World at 8 Monday 12 November 2012

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Highlights of the news today Monday 12th November.
Marxist BBC £450,000 pay out for George Entwistle Labour councillor gets elected then goes on
a world cruise for 7 weeks Where is Hope Not Hate in North Croydon Mr
Galloway? Axminster – a Report from our Roving reporter
John Puxty. Golden Dawn stops gays blaspheming Jesus Christ
Venice afloat! Taylor Swift gets her own back on Kanye 'Jackass'
West Thought for the Day – Fear and Cowardice
do not help our cause! And finally – Rare wine found in abandoned
house in China!
The failed Marxist BBC has come under heavy attack by TV license payers over the suggested
£450,000 payoff to director general George Entwistle. Entwistle is to be given a 1 year
salary although he had only been the director general for only 54 days and actually 'Quit'.
Lord Patten said it was "one of the saddest evenings of my public life". "At the heart
of the BBC is its role as a trusted global news organisation," he continued
Under normal circumstances he would only be eligible to a six month pay out by the BBC
and that’s what has angered many British people. It is claimed that Entwistle is being
paid the full year’s salary because he is 'helping' with the Jimmy Savile enquiry.
Yesterday on BBC news, Harriet Harman was ushered in front of the cameras to try and
clean her image up and that of the Labour Party's involvement in its horrific sex crimes
against children in which Two of its Lord Mayors were child rapists plus Two more guilty
of similar crimes against children.
A newly elected Labour councillor for East Ayrshire George Mair has decided to take a
nice long luxurious holiday for 7 weeks just 6 weeks after being elected by his constituents.
One angry constituent said that he knew he had the trip coming up and that he should
not have stood in the election to represent the people. George Mair is said to be paid
about £16,000 per year to polish a seat with his backside.
One W@8 reporter commented. ''It's unbelievable - the British National Party gets the finger
pointed at it for loving its own people and the people elect someone like this to take
money and sail around the world, something is seriously wrong in Great Britain today.''
Anti white and Anti British George Galloway has attacked the Labour Party for putting
up what he calls ''A white man'' in The Croydon North By-election.
Galloway went on to say he wanted the Black and Asian vote and that Labour had lots of
'minority' candidates they could have put up as candidate but they chose a 'white man
as they normally do.' ''George Galloway is the indigenous people of Britain's worst enemy''
One nationalist commented. The meeting of the Respect party was attended
by only around 60 people in a nightclub in London. Falling over 'itself' to get there
was the managing director of anti white magazine 'the voice'
A W@8 writer commented ‘That magazine that has not yet realised that white people were
the first slaves to Arabs and North Africans. In fact a staggeringly high figure for the
day of One and a Quarter Million of us. (1.4M). Are those slavers or their descendants going
to apologise to us?
I now hand you over to John Puxty, for a 2 minute perspective on Axminster. He will be
giving the W@8 reports on our countryside and places of interest until the New Year
when he will take over a Parliamentary Report once a week. I hand you over to John.
Axminster - a quiet Devon secret.  On the lush green rolling hills of the Devon
Dorset border beside the shallow non navigable River Ax huddles the ancient Celtic market
town of Axminster.  
Today the town is most famous for giving its name to a type of carpet, but in Roman times
it was a border town with its own fort.   The Fosse Way from Lincoln to Seaton and the
old Roman Dorchester to Exeter road had its junction here.
  The town was an important settlement at the
time of King Alfred in the 9th century. Raiding Danes swept through here on their way to Exeter
as the King fought to save Saxon Wessex from being conquered.
  Two hundred years later Axminster was recorded
in the Doomsday Book of 1086 as having 40 households.
  The carpet industry was set up in 1755. The
early carpets were all handmade and took weeks or sometimes months to finish. When a carpet
was completed it was celebrated with a peal of St Mary's church bells.
  In 2006 the cattle market closed as a result
of the Foot & Mouth epidemic. It had been held every week for almost 800 years from
when the market charter had been granted in 1210.
  The town was on the coaching route from London
to Exeter and in 1760 a coaching inn called The George Hotel was opened. 17 or 18 coaches
a day would stop there for refreshments.  
In 2012 carpets are still made; there is a famous craft potter who sells his wares at
Libertys in London; an even more famous riverside cottage; and a winery.
  Axminster is the secret pearl of east Devon
that you should make a point of visiting.
Thank you John. .
The Greek political party known as Golden Dawn, scorned by the Marxist BBC every chance
they get has shown how powerful it really is!
The Greek's far right party put a stop to blasphemy by a gay theatre group making its
own adaptation of the Christian play 'Corpus Christi' meaning the 'body of Christ.'
Angry Greek people supported Golden Dawn in its brave and successful attempt to close
down the attack on the Greek Christian way of life by homosexuals.
Homosexuals whose only interest in Christianity is to infiltrate it and destroy it for its
Marxist cause. Greek Police are said to be joining the Golden
Dawn party in their Thousands. All the left wing press can do is report that
the Greek police are being 'infiltrated'.
Venice has found itself under water. The beautiful Italian city with its fabulous buildings has
had a rise of water in its streets as high as nearly 6 feet.
With the rise of the tide and continuing bouts of rainfall, Venice known as the 'floating
city' has this week lived up to its name. Gondolas are in full swing at the moment to
take tourists to and from the city.
Remembrance Sunday British Soldier murdered by those he tried to help.
A British soldier has been shot dead by a Muslim gunman.
The incident took place on Remembrance Sunday at a football match between soldiers making
up international teams at a shared base between Allies and the new Afghan army.
The Muslim, named as Mohammed Ashraf was himself shot and then captured by British soldiers.
He later died from his wounds. The fallen soldier was from the Royal Scots Borderers
the first battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland.
This year has seen a dozen British Soldiers murdered by the Afghan army or police. A W@8
reporter has stated ‘Will there be an enquiry and storm about this crime? Will the soldier’s
family receive financial compensation from the killer’s family?’No I think not. Christians
and Muslims will never stand side by side, the diversity is too great.''
White female Pop singer Taylor Swift has had a fabulous evening at an MTV awards ceremony
last night by achieving Three Gongs. At her previous award ceremony, Taylor Swift
was humiliated by black rapper Kanye West who ran onto the stage during her speech and
grabbed her microphone to announce that Black R&B singer Beyonce had a better video than
Taylor’s winning one. Last night, Kanye 'Jackass' West (As President
Obama called him) sat in his chair and with his mouth firmly shut.
Thought for the Day Fear and Cowardice do not help our cause
Now when I talk about fear and cowardice I am not talking about the British National
Party or its personnel, member’s activists whatever. The people I am talking about rarely
show their faces but they are a powerful force because their form of bigotry appeals to the
masses that are ignorant of what lies behind their methods.
The battle that Arthur Redfearn won in Strasbourg is a truly wonderful landmark and his fight
represents in total the battles we everyday Nationalists have in this country. You will
note the statement from Serco on Mr Redfearn and the result – it intimates that Serco
and his co workers and customers have no fight with Mr Redfearn or indeed his nationalist
politics – what all these people are frightened of are the attacks, both verbal and physical
from the Left wing Socialists, the UAF and the Unions. You will find that all the troubles
the British National Party have with the media and public are blown out of all proportion
by these leftist Marxist bastards and that is what they are, bastards pure and simple
and ignorant ones at that.
You would think as the British National Party stands for the common man and the working
man that in principal these two sections of society would be firmly behind us and to some
extent some are, but those who have been alienated by propaganda from slightly better educated
left wingers are definitely not batting on the nationalist team. Apart from the usual
internal wrangling of all political parties we in the British National Party have had
to put up with ruined venues, cancellations of meetings and sometimes these bastards even
crawl out of bed to stagger round and shout abuse at us and have you noticed the sort
of people they are? With the exception of the great unwashed of the Unite Against Fascism
trolls the remainder seem to be middle class middle aged and surrounded by an air of ‘social
do gooding’ that is nauseous in the extreme. ‘Everybody needs someone to hate’ is the
old saying and nothing is truer than that.
I cannot count the times these prats have frightened genuine hoteliers, pub owners and
meeting hall managers into either stopping us going at all or at the very least never
being allowed to hold a meeting or conference on those premises again. They will stoop to
any level that of blackmail and even threatened physical violence against their own kind to
prevent us holding our meetings and conferences.
Not for us the same venues in the same areas year after year like the other political parties.
This is very wrong. I myself are of the opinion that whilst some bugger is talking about you
they are leaving off some other poor unfortunate but of course this doesn’t apply in these
cases. The people they are frightening are ordinary men and women who probably have no
political bias at all just want customers for their hotels and centres. And yet these
are the people like John Redfearns customers who are frightened and afraid of doing what
is right.
Why are the left-wingers so foul? Why do they operate under the thinly disguised umbrella
of ‘caring and integration’? Why do they remain so ignorant of their own preaching’s
of ‘so called fair play and open discussion?’ It is because we are dealing with in essence
communists and communism. Now communism or the Marxist ethos is all very well on paper,
it looks good, it looks caring for those who cannot care for themselves, it puts greedy
employers and people lucky enough to have had an education or have a profession firmly
in their place or rather out of their place usually 6 ft under and believes everybody
in the state should be equal. Fine, I am reminded of George Orwell in Animal Farm, all pigs
are equal but some are more equal than others. This is why communism in its various forms
turns into true fascism – because you must always have a head of state or country and
laws or there would be chaos, such as the chaos that followed the Communist inspired
revolutions of Russia, China and many others. Terrible death tolls of the very people who
had been educating or feeding the masses paid for it with their lives, even the French Revolution
was communist inspired under the awful guise of Freedom and power to the people.
Now make no mistake the people who adhere to that cause are not peacemakers, nor do
they really care for the people en masse. The treatment we get in the British National
Party from these imitation and phoney socialists is indicative of the way they would treat
the people we want to help if they got into power, we would be a forgotten people, similar
to North Korean and the communist state would prove no better for us in the UK than an Islamic
state – which is much the same without the religious connotations.
I do not think that all our opposers are evil but I do think what they do is evil. Freedom
of speech and association is a right which has been endemic in this country for many
years and is slowly sliding over the horizon of reality. Is it a communist state that punishes
people for their beliefs and takes their jobs away? Is it a communist media that propagandises
everything that comes before our eyes? Is it a communist state that denies freedom of
choice and movement? Is it a communist state that denies a monarch full rights over her
people? Is it a communist state that beggars its own people to give money to other countries?
Is it a communist state where child abuse and sex slaves are part of the fabric of certain
hierarchy? Is it a communist state that strips a country of its self dependency and pride?
Is it a communist state that will not brook any form of nationalism? It may be but it
is also life in the UK at the moment for nationalists.
There should be a large sign over England and the rest of the World, beware the peacemakers!
Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing! It even says in the Bible and I am not a Bible
thumper, that the anti Christ will come under the guise of a peacemaker. Peace itself is
not a right it has to be earned, usually over many dead bodies, just do not let them be
the bodies of true nationalists because once we go, like the Bees, the rest of you will
go as well.
And finally – I do not know whether to laugh or cry on this one! 10,000 bottles of Chateau
Lafitte Rothschild have been found in an abandoned house in China. However, as there are only
50,000 bottles of genuine Chateau Lafitte Rothschild imported into China each year,
police believe it may be a fake and are now searching for the illicit workshop where it
may have been produced. The owner of the house a man called Zou, told police his house has
been empty for nine years and he knew nothing about the potentially valuable find. If these
bottles of red wine are proved to be genuine, they could be worth up to £10 million. However
up to March this year Chateau Lafitte Rothschild have won 6 lawsuits against Chinese companies
over fake wine and have been awarded over £80,000 compensation. This presenter says
if I could go to China as official wine taster that would be the problem- they
sound real to me!
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.