How to Update Your Internet Browser!

Uploaded by askmrcloud on 28.12.2011

Welcome to Ask Mr. Cloud!
This video will continue the topic of web browsers, and I think it's really
important to show you how to keep your browsers up to date.
It's very important for security reasons,
and just making sure that you have the latest features available in your
I've already opened each of my browsers - Chrome, Firefox, and
Windows Internet Explorer.
Let's have a look at how to update them.
In Chrome,
go to your little 'Settings' wrench up in the top right.
Click that
and down here towards the bottom it says 'About Google Chrome'
this will show you your version number
and - let's click it -
it also checks
that it's up to date
and if there were an update it would say 'Please Update' and you would say 'Okay'
So there's Chrome
I don't know what happened in my little Firefox logo.
Here's Firefox.
I still have iGoogle open in Firefox. See here,
top left.
Firefox has no little wrench, you have to go to this drop-down right here
and same deal - 'Help'
'About Firefox'
and it checks if it's up to date
and sure enough, it is. I try to keep my browsers up-to-date. Very important.
It really is. very simple to do.
Very important thing that you should do
once a week, something like that.
There's Firefox.
Internet Explorer
doesn't really do that.
There's your
gear in your case we have a gear
for settings
and 'About'
just tells you what version you are currently running - does not check
for updates.
For the case of Internet Explorer,
you have to use 'Windows Update' and you do Windows Update - again this is
something that if you're a Windows user
you really need to do this all the time and get your updates.
Very important. I'm serious it's very important.
So, you just click your 'Start' button - down here lower left.
'All Programs'
and you will find in the 'All Programs' let's do this again
'Start' button
'All Programs'
go up above the folders
'Windows Update'
and that will show you
if there are any updates available for - not only Internet Explorer - your
Windows web browser -
but also for your operating system. Very important to do. a lot.
Now if you see this message 'No Important Updates Available'
but these optional updates are available these are pretty much language
'Definition Update for Security Essentials' let's go ahead and do that.
Once again, Microsoft Security Essentials is a very nice FREE anti-virus.
you can put that in your search engine
You can search
'Microsoft Security Essentials' we've covered this in a different video
and off you go.
I'm going to leave it at that today.
Updating your browsers. Please Please Please Cloudies, update your browsers.
Keep 'em fresh.
They smell better that way.
Thank you for watching Ask Mr. Cloud.