Просто Вейдер (8{| [Just Vader]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on 16.03.2012

Sup, I'm Stas Davidov.
And the first vid was sent by... you wouldn't believe it - Ruki Bomzha (Hobo hands)!
Altho that does sound legit. I mean, he won't use his ass to send vids, right? [makes sense]
And now let's see what can happen when you let a father take care of a baby.
Not cute? [nice try...]
Kids... no matter what crap they're up to, they'll still look cute [jealous much? :D]
I can imagine how this vid was born.
Honey, I'm leaving. Take care of the kid.
Diapers and powder are in the cupboard, baby food is on the shelf.
Yeah, ok. And where's the camera?
[infant machine gun]
Dear, why is our son's first word "baba" (chick)?
[baba baba baba baba...]
Better be careful with this one.
Has no teeth, still can bite your finger off with his gums [scary people o_o]
The funniest thing is, father just trying to teach him to roll his "r"s.
[letter ER]
The kid will surely have a twisted understanding of the letter.
Imagine his name is And-babababa-ew!
[Andrew O_o]
Or Pete-babababa? [Peter O_o]
Or Bbbbbbbobert! [Robert O____O]
Or Anton [Anton .____.]
You know, this vid is not really funny.
That's why!
[daddy is holding his chin,...not funny like this.....]
Oh, well, if daddy holds it than... yeah, nothing to laugh about...
And then the kid was sold into slavery [suddenly]
Why shouldn't he be? I'd sell as well [of course, you monster]
And this is Horosho!
And the second vid was sent by theplevalex.
And it is interesting in a way that it shows a usual thing from an unusual point of view.
[well, not *that* usual...]
This is something you don't see every day. Like you and your weewee, fatty.
[audience sees him from the back ]
[and they miss a lot]
Let's talk about conductors.
[like an oboe with a French horn]
It's been a while since we last talked about conductors. A whole... never [very funny %))]
Have you ever had a feeling that the orchestra plays on it's own?
And the conductor just stands there, shows off, swings his wand and gets crazy money for it?
And this here dude has extra amount of fun and checks the whole orchestra for homophobes.
[catching gays with a bait? O_o]
Oh god, why!
If i was a contrabass player, I'd be worried about my music stands.
If you catch my drift.
[about music stands. right.]
How he's still not pierced with a trumpet?
Altho try and pierce this one! [try and pierce]
[his kung-fu is better than your music stand]
He's a real Kung-fu Panda! Only a conductor.
*play of words with the russian version of "Conductopanda" to come up with something that sounds like "ass" *
Excuse me.
All in all, I'm happy for the dude who can have this much fun on his quite serious job.
And this is Horosho!
Third vid was sent by PonyPortal!
What's with the nicknames today!
Darth Vader riding a unicycle and playing the Imperial March on bagpipes. In a skirt.
[ah, ok]
This is magnificent!
Excuse me a sec, i think I'm about to have a geek seisure [ANYTHING BUT THAT!]
Ok, this is a notice for everyone who doesn't know about Star Wars [shame on you!]
You can cover your ears for exactly 44 seconds.
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Your father was a Scotsman who escaped from the circus.
So this is all that remains of the Death Star?
Way to screw up your Empire!
Even lost your pants!
[the geek-force is strong in you!]
I wonder who taught him the bagpipes, Obi Wan or Palpatine?
Does he blow the bagpipes with Force or is it a valve malfunction?
Won't the imperials be offended that their anthem is played that crappy [shitty]?
So maybe we can go...
[ALL IN! %)) ]
So, 44 seconds have passed.
Non-geeks! You can come back now!
Emptied my mind, feels good [end of seisure]
The only thing he's missing in this vid is him burning [or exploding! :P]
Or he could've fallen down at least [or explode! >;[ ]
But I think it's for videos like this was the YouTube created.
[Final boss of the Internetz]
And this is Horosho!
Oh BTW, serial key that appeared of the screen today is Diablo III beta key.
[watch for the subtitles]
[Diablo beta <3]
The legit, working one.
Who managed to activate it - nice job.
That was the first one. Nine more to go [don't miss your chance!]
And the question was sent to us by FamilieJoe.
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And what accessories do you wear?
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Ah. well... ok...
Just not directly to me, but to this site [thisishorosho.ru], there's gonna be a “На Обзор” button.
So, how do we make the queen change her mind?
Tell her that cutting heads off is too mainstream.
How do we make the queen change her mind? High kick to her face!
To make the queen change her mind one must become a sexist and show her her place back in the kitchen!
Call Freddie, he has his way with "Queen"s.
Why should we make the queen change her mind? Beheading cosplayers is quite a curious sight.
[T-shirts here:]
Luke, I wear a kilt
It's not true!
That's impossible!