Washer Repair- Replacing the Washer Lid Switch Assembly (Whirlpool Part# 3949238)

Uploaded by partselect on 21.03.2011

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today, we’re going to show you how to change the
lid switch assembly on your washer. It’s a really easy job. All, we’re going to need
is a Philips screw driver, a flat blade screw driver, and a 5/16th nut driver. Let me show
you how it’s done.
First step in this repair will be to remove the power to the appliance, simply pull the
plug. Now the lid switch is located in underneath the main top in this area right here. Now
the two screws that are accessible there, which you really have no room adequately to
take that part out and replace it. So what we do is pull the whole cabinet away from
the washer, it’s a fairly easy job, now remove the two end caps take a couple screws
out, flip that over, and we’ll have access to it.
Now at the end cap just grasp the top, pull it forward, you should be able to wiggle the
bottom out, now set those aside. Now we get two Philips screws, one on each side, remove
those, just roll the console over the back, now we have two clips that secure the back
panel to the main top, with the flat blade screw driver into the front opening just press
down and forward to release that clip.
Next we’re going to remove one Philips screw from the back panel that secures the back
panel to the side of the cabinet. Next we’re going to lift up on a rear of the cabinet,
tilt it toward us, and we’ll also lift up on the front, pull it away and slide the whole
thing forward. Before we do that we can disconnect the harness to the lid switch. Sometimes this
is easier if you open the lid you just grasp the panel in the middle, we’ll slide it
forward. Now we have access to the lid switch assembly from here.
We’ll remove the two Philips screws; just hold the lid switch in place while we remove
the last screw. There is ground screw fastened to the bottom to the main top, we’ll remove
that, it’s a 5/16th hex head screw, and there is a clip that holds the harness in
place, just pull it forward and release the wire from behind it, another one across the
back, do the same there.
Now with the flat blade screw driver we’ll depress the two locking tabs on this harness
connector, push the harness connector down through the main top. Now we’ll take our
new lid switch assembly, we’ll insert the harness connector up through from the bottom,
making sure that we have the locating tab in the right position, press that up until
it locks into place.
Now we’ll hook the harness into the first wire clip at around the corner snap it into the second location, and replace
that 5/16th screw in the ground wire, lift the switch into position and replace the two
Philip screws, make sure we have both screws started in holes before you tighten any of
them, don’t over tighten them, and we’ll chip the finish on the main top.
Now we’re ready to install the cabinet, what we’re attempting to do is locate the
two slotted openings at the rear of the cabinet over two protrusions on the base frame, there
is also two slots at the front that will hook into two protrusions on the front with base
with a little hook on them. Now make sure that we get the bottom lip of the front of
the cabinet underneath the base frame, so we’ll tilt it up slightly, and we have a
good view in this position, and let it sit back into place.
And we’ll locate the two tabs on the rear, make sure they fit down into position, slide
the back panel forward, so that the fill spout goes in place, now we’ll reconnect the harness,
connect it to the lid switch, replace the two clamps that hold the back in position,
we have to make sure that that cabin is seated firmly on the base so these clamps won’t
go into position easily.
We should be able to push them in the hand, if not use your flat blade screwdriver, correct
portion of this clamp is towards the front and hock into the back panel snapped into
place. We can rotate the console over again, and replace the two Philips screws.
Next we’ll replace the end caps, position to bottom tab in first, make sure the two
side ones line up these two slots, and then two top ones lined up in these two rear ones.
Make sure the bottom is pushed firmly in before you try to rotate it into place, and then
just snap it in position. All that remain is the one screw that screw that secures the
back panel to the cabinet, plug the machine and our repair is complete.
That just how easy it is to change the lid switch assembly on your washer. Thanks for
watching, good luck with your repair.