Lisa Fowlkes

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My name is Lisa Fowlkes, I am the deputy bureau chief
in the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau
I've actually been an employee at the FCC off and on
what is now probably about eighteen years
when I came to the FCC I came as a staff attorney fresh out of law school
and I found, particularly in that context, when you're talking about women of color
that you saw a very few of us
in professional positions at the FCC
You certainly see women across board - you saw them in the more traditional
over time you have seen
more of us
we've also seen
the FCC stepping up its recruit efforts, particularly with with people of color with
women of color
Deputy Bureau Chief is an executive position and it doesn't have
you know the straight
nine to five thirty type of hours
sometimes I'm having to work on weekends
at nights
things of that nature but I also have a small child
at home so I've had to work on balancing
that brings I think a separate set of challenges because a lot of times when you're a professional
and you have children particularly when you have small children
there's a tendency
for people that work with you to kind of push you into what I call, and other women have called
the "mommy track"

you have to
try to deal with that challenge and find a way to to communicate
yes I have, you know family at home that I have to deal with but I'm still able to
do the job that that I have at the FCC and that I need to do
different people have different styles
I will say that one of the things that that
one of my mentors when I was a staff attorney about to take my first management
some observations that she made to me
back then about
differences in perceptions between men and women managers
I find continue to be true, for example

women do have to watch you react to certain situations because There're
certain things that are acceptable from men that aren't for women, for example
men sometimes can get away with yelling at everyone
and that's, their abilities are not undercut - on the other hand if a woman
is screaming at everyone and
slamming doors and things of that nature
that's tended to look be looked upon negatively with respect to her management abilities
I think
women managers and women executives have to be privy to and keep the back of their mind
and I think
another challenge that
I think a lot of women, professional women have whether they are women of color or
not is
being taken seriously
by people you work with
people that report to you, people that you report to
I would not be deputy bureau chief today
without having the advice and mentoring
of really several people
along my career path
I would say to young women attorneys that are coming through the ranks of the FCC
look for mentor opportunities
to have
someone more experienced
than you mentor you
it's not it's not about getting someone who can help you find a job but just getting
somebody you can bounce ideas
off of in terms of your career