Golmaal (2006) w/ Eng - Hindi Movie - Part 6

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Aren't you ashamed to spread such..
..cheap things about a decent girl?
Keep quiet! God has given you the ability to speak!
lt doesn't mean that you will talk rubbish! Get out!
She is asking you to leave. Come.
l said get out!
We are leaving!
''Excuse me, ma'am. It is your fault.''
What do you mean?
''Your acting was so real, that we couldn't..''
..stop ourselves from saving you.
Gopal makes us toil so much.
And he himself bosses around and he relaxes.
Hey You both are quiet!
That's why l too am quiet. Otherwise l would have..
You guys can iust threaten and not do anything else.
''lf l lost my mind, then l will break his teeth!''
You guys are laughing! You guys think that l am jesting!
Let him come in front of me..
''l will tell him that whatever she is doing, that is fine.''
''And Gopal, these two scoundrels..''
..are provoking me against you. - Do you know?
''lf you will beat me, then l won't wash the vessels.''
You are not washing it properly.
''Look, this is not clean. Clean it again.''
Come on! Come on! Come on!
They both are blind.
They won't know whether it is clean or dirty.
''Hail Ram! Hail Ram! Hail Ram!''
''Hail Krishna! Hail Krishna! Hail Krishna!''
The worship is over?
lsn't it strange? - What happened?
Since the time Sameer has returned home..
..he doesn't allow us to do any work.
He had stayed in America.
And there you have to do everything yourself.
Really? - Yes.
''Greetings, grandpa. Greetings, grandma.''
Niraali. Take the offerings.
''Grandma, can l get some pickle?''
There is enough!
Your grandma's pickle has still tied me here.
Otherwise a long time back..
Again you have started. You sit. l will get the pickle.
''Okay. - Come, dear.''
''Come, grandpa.''
What's the matter? Grandma seems to be very happy today.
She is bound to be.
''Her grandson, Sameer has returned from America.''
''Grandpa, did you call me?''
l never called you. You have come uninvited.
''Grandpa, your hot water for bathing is ready. Let's go.''
''Come, dear. With your support.. where did you go?''
Come. It will get cold. - Yes! Yes!
''Come. - Dear, you sit. l will take a bath and come.''
Come. - Okay.
ls there a towel inside? Or do l have to use my dhoti?
Go inside. Everything is there.
So you.. - There is so much work!
What! - l have to do grandpa and grandma's work!
''By the way, what do you do in America?''
l.. l.. in America.. l fly the kite. - What!
l mean l make kites. l have a factory of kites.
Factory of kites! Strange!
''lt is strange here. But in America, it is in demand.''
Less of flight and more of kites fly.
Let's go out.
Okay. l don't mind. - Come. Come.
Your interest lies in what?
Did you hear that? Your interest lies in what?
He has come down to kissing in the first meeting.
Let's go and see what he is doing! - Come!
l mean what is your hobby?
Music! Abhiieet Sawant! He is my favourite!
Mine too. - l see.
He plays guitar well.
Guitar? He is a singer! He sings.
Really? - Yes.
Then who is the one who plays the guitar in the back?
ln the back? What do l know? - Forget it!
That.. your four sisters.. - Sisters?
l see! They! They are not my sisters.
We all are paying guest. We stay together.
l was wondering what your father does. - What?
l mean what is his profession?
He has a business in Ahmedabad.
l see. And what do you do?
l want to be a fashion designer.
Right now l am awaiting my result.
By the way nowadays we are organising a couple's car race.
We will donate the money to people affected by rains.
That day l too got drenched so much.
But you were in America.
What! Yes! Yes! Come! - You are a jolly person!
Come! Come! Come!
That day if l too had got drenched here..
..would you have helped me too?
Of course!
What l was saying.. - Yes.
The couple's car race that we are organising..
..l had given this idea.
l love speed! You know!
And l will support Monty in tomorrow's race.
Monty? Who? That rapist?
Yes. He is my good friend. - l see!
And l am sure that he will win!
''By the way, l have never been defeated.''
Really? Then do one thing.
You too participate tomorrow. Yes!
l don't have the license.
Somebody laughed.
l don't have license of this place.
l have America's licence. l don't have license of this place.
So l was saying..
Who has locked the door from outside?
Open the door! - There!
l will come. You don't go. - No! No! l am here only.
Hi! - You all..
We live here only. - Here?
Actually we want to ask many things from you.
''For the moment, forgiveness will be fine.''
Thank you. Sorry.
Me too.
Actually we ruined your rehearsal.
They couldn't even rape you properly. Very sorry about that.
lts okay!
And you will not say sorry. Am l right?
He will not speak! He will never speak! He is like this.
''By the way let me introduce you to my darling servant, Lucky.''
''My laundry boy, Laxman. And my cook, Madhav.''
''Say hi, boys! Say hi! - Hi!''
They are your servants! They have worn good clothes.
l guess you pay them well.
Actually l..
''Let's go, Niraali. We will talk on the way. Come. - Okay.''
Put this in the vase! Come! Come! Come!
''Back to work, boys! Back to work!''
This Gopal!
He makes us the servant! And he went away with her!
How far will he go? He doesn't know how to drive the car.
l will win tomorrow's race. - What do you mean?
And my trophy will be Niraali!
But where will the car come for us useless people?
l will arrange for that too.
What are you going!
''50! 50! How much! 50!' - Excuse me, sir.''
Madhav! - Hi!
Aren't you Madhav!
No! He is calling you Madhav! Then he will call you Laxman!
Then he will call you Gopal! No! Absolutely no!
This is Ceo. - And that's Dinky!
''Madhav, did he recognize us?''
What is the lady saying?
She is saying that she wants a nice car.
A car that will suit my Dinky! - Yes.
''l see! Ma'am, look at this. 1965 model!''
''Ceo, is he talking about the car..''
..or telling us his birthday!
Dinky is so funny! She is so funny!
Really! Come here!
''Ma'am, look at that. A nice model. Just like you.''
Let's see the model. Forget her.
Come. - Come.
Look at this! The latest and speed car!
lt is in demand in the market.
And there is no such goods in the market too.
''We don't want goods, we want car. We have goods.''
And l will have to test drive it.
Yes. Can we test drive it? Please.
Let's take a test drive. - Thank you.
Will you sit on my lap?
Hold this! - Ophs!
Take the chequebook. Fill in the amount.
''See you soon. - Bye, cartoon.''
Ophs! Wrong man!
''Bye, sweetie! - Come.''
''Careful, Dinky.''
Dinky! Take a small test drive. Dinky!
Receipt for Ganpati's charity.
''Hey, Dinky! You conned me!''
''Good afternoon, friends!''
Welcome to Castrol GTX motor chase 2006.
We are thankful to all of you.
That you all participated in this rallyFor..
t he 26th July Rainfall Relief.
And to increase the excitement of this race's..
..the winner of this race will receive a cheque prize of 5 lakhs.
You won't be able to defeat Monty.
He seems to be a professional.
Even l am a professional! Look at my idea!
Come on!