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Am going in or out?
Go out.
Good morning.
Those guys next to me are Salme, Ant and Kristjan
whom you should already know.
Take a seat, please
Perhaps you can tell them what you know.
Anders, Riina, Pau, Olav and Joosep are no longer with us.
Kaspar is kept in custody.
He probably won't be coming back to this school...
Toomas, Thea and T t are in the hospital,
and when they get better, they will return to school.
Have you all been to the police and given your statements?
Haven't. - Me neither.
Have to go during class today. - That's fine. Anti...
Now that you're back n cass,
we have decided to steer clear of math for a while
Let me know if you would like to do something else
or perhaps we can talk about what happened
and the fee ngs that you have?
Know that it can be very pa nful
but we can talk about all of t
Boys. Cou d you p ease remove irrelevant things for now?
This s for everyone.
Want you to know that you can do a lot yourse ves.
To be there for each other,
not only for your fellow students but for your teachers, as we.
Sometimes when you hurt,
you can be very cruel without realising t...
wou d like to a add...
wou dn't ke t if we'd have to become strcter.
But it largely depends on you too, I think, that...
f you'd be more caring towards each other.
My job is not on y to teach you maths
but you can always come to me w th your problems...
What s it that can't wait?
M ss, was Kerli in on the shooting?
Don't believe so...
We don't know anyth ng as long as she hasn't been found.
But if she ganged up with Joosep and Kaspar.
Will she still come back to school then?
We can't say anything rght now if we don't know what's happened
Yeah, maybe you. Kerttu, wanted to get rid of Anders yourse f
and hired Joosep... - All right, that's enough.
Maybe Ker is already in prson?
Let's stop saying things like that Let the police do the r work
Mayonnaise... Bread Another...
Sn't that your gir in there?
The police is looking for Kerli
He o!
He o-he o.
Did you see today's paper yet? - Yes
So you know? - I guess so.
S she with you? - No.
'm not kidding around, Ida.
Everybody is excited like hounds in the town
and I wou d not like to drive my officia car to your yard.
No. - Very we then
hope that the g rl w be found today - Perhaps
Look at you! Barely recognised you!
Don't want to see anyone
You must a ow me to stay here, Grandma
f I'd go back now, there's no point in even trying...
can't even magine what's going on in the city rght now.
'm gonna turn into a ame person among a those psychos.
At least let your mum know. So the po ce won't ook for you
'll get a nosebleed. You know.
Shouldn't have gone along with those lunatics in the f rst place.
Should an arse have fingernails, you'd s t in the ceiling.
Please come along.
You left the canteen before the shoot ng
and did not see it w th your own eyes?
S there anything that you haven't told me? - No.
Then why did you run away if you want to be so honest?
Didn't th nk it wou d get me nto trouble
So that morning you didn't know
that the two boys were planning to attack other pupils? - No
And you weren't aware of any revenge p an? - No!
And you don't know why they d d it?
As I sa d, they were bu ed. - Weren't you bullied as well?
How many t mes are you going to ask me the same thing?
But why d d you leave the canteen just then?
Because I didn't want to keep eating that crap canteen food.
But why d d you run away? - Because I was afraid.
Of whom were you afra d of?
There was like a shooting going on... Who wouldn't be afra d?
But why d dn't you try to call the police for examp e?
Don't know... wasn't th nking...
The school of killers
t's Kerli!
Where were you then? Where did the police catch you?
What are you star ng at? - Oh, Kerli speaks!
Already thought that you don't even speak Estonian.
Well, do. So what? - Ooh, cool trendy prison season look.
We thought they'd already locked you up
Leave me a one, please
You think we don't know that you were in on the shooting?
You put your new boob tube on
and thought it resolves everyth ng? - Boob tube...
Very funny. Ha-ha...
But why was the police looking for you then? - What?
They were look ng for you.
What? Don't be stupid. Wasn't in on the shooting!
What kind of a dea did you have with them
that they let you out? - No one else got out
Others who ran to the door got shot Why didn't you?
Shut up, I didn't have any deals with them!
Or why didn't you warn others?
You saw them first You just sneaked away qu etly...
Hi. - Hi
And why did they have three guns? Was the th rd one for you?
Well, as you're already so ta ky today. Speak then.
Why d d you escape? - From freaks like you.
Why am I a freak? - Kaspar and Joosep are no longer here,
so you need to find a new victim? - Listen, seriously, take t easy
But what were you doing at the beach for example?
Shut up, Kerli. - Wait, why do have to shut up all of a sudden?
Let's talk then, what you were doing at the beach - I didn't do anything.
Don't know, you were in the first row there,
laughing. - Shut up, Kerli Serious y.
What beach are you talk ng about? - There isn't any beach.
Well, relax then. - Hush, let the women f ght - Shut up.
Of course t's easy for you to defend those freaks,
you weren't n the canteen when they were chasing people around with guns!
You think that your big fash on statement
shou d prove that you had noth ng to do w th t?
Ch out already. - You're totally absurd...
Don't even want to be in the same room with you.
Who knows what you're capable of.
Stop picking on me then! - Shut up then!
What? Noth ng happened, right? Nothing at all?
Don't you ke understand
that you just as well put those guns in their hands yourself? - Ker!
What s happening here?
Kerli. I'm very glad to see you back in schoo,
but when you weren't here, then we decided
that we'll be more caring, and we'll st ck together.
Yeah, can see that you're all sticking together
Kerli! - Okay, I'm sorry. Miss.
Kerli. Wait!
Look, we agreed that we're not going to tell anyone
about what happened at the beach
Sorry if we were too rough in there,
but we were just, you know, messing around...
But you won't tell anyone e ther, will you? - Why not?
We don't need any more troub e. You too.
None of us wants to be kicked out of school or...
Or upset our parents... - Yeah
So you're plann ng to just bury the whole th ng?
No, well. Not the whole thing,
you can say that you were on the beach
if anyone asks. Just hanging out.
But about watching the boys, we...
We won't talk about that Will we, Ker?
Damn. Why didn't I tell t to the po ce yesterday?
T's not funny, I mean t - Me too.
We won't talk about it to anyone. Will we, and don't you do t e ther.
Listen. Think about it, Ker.
There's no need for any trouble
t wouldn't change anything anyway
No, talking is just what I intend to do now.
Okay then. Su t yourse f Do what you want
Actua y, when she a one ta ks about it
and we all say that noth ng happened.
Then no one will believe her alone
Go. Go then. Go, talk. Ta ky as you are now
Why d d you come back anyway? Did anyone need you here?
Why d d they need a photo for this monster anyway?
Kerli. What were you ta king about earlier - what beach?
Well, the beach stuff. What happened the night before the shooting.
What beach stuff? - What, you don't know? - No.
Seriously? - No.
What happened then?
Well, Anders. Paul and Toomas. And I don't know who else,
organised Kaspar to meet Joosep on the beach.
And then like pulled a knife on Kaspar
and made him do... you know... th ng on Joosep.
What thing? - Oral. - What?!
And everybody just ooked on, and no one helped them.
Why d dn't Kaspar and Joosep fight back?
You wouldn't mess around much
if there's a knife shoved nto your back
t's def nitely a po ce case.
But why hasn't Kaspar told about t?
'm sure the police would have asked about it then.
Don't know. Maybe he's too embarrassed.
Would you tell? - No.
And now everyone says that Kaspar and Joosep went crazy
and started shooting out of the b ue.
What's going to happen then?
Think a visit to the ttle men in blue s in order.
Don't go to the cops yourself. - What should we do then?
Don't know but you had trouble with them before.
Now you will simp y for there and tell about it all.
Need some evidence for when the girs rea y start to lie.
You will need ev dence in any case
Bye then
What took you so long?
We were already talk ng about other things. - What about?
Thea is in here!
T's totally imposs ble to find you
The doctors and nurses ook at you like you're a thief or something.
He o.
Wow, "'Spring"' - Mom brought it.
Did they nterrogate you too? - Yeah! God. It was horrib e.
Totally bombed me with so many quest ons
What did you tell them?
Oh. I don't know, about Anders and Toomas and...
What does she want from here?
Was that Kerli?
Do you know anything about Kaspar?
What do you care about that creep? - No reason...
Came to give you your homework. - What?
Laine said that you'll probably spend a lot of time
in the hospital. So you can't fa behind for that long.
What?! I can't even...
Nice one. Ha-ha...
can't augh...
How are you feeling? - I don't know I'm a bit sad
can imag ne...
haven't slept all week. T's just mpossible
wanted to ask you something about that beach th ng...
Jesus, I already sa d 'll keep my mouth shut.
Haven't told anyone about t and I don't ntend to
You don't have to worry about it.
What, you were told to keep quiet?
Well, that's what was agreed...
The camera you used at the beach, what happened to it? - What about it?
Have you st got t? - Yeah. I do
Can I borrow it? - What are you going to do w th t?
'll take t to the po ce.
Don't go to the police. There's no point, Kerli. - Yes, there s
We agreed... - I haven't agreed to anyth ng.
Think about what's going to happen later.
Don't want... If my mum finds out what happened...
But that didn't occur to you at the beach?
Don't care, 'm go ng to give myself up.
Why do you need the camera then? - Well, n case you all dec de to lie...
don't want to feel ashamed of myse f because of all this.
Those who actually caused the whole bloodbath are just going to walk away?
They are dead, aren't they? Sn't that enough?
Please don't be such an diot like Kat and those other sheep
You won't get those p ctures
He o. 'm from Tiit's cass.
Tiit is not at home. - I know.
Lent a book to him wh ch I need at schoo,
and Tiit himse f... - What's your name? - Kerli
Come in.
Can look for it myself. Really don't want to bother you
What book s it? - "Ivanhoe".
Never seen a book like th s in here.
Listen. I'll call you back. Cannot talk right now.
Did you f nd what you were looking for? - No.
Maybe he lent t to someone. Thanks, bye.
Senior Commissary Neeme Murro of Northern Police Prefecture
Kerli. Eat. - I don't want to.
Had a bad dream. - It was just a dream.
But dreamt that a pig was shitting snow.
The cat's arse was on fire! - Raimo! That sort of ta k from a child!
What? Grandma says it to me all the time!
You don't have to repeat everyth ng you hear from Grandma
want to go to the country.
You can go during holidays.
Now move or you'll be late for school.
No want to leave for good
When you get married, you can move where ever you want
want to sleep.
Are these all the names of the peop e who were there?
Yes - me. Then Anders A kmäe, Toomas Sinijärv,
Paul Mägi. Tiit Vaher, Olav Neeme...
Mäg... Tiit Vaher?
Yes, he was the one who took pictures.
Then Kaspar Kordes and Joosep Rääk of course
Liis Ste n, Kat Kass. Thea Vaikmaa, Riina Pajumets...
Mar n Must. Kati, Liis - think I already sa d.
Read it and s gn it, please
That's it.
Wait! Come. I'd like to speak to you.
've spoken to your literature teacher as well...
Can't it wait, 'm k nd of in a hurry...
Kerli. I'm asking you to ta k to h m even a ttle.
T's for your own good.
Right now?
Spoke to your teacher, and she's very worried about you.
For some people it's more difficult
to get over a traumatic experience.
Why don't you talk to her then? - I'm talking about you.
You don't have to worry about me. I'm fine.
Really? But you seem to be t red. - Yes. I'm awfu y tired
'll show you a couple calming exercises.
You can do those at home, these will help you sleep
All rght S t down and make yourse f comfortable.
Very well At first just try to take deep breaths.
Take t easy, there's no rush. The aim is to relax.
Breathe in again And out.
F you feel some stress in your body,
just try to re ax the p ace and breathe in aga n. And out
Good There's no hurry.
Close your eyes.
Very well Now breathe in again ca mly
And out. In
And out.
Magine yourself in a place where you have a ways felt good.
Ca mly.
Don't want to do it anymore. It's very stupid
Re axation might take some more time, t...
t won't change anything anyway - It might change th ngs for you
t won't, I know it already
How do you feel right now?
T's disgust ng. - What's d sgusting?
fee disgusted because don't have a place here.
Here where? - I'd like to move to the country
But what exact y is t that feels strange to you, Kadri?
That's alright.
Yes. My name.
'm sorry! Kerli
Can I go now? You can't keep me here
Can I come with you? - Whatever.
What feels strange to you? - I can't be bothered anymore.
The way people act or something else?
F something is eat ng away at you. It's better to deal with it.
Otherwise it will stay with you. Do you hear? - Yeah. Even my Grandma tells me that
Are you stressed or what? - Th s will on y be between us, right?
Go wait outside and tell us if anyone's com ng.
Did you go te on us to uncle policeman?
Well, did you? Say it.
Yeah, did. Are you scared?
Where is your policeman then?
Why haven't they a ready arrested us all?
Oh! Maybe it's because - oh!
The husband of Tiit's aunt works at the po ce...
What do you think, Liisi? Maybe he just chucked it...
What do you mean?
Well, they came to ta k to us...
me and L si and Kerttu and. Who else...
They asked us what happened. Well, what did we say...
We haven't seen anyth ng...
told you - no one will be eve you alone.
Now we know what kind of a traitor you are.
Want to turn in your classmates.
Well, that trick failed
But knew from the start that you'd ganged up with Kaspar and Joosep.
Why e se are you so protect ve of them?
Yeah, maybe I am ganged up with them. Maybe I am!
Ganged up with some lame faggots?
What - they were fags just because they didn't suck up to Anders?
At least they weren't some sort of prima donnas who mock others
and suck up to their dads to beg for some change for sweets.
Maybe you haven't not ced but the more you're trying to d minish others,
the more you actua y dimin sh yourself.
No, you're the embarrass ng chick.
Along with your Kaspar and Joosep... - Afag!
At least they weren't sleazy and scheming like you.
They d dn't et others walk all over them and didn't walk all over other peop e.
Kat, your dad's car is at the front!
What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Why d dn't you stay in that lame forest?
Did you ever beat up anyone? - No!
You don't walk around with a kn fe...?
God, mum. Of course not!
Where did this come from then?
Have you bullied anyone at school?
No, I haven't! Haven't done anything!
T was you...?
You told them those horrible stores about my son...
Ca m down, Mere, take a seat - Tiit, what's happening?
Come here, Kerli - sn't it? Kerli. Come, let's talk.
've spoken to your classmates
who you said were supposed y on that beach...
but none of them corroborate your statements.
None of them? You haven't spoken to them all!
We have your statements alone...
But the photos! - There was nothing.
There were Mere's birthday p ctures, a trip,
Tiit's photos taken at school
but nothing to suggest any criminal activit es.
T can't be... Tiit, where are the photos?
Kerli Afalse accusat on could get in you in a lot of troub e.
F you tell me right now that what you told me was not true.
Then'm willing to forget the who e thing,
but only because you re Tiit's classmate and friend.
T did happen! Tiit!
You're going to stand by it? - Of course!
Of course no one wants to confess, they're afraid...
Tiit, why won't you help me?
What a great pal you are indeed.
First pretend to be a good friend,
then abandoned him and et some id ots wa k a over him.
Do you think he would've done that to you? - Shut up!
Kaspar would've helped you any time!
Lie st, you don't have to ta k to her.
'm not going to hide other peop e's m sch efs.
God, does she have to be in here?
What would you do if someone held a kn fe to your back
and told you to give head to someone?
What? You get out of my son's room...!
My son hasn't done anyth ng,
don't know why you have to say those things about him...
Yes. I was there. T happened
made some pics.
Made some pics.
What happened to the photos? - I h d them.
You told me that you haven't done anyth ng.
Have. Now you know. Happy?
Okay. In that case th s talks did not take place.
Cannot take your testimony without your lawyer present
Aren't the photos enough? - No.
And we won't say another word
As your re ative, I cannot deal with this thing anymore.
'm very sorry but you' have to manage on your own now.
Can't be eve this...
can't understand what's happening to you...
What I've done wrong
Where did I make a mistake?
There's a boy or two in every school
who tend to get up to mischief...
But all of you...
That you're so... so heartless.
The police will contact those who have anyth ng to do with it.
You may go