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here we
show you how to make it simple graph
of carbon dioxide concentration on the y axis
versus the year on the x axis
we're following the example from our first lesson
in this cell
put the title of the year
and in the next cell CO2
in parts-per-million
start with eighteen hundred
just type it in and then hit the enter key
nineteen sixty
nineteen ninety
and twenty ten
and for the carbon dioxide levels
I'll use the
two hundred eighty
parts-per-million value that
is a good estimate for the eighteen hundred preindustrial times
but I will make up the values for these other years
three-twenty three-fifty
and three ninety
you will want to read the graph more carefully to get the exact values
now what I'm going to do is to make a graph
of the carbon dioxide values on the y axis versus year on the x axis
and to do that I just select these two columns side by side
go upto insert
and use the x-y scatter plot
this is the
graph that is most used by scientists
and there you have it
I'll get rid of the
legend here because I only have one
line so that's really not needed
I'll click on it to select it an then I'll hit the delete button
and then I can
the axes labels or titles by going to lay out
axes titles, primary ,0:01:53.020,0:01:54.360 will be
here 0:01:55.580,0:01:58.410 and again I'll just hit enter
for the
I'm using rotated value
and I'll put
in parts-per-million
that looks pretty good
now I can also make this a little bit fancier by
Right Clicking and fomating the plot area
using a fill color
and then
changing it to
the color of my choice
this is a nice color
but that's getting a little bit beyond the point
in the next video we'll show you how to do one extra thing that you'll need to know
I might as well mention here if I wanted to do some more formatting with like the fonts
and things like that I have to go to home tab0:02:50.279,0:02:53.169 and then I can
go bold
and a bigger font
and playing around like that