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Happy Mother's Day! Can you look at the mothers beside you
and say, Happy Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day. As a special tribute to you moms
we want to thank you. I'd like to show you a quick video to show our
appreciation of you. This is a video that has gone viral thanks to P&G.
Let's watch this video as we start
Thank you moms.
There are three very special moms in my heart that I also want to greet
Of course my mother, my mother in law
and a very special woman who is the mother of our children/
Happy Mother's Day again honey Happy Mother's Day
So can we ask all our moms to please stand and we will pray for you as we
start our time this morning. Moms please stand. You can wipe your eyes
as you stand. I watched that video so many times and it always brings
tears to my eyes as well. Let's extend to this mothers as we
pray for them this morning as we start. Go ahead you can clap for them
even as we extend our hands
Father God, thank You for these moms. Thank You for their big hearts
for all the work they put in to make sure the home is well, to take care
of our children, to support and sustain their husbands. Father God
We thank you for designing them the way they are. and we pray
that You would continue to be with them Lord God. Work through them
in a Mighty Way. Give them the strength they need, the patience they
need Lord God to continue to fulfill Your plans for them in their life.
We love these mothers Father God so thank You for their lives
once again. We want to pray also for this morning service Lord God
that You would be with us and be present even as we learn from You.
In Jesus Mighty Name we pray. Amen. Amen.
Mothers please be seated. Thank you.
Happy Mother's Day once again.
Now as I.. Before I formally start I'd like to make a side announcement.
A quick one. See the last time I had the privilege of
speaking in front of you, I talked about a gentleman named Tim Tivo.
You guys remember Tim Tivo? Homeschooled superstar, godly man.
But he was featured in Times 100 most influential people
people and Jeremy Linn, wrote his write up. When I spoke the
the last time I asked if there was anyone
who could connect me to Tim Tivo, someone did.
So I got to literally have the privilage of having lunch a couple of times with
his dad and I realized Tim Tivo, if I think he is a superstar,
well you know what? wait 'till you meet his dad, great father.
I had the benefit of hearing from him and learning parenting 101
over several lunches. Changed my life. Changed my parenting style.
Why am I saying this quick announcement?
We got an interview with him and and another, a number of other great
great parents who are home school leaders around the globe
and we have a home school conference that is happening
if you see in your chronicles next Saturday so it's your last week
to be able to sign up for that. There is a booth downstairs
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Fourth floor, there's the booth. Okay.
Now that we're done with the announcement, I want to share
with you something that as I was praying I said, Lord what would You
like to tell the people today? What would You like to share to them
especially today that it is mother's day. And if You're like me when You
think of moms, I think of someone with the big heart.
Someone with the heart that is caring, nurturing, kind, the kind
of heart that God wants us to have. Are you like me?
Do you think about that? Most of the time except whem mommy gets mad?
But really, I think that's the picture we have of mothers and that's why
we thank you moms for having that kind of heart. But in reality is
unfortunately even if that is the type of heart
we want to have, what does the Bible say?
The bible says in Jeremiah 17 verse 9, The heart is more deceitful than
all else and is desperately sick; who can understand it?
I began to realize that I have a heart problem. Desperately sick.
All of us have a heart problem.
So here's the first question that we want to ask
ourselves as we come in today's message. How is your heart?
And ? I don't mean the physical heart.
How is your heart as we come into this morning?
Because it is mother's day, the title of the message
is geared towards women and moms. Today's message
will help us understand how to pursue intimacy with God
through a heart makeover. Okay
Pursue intimacy with God through a heart makeover.
Because our hearts have that condition, desperately sick,
deceitful, we are going to look at God's word and what He has to say
about our our having a heart makeover to help us grow in intimacy with Jesus.
Now if you have watched makeover shows which I don't really watch,
for the record, but I have come across a couple.
All these makeover shows, beauty makeover, fashion makeover,
home makeover generally have two components.
The first component is they will check the problem.
The second component is they will fix the problem.
Very simple. This person needs a new wardrobe, let us fix it.
This person needs a new hairstyle, let us fix it.
These people need a new home, let us fix it.
That will be the general outline that will be looking at this morining as well
What is the condition of our heart?
Check it and then let us see how we can fix it.
The Scripture that we will look at. Let me give me a quick recap of the Kings.
You see I have been studying the Kings and I am really blessed looking
at the lives of the entirety of the kings that God has allowed
to be installed over the people of Israel.
Let us see if you could remember our kings fast. Who was the first
king of Israel? Not David. Saul. Then after Saul? After David?
And then what happened? What happened to Solomon?
Solomon's son, Rehoboam was being raised up as the next king
of the nation while it was still united. And then what happened?
In an interesting turn of events, as Rehoboam was taking the throne,
a prophecy happened to Jeroboam. After Jeroboam
was given the prophecy, the long and short of it was
Solomon wanted Jeroboam killed. Jeroboam hid.
Rehoboam becomes king, Solomon dies. People bring Jeroboam
forward to talk to Rehoboam about reforms. What does Rehoboam do?
He ignores it and so the people disband and they get divided.
Ten tribes followed Jeroboam. Here is what the divided kingdom
looks like in the map. The divided kingdom shows the blue part
is the northern kingdom where Jeroboam is king and then
in the south you have Rehoboam, king of Judah.
The Kingdom of Judah.
The southern kingdom had 19 kings and a queen and its reign
ended in about 586 BC because, what happened? The Babylonians took over.
And here's what I find interesting. The bible says
that all of the kings, pretty much except for maybe
about 8 guys, were evil.
But there were 8 good kings as the Bible said
as opposed to the northern kingdom.
The northern kingdom has a very different story.
The Bible says there were also 19 kings, but guess what?
These 19 kings whose reign ended when the Assyrians
took over, none of them were good. They were all bad,
All. Based on the Bible's accounts.
So as I was studying it and looking at the lives of the kings,
I came across one man and this guy, God has for some reasons,
singled him out from Scripture as someone who was so evil
that he was the reason why all of the kings of the north
suddenly were evil as well. Do you know who that guy is?
His name is Jeroboam and who is what we will look at.
We will focus on him this morning.
Jeroboam The First.
The passage that struck me especially was when each
of the kings after Jeroboam were being described
Each of these evil kings was described with the same caption.
Can I show that caption? Here's the caption. It said, This king did evil
in the sight of the Lord; he did not depart from the sins
of who? Jeroboam, the son of Nebat; which he made Israel sin.
Jeroboam was referred to every single time except
three kings whose accounts were very short in the Scripture.
Every single one of the kings referred to this bad guy.
And it made me stop for a bit. I said,
"Wow, how would you like it if that was your legacy?"
Every single person down your generation will be referred
to as evil because of you or because of me.
I said, "Wow, that is not a legacy I want to happen."
And so I started to ask God. "God, why did you allow this to happen?
Why did you single out this man?" And this is exactly what we are
going to look at this morning. The main verse for this morning
is the story, a quick snippet of Jeroboam
as he becomes king in 1 King 12:26-32.
So can I as you to turn to your bibles 1 Kings 12:26-32. And before we come
to God's word, Let's honor God with another word of prayer.
Shall we? Father God there is no such thing as an accident in our life.
Every single man or woman that is here this morning
is here because you want them to hear this message,
even the volunteers across the different ministries.
So we pray Lord God that as You are present here in our
worship and our time, that you would free our hearts and minds
from any distractions, Lord God.
Any of the worries or cares and things that are plaguing
us right now that we can just put that at rest and
listen to what You will have to say to us this morning.
I pray that you will override my preparation. That you will
ultimately be the one to speak to the hearts and minds of every single
person here today. In your mighty name we pray, Amen and Amen.
Let's read the scriptures together. Let's reads this together
Jeroboam said in his heart,
"Now the kingdom will return to the house of David.
If this people go up to offer sacrifices
in the house of the Lord at Jerusalem,
then the heart of this people will return to their lord,
even to Rehoboam king of Judah;
and they will kill me and return to Rehoboam king of Judah.
It goes on. So the king, I want you to pay attention to that word heart.
So the king consulted, and made two golden calves,
and he said to them,
It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem; behold your gods,
O Israel, that brought you up from the land of Egypt.
He set one in Bethel, and the other he put in Dan.
Now this thing became a sin, for the people
people went to worship before the one as far as Dan.
Imagine the story unfolding and here's the last part of the story
And he made houses on high places, and made priests from among
all the people who were not of the sons of Levi.
Jeroboam instituted a feast in the eighth month on the
fifteenth day of the month, like the feast which is in Judah,
and he went up to the altar...
What do we see in this interesting passage of Scripture
that helps us appreciate why God would say all those
things about this man so much so that his legacy is so stained.
Remember that word I said to remember?
The main problem I see is captured best by Edmund Chan
The problem here, the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart
There was something wrong with jeroboam's heart.
And we are going to look at that this morning as
we look at the heart makeover. For us to better appreciate
this word heart at the Scripture we will look at.
As it is used, it comes from the Hebrew lebab.
Not libag, okay? The Hebrew lebab. What is lebab? It has the picture
of not the physical heart but instead the innermost man.
So, for example there is the Edrick Mendoza that every one outsides sees.
There is the Edrick Mendoza that maybe my family sees in private
Then there is the Edrick Mendoza that nobody sees except me.
The innermost man, my dreams, my aspirations,
my worries, my concerns, that is lebab.
Let us look at Jeroboam's lebab in the following passage.
First part of the passage that we will look at to make us see
what needs a makeover is this.
Jeroboam said in his lebab in his innermost being, Ah now the
kingdom will return to the house of David.
If this people go up to offer sacrifices in the house of
of the Lord at Jerusalem, then the heart of this people
Oh no! Will return to their king, even to the king of Judah who is Rehoboam
and they will kill me and return to him.
What is going on in the innermost being of Jeroboam? Is he excited?
Is he bold and courageous?
He is stressed, he's worried, he's afraid.
Why? Obviously because he feels that there is something
that could happen into his kingdom. He feels threatened.
As he is going through this process, as there is restlessness
in his heart, we are able to find out the first issue of the heart
which needs a makeover. What is that? Let me help make it
clearer by looking at what happened to jeroboam a few passages before.
You see Jeroboam here is now king.
Rehoboam is king of the southern kingdom.
Right? But Jeroboam before he became king met a prophet
and this is what the prophet said to him when he was not yet king.
He said to him, "Jeroboam, listen to me.
God is giving you an amazing promise. You are nobody right now.
You are an achiever in the kingdom of Solomon but Rehoboam is king.
Here is what I want to tell and you better listen up.
Then it will be, that if you listen to all that God commands
you and walk in My ways, and do what is right in God's sight
by observing statutes and commandments,
as David did, here is My promise to you.
Then I will be with you and build you an enduring house as I built
for David, and I will give Israel to you."
What is God telling Jeroboam through the prophet Ahijah?
He is saying, "Jeroboam, nothing to worry about.
Nothing to be afraid about. Trust me."
The first heart condition that we therefore see that needs
a makeover is this. Jeroboam did not trust in the promise of God.
Ladies and gentlemen, where is your heart right now?
Has God given you a very clear promise?
Relationship wise, money wise, business wise,
ministry wise, direction wise? Maybe even in schooling.
He has made it very clear to people around you
and now He is saying you have to trust Him.
You might not be receiving an answer yet
or you might not be getting the answer you want right now.
But He is saying, "You need to trust me."
Don't be like Jeroboam who had a doubtful heart.
Don't have a doubtful heart. That was the first problem
that we see that Jeroboam has.
He was given an amazing promise by Ahijah.
He said you have nothing to worry about, an enduring kingdom
just like David. "How can you be afraid, Jeroboam?
How can you have this stress?
How can you become nervous and worried?"
When it was very clear in God's promise to you.
Do we have a doubtful heart?
Now I want to illustrate how a doubtful heart
can strain our relationship with God by
using the story of my son.
You see I have three sons by God's grace.
On the leftmost is Elijah, he is 9 years old,
following him is Titus at four and Edan my 6 year old boy.
And this This story is about Edan. Edan about a year ago,
I decide I want to teach him how to swim.
And if you're like me and you are not from the Lozada swim school
trying to teach your kid how to swim
When I first held him, he started to have tears in his eyes, fear.
And. I would say, "Edan, trust daddy."
His tears would well up even more, start to cry.
I said, "Ok I don't want to traumatize my son. I won't push him."
That went on for months. Until about a month ago where I finally said,
"You know I think it's about time for my son to learn how to swim."
And so I got him a new pair of goggles.
had him try it on and the first step for me was to help him
to put his head underwater to be able to develop courage
in putting his head underwater.
He did not want to like in all the previous times I had tried.
And so I said, "Edan, you need to trust daddy. "
He put on his goggles I held his hand. And I said, "Edan,
does daddy want to hurt you? Would I do anything to harm you?"
And then he looked at me with a little bit of tears in his eyes.
And he said, "No daddy." I said, "Then you have to trust me."
So I held his hands, we went underwater and immediately
as he popped his head up, I said, "Good job Edan."
I splashed all our friends around and I said, "Say good job."
And they all said, "Good job, Edan."
So he removed his goggles and he looked at me and said,
"I did it daddy." I do not want to make a big deal
out of it anymore. So, after that quick incident, I turned back
I tried to pay attention to my other kid.
And from the corner of my eye, I saw Edan
put his head under water again
and then he did it again. The weeks went by,
so much so that a few weeks ago, he finally started swimming.
That is a side benefit of putting our trust and not doubting God.
My main point in sharing that story is that because he placed
his trust in me, our relationship was strengthened.
How do I know that our relationship was strengthened?
Well a couple of days ago Edan, if you remember this story,
he plays with his brothers and whenever he plays with his brothers
you know I don't really have a strong close relationship with him
because he is busy with his brothers.
Now this one time I went to say in to them I said,
Hey boys" they said, "Hey daddy." They saw me,
then I went out to do my own thing, then I noticed Edan,
he left his brothers, he ran after me and he went
to me and looked up at me and this is what he said,
he said, "Daddy I want to do something with you."
He suddenly called for my attention and time to be with me.
Because of what happened, learned to put his trust in his daddy.
And that is the same picture we have. What does the Bible say about this?
So if heart problem is the doubtful heart,
what is the fix in this makeover? The fix is this,
we need to trust in the Lord with a little bit of our heart.
The Bible says we need to trust in the Lord with all of our hearts.
So stop, step back, think about your life right now, look at your heart.
Are there things God is telling you, "Hey, why are you afraid,
why are you not trusting me? Why can't claim my promises?
What are you worried about? Have you not seen my track record?
Have I not told you directly that I will take care of you?
You need to trust me." Heart makeover number one, doubtful to trusting.
Let's move on. Jeroboam, we see the drama unfolding
Jeroboam shows fear. And now we see the next passage.
Here is what happened to the next passage. So the king
consulted (Jeroboam), and he made two golden calves,
and he said to the people, "It is too much for you to go to Jerusalem;
behold Israel here are your gods, that brought you up from the land of Egypt."
He set one in Bethel, and the other he put in Dan.
And this thing became a sin, for the people went to worship
before the one as far as Dan. What's happening to this guy?
Driven by fear, a doubtful heart, what happens to Jeroboam?
Here's what happen to Jeroboam. Jeroboam seeks advice.
In the new living translation, the first few lines saw the king
consulted is actually the words on the advice of these counselors.
So he got advice from a bunch of guys. These guys said,
"Go ahead, make some calves. Set up temples."
And your you are thinking, "Who in the world are these people?"
The Bible doesn't say that but the principle is very clear.
What is the next problem with Jeroboam's heart
that we see in this passage? You know what we see from this passage?
He chose the wrong counselors. Jeroboam listened to the wrong counselors.
They were worldly versus godly. How we are able to say worldy?
I'll show you that in a bit. Worldy versus godly and so Jeroboam's
heart, what was the issue if we were to check his heart?
The issue of his heart right here was a misguided heart.
A misguided heart
Let us make this a little bit more clear. From a worldly perspective,
let us see if Jeroboam got the right counsel.
This is how the map looked like earlier. Remember I showed you
the kingdom of Israel which is Jeroboam's territory is the one in blue.
Now all the way in the south most part of that kingdom
is a place called Bethel and all the way in the north is a place called Dan.
Do those names sound familiar? Yes, that is where he built the altars.
So from From a worldly perspective, given the advisers he had, did it make sense?
Yes. Why? By building those temples, he would prevent the people of Israel
from going down to Jerusalem in the south and he would therefore protect his kingdom.
Worldly counsel, good. Godly counsel, horrible.
had the privilege of actually seeing one of these temples
or at least the site where it was. I would like to show you that quickly.
This was the label that was there. It said, the sacred precinct,
it talked about what Jeroboam did in the temple of Dan,
the one that is all the way to the north. And here is what the entrance looks like.
So you have the tourists going into it, it is obviously now just stone.
and they did a mock up of what if might have look liked. That main area,
the steel grill is a mock up. I found it very interesting what our guide said,
his name is Roni Cohen. He is a messianic Jew from Brooklyn.
And he said many tourists overlook this sight. But it is powerful
because this literally spelled the destruction of the people of Israel.
And I remembered that and I said I want to take a photo of this.
This is a good picture for all of us to remember. Why?
What spelled the destruction of Israel? At least in this case, wrong counselors.
"Yeah, go ahead; build some temples, up and down, north and south."
Wrong counselors. Instead, where should Jeroboam have been getting his advice?
Let me tell you. In Deuteronomy, its amazing how the Bible all comes together.
In Deuteronomy, Moses had some very clear instructions for the people
as they were going to the promised land. He said, "Guys I am gonna go
someday, you will have a king someday.
There will be a system of kings and here is one of the main guidelines
you need to pay attention to.
"It shall come about when that king sits on the throne in his kingdom,
he shall what? He shall write for himself a copy of this law in a scroll
where in the presence of the Levitical priests. The king was to write down
the law. It shall be with him and he shall read it all the days of his life,
that he may learn to fear the Lord his God, by carefully
observing all the words of this law and these statutes,"
Was it clear? Very clear. "Jeroboam you are a king,
where should you be getting your counsel?" Answer.
From the Bible, from God's word. If he had remembered this,
if he had sought his counsel ultimately from God's Word and
done according to the Scripture and knew the law,
you know what he would have gone through Exodus and realized
"Teka lang, wait a minute Aaron did the same thing.
What are my counselors telling me?" It does not make any sense.
How did God react to Aaron and the golden calves? Did God say,
"Yehey, good job." What did he say? He was very angry.
If Jeroboam had sought ultimate counsel from the Scriptures,
he would have been guided in the right direction.
There was a guy that I knew who was working his way to the corporate
ladder and at a certain point in his career,
we met him and as we met him he accepted God.
He chose to follow God and he was on fire. Fortunately but unfortunately,
he climbed all the way to the top and became the head of that corporation.
Now, with new counsel that he was surrounded with, very sharp individual,
very smart from a worldly perspective but they were giving him advise
like, "You know what now that you are the head, you know what your priorities
are whatever it takes. Even if it is at the expense of your family,
your relationships, you got to give your life to this job.
You are the head now." He started listening to that advice.
He started spending late nights with clients and dealing with them.
People whose value systems were very different from his. He started drinking.
He started learning the language and started cussing.
So much so that even with his wife when they would have fights,
he would start cursing her. Downward spiral, very dangerous brought about
by seeking advice from the wrong counsel.
His pursuit of those things and the counsel that he got
were leading him in the wrong direction. Until one day, I found out as he was
sharing he started saying, " You know what, there is something wrong with my life.
I am getting the wrong counsel I think." And he was making major decisions
at that time and so he decided to go back to his bible.
He started going back to his bible
and getting counsel from where he should be getting it.
Do you know what happened to him? The long and short
of this guy's story is that he started to change his ways.
His wife was telling us, that he started saying, "Do you know what in my office
everyone knows my first meeting is with the Lord."
He opens his bible, he blocks off the time. Nobody can disturb him
and when he is done, that is when he starts his day. This man is now
leading his own small group and we are so blessed to see the life of this guy.
Why? He realized that his counsel
needs to come ultimately from God's word.
And another practical way that this might apply to us
is we might be the type of people who are saying,
"Well you know what, we are surrounded by good counsel.
We are surrounded by Christians." We know of couple for example who
want to get married and since they are surrounded with Christians,
they will choose who they will get their counsel from.
You know people like that? If I go to these people, they will say,
"Okay lang. It's ok. Pursue pursue that person. Get into a relationship with them."
If I go to these people they will say, "You know what, no?
Guard your heart, you pray first." So if I go to these people
I will get the counsel that I do not like so I'm gonna go here.
That is a misguided heart as well. Misguided heart
We need to check our hearts right now. Do we have
the right counsel that we are surrounded with?
And this is a note to all of you that do not
yet have a D group that you are part of.
Your hearts are in a dangerous territory.
Number two. Are you choosing the counsel
who you want to hear from?
And number three. Are you ultimately grounding
the advice and counsel you get even from supposedly good
Christians from ultimately God's word?
Are you anchoring your counsel in God's word?
What does the Bible tell us? I love how the Bible tells us this.
To fix a misguided heart, the Bible tells us,
Psalm 119:11 Lord God, I will anchor my decisions.
I will know your word. I will tuck it in so that
every decision I have can ultimately be grounded
in you that I might not sin against you.
You know the pastors were talking a while ago and saying
if you look at Jeroboam's life at least from what I presented you so far.
Sayang. Sayang. Such a great promise of an enduring kingdom
scrapped because of a doubtful heart and now you are seeing
a misguided heart. Sayang. I pray that as we hear this,
we listen to it so that we will not say "Sayang" in our own life.
Sayang. In English sayang is shucks, too bad. You know. Regret.
But not an exact translation. I apologize.
What is the third?
Let us look at the third heart condition that Jeroboam has
The first we see is a doubtful heart,
the second is a misguided heart. The last. This one is especially close
to my heart because I struggle with this..
The last is this; let's read Jeroboam's passage one more time.
This last passage. Can we read it altogether?
And he made houses on high places, and made priests from among
all the people who were not of the sons of Levi.
Jeroboam instituted a feast in the eighth
the month fifteenth day of the month, like the feast which is in Judah,
and he went up to the altar..."
What is wrong with Jeroboam's heart in this case?
The word I will use for the issue that we are seeing
here so far in American slang is -Jeroboam was on a roll.
He set up these temples and he just kept going. In Filipino,
in tagalog. I was blessed by a sister who came up to me earlier.
In tagalog, its namumuro. Kept going. Tuloy tuloy. Right?
So this was what is happening to Jeroboam.
He made houses on high places.
What is wrong with this? The high places, when the people
of Israel we are going to take over the promised, the Canaanites were
living in it and they had open air worship areas which they were
using for all sorts of pagan worship. When the people of God finally
got into the area and took over, God said, "You could take
over those worship areas and use it for me for now. Once the temple is built,
no more high places." Are you with me? But what did he do
Jeroboam, on a roll, namumuro, kept going. He built his own
high places. He reinstituted it.
What else did he do as he is on a roll, as he is namumuro?
I hope I'm using the right context. Namumuro. He know makes priests
He now makes his own system of priests.
He made priests that were not from the sons of Levi and God made it very clear.
He said, "Aaron sons, the Levitical line, you will be priests."
What is Jeroboam thinking? Not just that. The last thing he does
at least in this passage. Jeroboam institutes a feast, in the 8th month
on the 8th month on the 15th day, that is around
the time they had the feast of Booths or tabernacles.
You see the people of Israel had three major feasts
which God instituted. And He said very time the feast happens,
you must send all your men down to Jerusalem. So what is Jeroboam
thinking? He is thinking, "I need to create my own feast
so the people don't go down to Jerusalem." Crazy.
Blatant disobedience. He kept going. Now we are beginning to
see his heart and why God was so very upset with this guy.
Let us step back. How many of us are guilty right now in our
hearts. In our innermost being of struggling with sins that are blatantly
disobeying God and we are saying, "Ok lang yan.
Its okay. I am going ]to keep going."
What is Jeroboam's flaw in this last section?
Jeroboam's flaw is as a mention something that's also something
I'm guilty of. Jeroboam attempts to take control of things
that are God's department. Are there areas of our life
that we know that God is in charge
of that we are now trying to take control of?
The heart condition that Jeroboam is therefore showing
here is a controlling heart.
Yan. So how many of us, for example in our marriages
we want to control our spouse. Wives trying to control their husbands.
Husbands trying to control their wives.
"You know I want my husband to be spiritual and I am going
to do everything I can to play God."
"My wife is not submitting, she's not listening. So I'm going to do everything
I can to play God." "My children, the same way."
"My parents, the same way. My Dgroup leader."
I don't know what youre circumstances
are in your life but maybe its time that we step back and look,
"Do we have a controlling heart?"
a desire to play God? Do you know what is sad?
When we look at the world today, the way that the world
is shaping our mindset is all about the I, the individual,
what is good for me. Iphone, ipad. I, I, I. My, my, my.
Marketers, I'm a marketer. If you're like me, you will see it almost overused.
My, my my. I, I, I. Every brand has a "My" or "I".
Because they are saying, it is all about you,
you can play God now. Its your choice. Its what you want.
Whatever will benefit or satisfy you, look for that.
That is not of God. That is the subtle way that the devil uses for us
to have. One of my pet peeves right now, and you will see globally
in many different movements, is the entitlement mentality.
"Hindi, dapat sa akin yan. I am entitled to that."
Do you know what that is? That is playing God.
That is saying, "No, I have control over all these things.
I can do what I want. I can set what I want, when I want it,
how I want it. It is all up to me."
This is where my sharing comes in.
For the most part, I think as far back as I can remember
remember thinking about life in the future.
I've always been focused on I. As a young boy even,
I said, I will grow up trying to achieve things for I, for myself.
And to have a great sense of self worth and ability especially to
to make money, and someday provide.
I revolve a lot of my decisions around that even as I became a Christian
and a follower of Jesus, I still held that close to my heart.
I wanted to have control of money and ability to make more money.
Why? I thought, "Well I am a man. I am a father, I am a husband,
I need to provide. So it is part of who I am to try and find a way
to make as much money as I can to provide security for my family.
And as a side note, develop a large sense of security
from the ability to do so. As early as elementary,
I remember with my cousin in the US we were selling
things and making money. In college I went off, I had internships in a bank.
I did some tutorials on the side and I did so many other things
to also money that as I graduated from college I set
25 years old as my goal to get married and enough money
money to provide for a wedding of my own. I had my first job
I was able to do that. Now something changed
in me by God's grace. At the turn of this year,
a gentleman named Edmund Chan came and spoke
and in his message in that workshop, it literally changed my life.
Like that, dramatically, it changed my life forever.
You see, what happened was building up to that events
about 2009 three years ago I had decided two major things.
I said, "Okay, you know what, my family is growing
I'd like to be able to build a home Lord. So I set my sights on that.
To find sources wherever I could to make that happen.
and at the same time God impressed in my heart as the building project
of CCF was mobilized, He said, "Edrick, give to my home."
So I said, "Ok Lord, I will make a pledge to you
it is something I have not made but because you own money
then okay I will make this commitment to you." Then so I did.
But you know what happened, the long and short of it,
in those three years, if I did not know that my sense of security
in money, my desire for it was slowly eating away at my heart.
I was losing my temper at home towards my kids and my wife.
I would find myself going through moments of being down and
depressed and thinking about, "Is my life making any sense.
Am I making enough? Am I making ends meet?"
And I was going through that vicious spiral. Vicious cycle even.
In those three years, I never got to build a house. In those three years,
I never gave my building commitment. I said, "Lord,
you understand right? I am going to try and put it in my house
because I have to be provider for my family. I don't have a lot
but I want to be able to put it in something that makes sense."
God was working on my heart. He was trying to break my controlling heart
so much so that at a certain point in that seminar, God spoke to me.
He said, "Edrick, what are you trying to do? I am your source of security.
I alone will provide for you. I alone am in control of your life.
You need to let go. Let go." And so I did.
I don't think I cried as much as I did that time. I was really on my knees.
I said, "God I'm sorry. What have I been thinking?
You are the ultimate provider of everything.
How dare I think that it is up to me? Of course I need to be found faithful.
How dare I find my sense of security in that in trying
to think I have to prove things to people through the material things
I might be able to own, cars, and clothes, whatever. How dare I?
And so I said, "Lord I surrender to you. I don't want to take control.
You take control of my life." and you know by God's grace
because of that moment of surrender, I experienced a liberating feeling that I
cannot put in words but it changed me
and I think my wife will attest to it.
She said that she started seeing my temper disappearing.
I was less irritable at home with my wife. I was less irritable with
the kids. My decisions became so much clearer in my life.
They were no longer motivated somehow by the desire to
make more money. Do you know what? As a form of icing on the
by God's grace, by God's grace alone,
I think as I surrendered at that time, I said, "Lord
I will fulfill my pledge. I might not be able to build my home
but you own everything. You will take care of my family.
You will provide for me. I wrote the check. I took a picture of it.
I gave it in. And do you know what, months later,
by God's grace I said three years we never move forward with the home,
and all sorts of things. By God's grace,
I believe that this week we are actually going to start
building our home. It is crazy what happens what God will do
when you say the following. This verse speaks to me.
I'd like to share it with you. It is Ezequiel. We canshow it up here
Its the fix for a controlling heart.
God says, "I'll give you Edrick; I'll give you guys a new heart. I'll remove
the stone heart from your body." And in this version
of the passage from the message it says, "I will replace it with the
with the heart that is God willed, no longer self willed.
The cure to a controlling heart is a new and surrendered heart.
So here's the question that I believe God has for you this morning
as we look at the last part of Jeroboam's heart problem.
Do you have a controlling heart? Are you trying to take things
into your own hands, take matters into your own hands? Or maybe
if you're like me, finding your sense of security
in something else that you just won't let go?
Well I have good news for you. It can change. You can have a makeover
in that sense and experience a new
and surrendered life or surrendred heart to God
and experience the benefits like I am sharing with you this morning.
Okay. So what have we covered? Let's recap. We've looked at
three different heart conditions. And we said that
in any makeover, you must check your heart and then you will or in any
makeover, you check something and then you fix it.
So in a heart makeover, if we are to draw closer and experience
intimacy with God. I submit to you guys, I do not like coming up here to
speak in front of thousands of people. You should try. You want to try it?
Let's swap for a little bit. It's nerve wracking, my hands start sweating.
You know I get so nervous that days before, my stomach churns.
I don't like doing this but by God's grace He allows me to do it. Why?
Have a surrendered heart to him. I will go wherever God wants me go.
I will do whatever God wants me to do. Check your heart.
Do you have a misguided.. doubtful heart?
Do you have a misguided heart?
Or do you have a controlling heart?
What is God saying? If we have one, two or all of the above,
Here's how we can fix it. We need to fix our heart
by instead of having a doubtful heart, have a trusting heart.
One that says, "You know God why am I afraid?
Why don't I trust you? Why can't I claim Your promises? You promised it."
And when God promises something, does He follow through? Does God
follow through? Yes. God never never turns back on His promises.
If we have a misguided heart, where do we ultimately need to turn?
How do we fix this? We need to anchor it, anchor it on God's word,
not on the opinion of people, not on tradition, not on people
who you think are good people or godly. Ultimately, anchor your
decisions, you condition of your heart in God's word.
And last, if you have controlling issues like me, controlling heart.
I am still a work in progress. There are times I still lose my cool
with my wife and kids. If you have a controlling heart,
you like to play God, let go. Allow God to put a
new heart in you and surrender.
And there is a special group of people that I would like to call
out this morning as well. You see some of you might
have actually come here for the first time.
It's your first time to attend a worship like this. It's the first time
you are hearing concepts like this. I have good news for you
and I will share that with you in a little bit. Before I do,
since it is mother's day, I have a bonus for you guys.
I don't watch a lot of reality shows as I mentioned earlier
but I have a problem with these makeover shows.
You know my problem is every time there is a makeover show,
you show the problem you fix it and I am wondering to myself,
how will they sustain it? For example you have this simple familiy
that has this extremely ostentatious high tech big expensive home.
What happens when it starts to break down?
How are they going to sustain that?
What about the person who goes to this amazing makeover
that makes them look like they never looked before.
How are they going to sustain that? Seriously.
Nobody has a show on the after makeover series.
But that's is the bonus we have this morning. As we look at our hearts,
we check it, we realize, " Oh you know what God, I need to fix it."
I want to give you a secret to help protect it.
I want to give you a secret to help protect your heart.
And this is the secret that I, by God's grace, I remember
and it is a very clear picture to me. I remember this every time I
see myself falling back into those heart problems.
I say, "Okay God, this is the time. I need your help here."
You know what, I think of and I want to encourage you all with.
If you want an ultimately long lasting solution that will prevent
conditions like this from happening again in the future
Hebrews 12:2 says this
We must.. Can you read this with me? "fixing our eyes on Jesus,
the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy before Him
set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame,
and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."
You know guys, if you were moved by the act of the mother we saw
earlier, how moved are you by the act of our King that He has done for us.
If we fix our eyes on Jesus and really fully embrace
and immerse ourselves with the thoughts of Him,
and we will be changed.
Our hearts will be safeguarded from doubting.
Our hearts will be safeguarded from being misdirected or misguided.
Our heart will be guided from avoiding wanting to control things
and playing God. And the beautiful picture I have
that I want to share about this is captured in the story of this
king. One last king story, if you don't mind,
from a book written by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
He talks about a king who was well loved by everyone in the kingdom.
Is not that amazing, a kingdom that has a king loved by everyone.
This happened in his story. All the subjects loved this king.
He was a good king, he was kind king, he had great heart.
Until one day he passed away. And when he passed away
what happened to the people was because they loved him so much,
they erected a stone face that was his face
to help the people remember and not just to help the people remember
but to become the criteria for the next king of that nation.
The new king had to look like this king, not just in character
but also physically. So crazy requirements.
They pursued it. They started looking for a new king
and as you can expect, it was hard for them to find someone that
fit that criteria. While this was ongoing, there was a simple man
named Edward. And Edward lived in a house near that stone face.
Everyday, Edward would go out and look at the stone face
and remember his king. He would remember
what the king did for the kingdom. All his deeds
and kindness and good things. And he remembered how
that king through his kindness and good deed did things
that changed his life forever. Everyday, he will be looking up, gazing, fixed,
focused on that stone face. One day, palace officials
came knocking on doors, they knocked on Edward's door and said,
"We have great news." And Edward said, "What's the news?"
They said, "We found the king." And Edward said, "Who's the King?"
And you know what they said? Edward you are the king.
You see as Edward continued to fix his gaze and remember the things
that his king did for him and their people, he became more
and more like that king. Ladies and gentlemen,
you are that king, that is fixing our eyes on Jesus.
So that we are transformed permanently
and we can avoid these heart conditions.
I will end now with a prayer, that I will like to do for the people we called out
earlier. And after that if that's okay, we'll sing a song together.
The prayer that we want to have are for those people
who are joining us for the first time. Don't be embarrassed but can you
kindly raise your hands if you are attending our service for the first time.
All our first timer guests because you are our guest, you are very special to us.
Can you please raise your hands. Guys can we welcome them.
Welcome. First timer guests. We have a message for you. Everyone around you
has a message for you guys. Our first time guests.
You know what our messgae for you is? God loves you
and we do to. We have a room actually out there
that you can go to and we want to welcome you properly
So we highly encourage you to please go to that room.
But before you do that we want to pray for you
and actually we want to invite you to make a prayer with us.
What is that prayer? It's a prayer that will change your life forever.
Why? It is a prayer that will help you appreciate a changed heart for you,
one that is surrendered to God. You see God says
in His word in John 3:16. God love us so much for God so loved the world
He gave us His only son Jesus that whoever might believe
in Him will not perish but have eternal life.
The blessings that come with that decision to follow Him.
And so we want you to pray right now.
If you feel led to say I want to see my life changed.
But the only way for me to experience that change is to
accept Jesus into my heart to give me a new one.
If you are those people, can you just bow your heads with me
right now, and say a prayer something like this in your own words.
"Dear God, thank you for bringing me here today.
There is no such thing as an accident. And I know that this is one of the main
reasons why you brought me here today. I need to hear about how
my life can change forever because of what
your son Jesus did for me. It was not an easy thing so I thank
you even as I come to you in prayer, will you forgive me for
all the sins that I have caused my heart not to be right with you.
Forgive me Father God. And now as I pray to you,
will you give me a new heart that is full of you,
that accepts what your son Jesus had done and allow me now
to experience the benefits and blessings of a surrendered life
to your son Jesus to experience the saving grace that comes
with this knowing that I will ultimately be with your son Jesus
when I die and while I am here I will experience all the blessings
of being able to follow you. Lord God, hear my prayer.
So everyone as we close our time this morning, check your hearts,
fix it, protect it. How do we protect our hearts?
we need to fix our eyes on Jesus. There's a song
that I'd like us to sing as we close our time together. And this song is entitled
"Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus". When I think about that story, when I think
about my God, this song really blesses me because it talks about
looking full in Jesus' grace and remembering what He has done
allowing that to wash us over. So can we invite you to all
please stand and we will sing this song together to our God
as our expression of how we indeed want to grow an intimacy
with Him to our heart makeover.