How to Lose weight? You have to Want to Lose Weight!

Uploaded by TomsBeenThinkin on 17.07.2012

I'm Tom and I've been thinkin again I figure everyone else got their own weight loss video
I might as well make my own The first thing is you actually gotta wanna lose weight you
can't just say Ya i wanna lose weight and then just sit there and not do anything about
it. You must really wanna lose weight huh? You're just sitting there not even trying
to do anything. Get up and like do some pushups go for a run or jog or walk even. Everybody
says how bad they wanna lose weight. I guess they really don't wanna lose weight I mean
I guess they don't really wanna lose weight that bad do they? If they did, I guess they'd
be losing it. I wanna lose weight I tried everything.You tried everything? What'd you
try? You try pills? What? I guess you didn't try like eating right and working out and
stuff right? I mean that would work. Unless you have some kinda thyroid problem or something.
They majority of people don't have a thyroid problem. The majority of people its just they
don;t have any self control i guess. It's like oh I'm on a diet but that bottle of coke
looks really good and that bag of chips looks really good and i think I'm going to have
this snickers too and ohh look at all this other stuff thats unhealthy for me, but ohh
you're gonna me an apple? No thanks I don't want that that's actually good for me I don't
want that. I rather have stuff thats deep fried in friggen oil and grease and all this
other crap. Right? People say they don't know how to lose weight. They know how to lose
weight. Everybody knows oh they pick up a piece of cake they know this is bad for me
I shouldn't eat it, but they do anyway right? Well oh well I guess they deserve to be overweight
then. Right? It's their own fault.Everybody always makes up these excuses saying like
ohh I'm too tired I don't have time. You have time to sit there and watch videos on youtube.
You don't have time to go on a fifteen minute thirty minute walk do you? If you want to
know what it is, Why can't you lose weight, That's why. It's cause you're just not doing
nothing. You got one body, one youth I'm gonna be overweight my whole youth and I'm gonna
hate the way my body looks my whole youth, then when I get old I'm gonna hate the way
my body looks because im old. thirty five hundred calories equals one pound of fat.
If you eat five hundred calories less a day in 7 days there's a pound. You just lose a
pound. If you workout and burn five hundred calories a day and eat five hundred calories
less a day. There's two pounds a week whats so hard about it. And then the cardio machines
all these cardio machines they say they burn so many they dont burn that many calories
I mean they burn calories but like you go run on it for ten minutes it says you burnt
150 calories you didn't burn 150 calories its just saying that you burn like 300 in
an hour or something. If you wanna lose weight you gotta actually train like you want to
lose weight act like you want to lose weight all these people say they want to get abs
you have to lose the fat over your abs its not that you dont have abs you cant just sit
there with your abs underneath your fat and say ohh i want abs doing sit ups isn't gonna
do anything do legs exercises leg exercises they burn like the most calories you can burn
do squats go running go walking go jogging go do something dont just sit there and do
sit ups your whole life you're gonna have rock solid abs underneath your fat but i mean
thats all you're gonna have ohh look at me with my eight pack under my fat that nobody
can see.what? people wonder why eating something sweet and they feel so hungry after its cause
they spike their blood sugar and then their blood sugar drops fast and they get really
hungry again its like i just ate like 200 calories in this friggen snickers bar and
im hungry again already what? ya its cause its so sugary it just didnt even do anything
for you bmr basal metabolic rate its how many calories your body burns when you're not doing
anything if you didnt do anything all day if you just laid in bed its how many calories
your body takes to stay alive to maintain its weight to just like keep your lungs going
keep your heat going keep your friggen blood pumping everything whatever its usually around
10 calories per pound say you weigh 190 its usually like nineteen hundred calories they
got calculators online all over the place just put your age in put your height in what
you weight in whatever then it tells you what your bmr is if you were to sit there and eat
1500 calories a day instead of like 2000 or whatever your body needs you lose one pound
a week but if you incorporate like working out and stuff you could lose 2 pounds a week
you could lose more than that but i mean then it gets unhealthy i guess i dont know then
girls are always afraid of lifting weights they think they're gonna get all bulky like
arnold schwarzeneggar im gonna be arnold if you keep lifting weights you're not gonna
be arnold ok you're not gonna be gigantic you're just gonna be like toned and hot damn
you're not gonna get all these big shoulder muscles and these gigantic pecs like guys
you're not gonna get like gigantic biceps itchy itchy itchy itchy it doesnt matter when
you eat it doesnt matter when you eat the calories its just you gotta stay underneath
that calories limit i found this pretty interesting there's 4 grams of sugar in a teaspoon so
you look at a can of soda right it says theres 32 grams of sugar in it theres 8 teaspoons
of sugar in that can of soda screw that who wants that thats a lot of sugar isn't it you
gotta lose overall weight to lose weight wherever you want to lose it you can't just ohh if
i work out my left arm so much im not gonna have any fat on my arm you're still gonna
have the same amount of fat people say society puts so much pressure on people to lose weight
i agree with that but i mean like we are society right? like who else is. You are i am who
else is we're all society like why do you think they put models in magazines why do
you think they put guy models in magazines that have like an 8 pack have like toned legs
toned arms its cause thats what people want to see thats what you want to see thats what
i want to see everybody wants to see it so dont say its society its you too when you
lift weights and stuff like your bodys not burning the calories from lifting the weight
its from repairing the muscles after you lift the weight its like oohbahoohoaowoo and you're
lifting the weight you're tearing your muscles and such then when you're sleeping or whatever
its like repairing your mucles thats another thing they say like sleeps like a really good
thing for weight loss because it repairs all your muscles and stuff when you're training
you actually gotta act like you want to lose weight dont just dont put the like the least
amount of effort into it its like push that i cant i cant push that lift that i cant move
that i cant run on that i cant do it its like you're the one thats not gonna lose the weight
you're the one thats just gonna be over weight and unhappy or whatever you could friggen
workout all day and then go home and eat wrong and you just screwed your whole day up is
it worth it? fruits and vegetables are like 95% water why not eat those its fiber and
water thats like all they are fiber keeps you full longer so does protein like eat that
eat tuna even the stuff they say is healthy for you its horrible for you all these sugary
drinks its good for you maybe if you're like an athlete that goes and runs and jumps over
friggen brick walls for a living or something its like its not like you're how how intense
are you really working out? hmm? hmmm? all processed food all of that craps bad for you
its horrible for you everybody eats it everybody wonders why they're fat they go to mcdonalds
and get a hamburger for 450 calories or something like that its ridiculous they go to mcdonalds
get a little hamburger its like this thick theres like nothing on it its like 500 calories
because all the crap they put in it they deep fry it and all that crap thats why its so
bad for you. I'm just letting you know about the stuff i know about losing weight thats
what i know I feel like its pretty good advice if like someone comes along and wants to correct
me on something do it up im just saying if you want to lose weight you can do it dont
act like you cant do it another thing im not hating on over weight people or anything and
everybodys so afraid to do cardio now they say they think they're gonna they're gonna
run and lose all their muscle you're not gonna lose all your muscle dont worry about it thanks
for watching my video eat your fruits eat your veggies have a good day tom tom is going
bye bye