Small break on Na`Vi bootcamp before CPH (Day 2)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Apr 4, 2012

As a result – he should drop an awp for me,
I dropped a colt and told him: «come on»,
he bought up, dropped my colt and ran away.
No, I died in that round.
Yes, but you had 5:4
I just bought up and ran away.
Yes. I know.
Chinese food?
Japanese, normally.
Thai rice with vegetables: «Chinese food? - Japanese» :)
Very interesting, yeah?
Fans are very interested, you know?
What do we eat?
Of course.
Everyone thinks…
After tonight Tai restaurants will earn way more money.
Everybody thought we ate only bananas and water,
- that’s all, :) drink water.
Well, Danya might do it, I see you buffed up?
Ye-e-s. yes, yes :) have fed me with bananas, water…
In fact I haven’t eaten anything for 3 months, except people.
Get off.
Don’t shoot, it’s not allowed to eat here,
just don’t show it to Zero.
Wanna into your eye?
Yes, I just wanna an eye :)
Where did you get tomatoes?
Ah, is yours with chicken?
What a cockerel.
What a cockerel.