
<font color="#FF0000">Puhahahaha!</font>
MBLAQ <font color="#FF0000">teased </font>by people!
Lee Joon : We promised before, so couldn't change our mannequin poses
Lee Joon : It was so ashamed.
<font color="#FF0000">Only a minute!</font>
It was <font color="#FF0000">the longest one minute </font>in the world.
We were so shamed and wished that the ground would swallow us.
Lee Joon : I became a laughing stock in spite of the first meeting with fans.
Lee Joon : We gave fans big smile with this mannequin performance.
Mir : It wasn't too far (with fans).
Mir : They were close at hand.
Lee Joon : The distance between camera and us.
<font color="#FF0000">We were ashamed.</font>
To South America throughout Asia
G.O : The reaction was awesome.
Mir : I was so surprised.
G.O : We took the 1st place for almost 100 days on a Bugarian chart (Eastern Europe).
G.O : < Mona Lisa > was ranked No.1 on a German chart (Western Europe) in this month again.
G.O : I remembered we got 2~3 times ranked No. 1 in German.
G.O : If there was K-POP poll in Peru, < Mona Lisa > took the 1st place.
<font color="#FF0000">In Korea...</font>
<font color="#FF0000">In Korea a bit...</font>
The tide of the Korean pop music scene <font color="#FF0000">didn't turn again!</font>
Seungho : We turned the tide in the foreign country.
Seungho : We'll try to turn in Korea now.
<font color="#FF0000">Wait a moment!!</font> MBLAQ's charming point, changing the tide of overseas album market?
Seungho : It seems that global fans like MBLAQ's music style.
Seungho : When we went abroad for performances,
Seungho : they really played our dances learning all of choreography
Seungho : as performing in the club.
Seungho : They responded enthusiastically.
G.O : We had an experience to perform at Brazil of South America.
G.O : The fans in Brazil were so passionate.
G.O : Because they cheered us zealously,
G.O : we couldn't be tired during our stages.
Staff : It seems each member is popular in different country?
G.O : <font color="#FF0000">Joon </font>is popular in Japan.
G.O : <font color="#FF0000">Mir</font> is popular in Brazil because he resembles Ronaldinho.
<font color="#FF0000">How can it be a reason like that?</font>
G.O : <font color="#FF0000">Seungho & Cheondung </font>are popular in Taiwan and Thailand.
<font color="#FF0000">They have white skins looking like princes.</font>
G.O : I'm popular <font color="#FF0000">all over the world!</font>
In order to popularize K-POP, Five Guys towards the world MBLAQ
Seungho : When we go abroad to perform, many of people don't know Korea well.
G.O : We regard it as meaningful to let Korea be known in the world.
Seungho : We are proud and happy to let Korea be known much more.
Seungho : We plan to be holding ASIA TOUR.
Seungho : It will be started from Japan,
Seungho : and it'll be finished at Korean.
Mir : The contract has come through.
Mir : We are waiting only the time.
Seungho : I know we'll have total 12 performs in 6 countries.
Mir : The CEO of our agency said we'll choose the counturies which we'd like to go.
The selection of countries is <font color="#FF0000">MBLAQ's decision!</font>
<font color="#FF0000">Five Guys </font>taking the lead at K-POP fever
Infinite potentials! MBLAQ becoming <font color="#FF0000">Global Star</font>
And... The next Korean Wave Idol Teen Top
MBLAQ talk about Teen top. G.O : They look so nice.
Seungho : I feel they have matured.
Seungho : The feeling becoming a man?
Mir : They become cool.
G.O : Because they changed and came back with maturity,
G.O : I think many people love them more.
Lee Joon : Their new song seems to be popular in Japan.
Mir : I believe they will do well at any foreign country.
MBLAQ saying < How to captivate global fans > Know-how
The<font color="#FF0000">global fans </font>like the man who plays the piano.
Mir : Seungho-hyung has huge popularity in overseas.
Mir : I thought why he is so popular
Mir : I heard the fans like an emotional man (in Japan).
MBLAQ's last MIC
From 'Rain's disciples' To 'The center of Korean Wave'
MBLAQ gripping the <font color="#FF0000">whole world</font> with various styles of attractions
What is the special <font color="#FF0000">reason </font>which they are loved ?
Seungho : Sincerity?
G.O : I think many people like our masculine feeling.
G.O : There are many idols showing masculine appeal in Korea.
G.O : Each of them is loved.
G.O : I think 'The man should be manly'.
G.O : I guess that international fans like masculine man.
MBLAQ's fatal attraction is 'Masculine beauty'?!
<font color="#FF0000">Ingenuous beauty!</font>
<font color="#FF0000">Charisma</font> on the stage?
The appearance drilling a hole into the wall with a <font color="#FF0000">drill</font>* which fans gave? (* Some fans gave Seungho an electric drill as his birthday gift)
Masculine beauty fixing fan's car** (** Seungho have an experience to fix fan's car)
Seungho : The man hasn't only strength.
'The man who handle the machine well' Seungho : The man knows others.
Seungho : And the appearance drilling a hole.
Seungho : To assemble a bed with a drill.
<font color="#FF0000">No Imagination!</font> I want to spank him (?)
The sexy guy's condition, <font color="#FF0000">Drill!</font>
<font color="#FF0000">ABS</font> which can be opened though it isn't caught by camera?
I open my ABS <font color="#FF0000">only in front of camera.</font>
G.O : He looks forward to its effect.
Last MIC MBLAQ is <font color="#FF0000">OOO?</font>
MBLAQ is an <font color="#FF0000">'Albatross'</font>.
Mir : Why?
Lee Joon : Albatross doesn't land on the ground.
Lee Joon : We also...
Seungho : flying all the time?
G.O : If you search info, 3,000 albatross are <font color="#FF0000">sitting </font>on the <font color="#FF0000">ground.</font>
That's not...
<font color="#FF0000">A poor excuse...</font> They are on a break!
They're <font color="#FF0000">eating meals </font>by the river for a moment.
They're eating meals by the river for a moment. Fish
Lee Joon : The reason that MBLAQ is an 'Albatross' is
Lee Joon : Albatross is huge and
Lee Joon : it's a bird which doesn't know how to land on the ground.
Lee Joon : So, our musical activities and...
G.O : You mean we'll fly without the rest?
Lee Joon : Yes
Lee Joon : We don't know it'll be thick or thin.
Lee Joon : But we'll become MBLAQ who doesn't land.
so cool
G.O : It's the best story which you have told for 4 years.
Lee Joon who arrange his interview <font color="#FF0000">in 4 years</font>!
Being deeply moved G.O : How long has it been?
In 2012 With receiving Black-Dragon's <font color="#FF0000">energy</font>*** (***2012 is the year of the dragon.)
Five Guys continuing <font color="#FF0000">the Korean Wave's fever</font>
Seungho : Finally. Black-Dragon's year, 2012 has dawned.
Seungho : Please keep your health in good condition.
G.O : We'll show more and various albums, and
G.O : up to our unit activity if possible.
Seungho : We plan to start ASIA TOUR from March
Seungho : All of fans in overseas and Korea,
Seungho : Please give us your interests a lot.
Cheondung : We'll make more efforts in order to show great performance.
Everyone, Happy New Year!
Debut at October 15th in 2009 And, in 2012...
Becoming the center of 'The Korean Wave's fever'...
They are real 'Global Singer'.
The five vampire monster turned the Japanese Island upside down with differentiated theme from other K-POP artists. - Japanese media -
You will never forget if you hear their songs once. - Japanese media -
We hope to become the developing singer without landing all the time. - MBLAQ -