MiWuLa News TV: November / Dezember 2010

Uploaded by MiWuLaTV on 02.12.2010

Welcome to the Christmas Edition of the MiWula-News.
The past few weeks were quite interesting for our employees:
The Brooks Bridge was taken off its hinges.
With great effort and complex technology the bridge, weighing hundreds of pounds,
was lifted out of its foundation and set in front of the Miniatur Wunderland.
It's supposed to be completely refurbished until the end of March.
Rivets, steel stringers and bridge bearings are about to be renewed.
Because the bridge is now resting in a section of our parking area,
the Wunderland has to be approached over Sandtorkai and Kehrwiedersteg.
However, the total amount of parking spaces remains the same.
In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the Jamliner project,
supported by the youth organisation Nestwerk and other partners,
there are now nine new Jamliner Busses to be found in our Hamburg section.
The Jamliner Bus is equipped with a complete sound studio.
It's on tour in the hot spots of Hamburg,
to support adolescents and inspire them for musical projects.
The Wunderland has designated one bus for each
location it approaches, specially designed by us.
Over 2.800 youths have composed their own songs, wrote their own lyrics.
They are accompanied by music pedagogues and in the end
there's the prospect of producing their own CD.
Together with all of the participating organisations and Reinhold Beckmann,
the anniversary celebration was held in our event area.
Les Kadtts, one of the Jamliner Bands, performed one of their own songs.
We are proud to be able to contribute to this project.
In the past weeks there has been a lot of progress at the airport's apron.
After careful planning, the floodlight poles were connected to the apron.
Due to an extensive rehearsal, not one plane has collided with them so far.
Another detail are these windsocks which will move in the wind.
This here will be fastened to the layout and is able to rotate.
That is accomplished with a stepping motor
which is located outside with a time belt.
Then it can not only move and flap around a bit but
I'll be able to simulate different wind velocities with a second lever.
So this would be quite a strong wind - it's almost horzontally in the air.
And now I can move it with this.
Very calm, now the wind is getting stronger - yes...
Up to a really stiff wind.
The placement of the wind socks was meticulously planned to avoid collisions.
Their synchronized movement provides information about the wind direction
and thus provides information in which direction the planes will take off and land.
Apart from the last remaining lights inside and around the airfield,
many buildings of the airport section are already connected.
Vehicles, street lighting and the commercial area are shining bright.
This includes the lavish lighting of the indoor swimming bath with different areas,
the allotment garden area with many amusing details,
and the control tower.
Furthermore, the research and development hangar has now been implemented.
Kai has finished the work on the routing to the parking structures and terminals.
The parking structures have been set up piece by piece.
After the extensive decoration of the parking structure P4,
the time arrived to place the whole construct on its final destination.
It was painstaking work because it was disassembled into many parts
for easier transport and then had to be reassembled on location.
This area is almost fully decorated, so many small details can be discovered.
Airport-typical commercials will be shown on these small monitors.
Another highlight is this parking structure
for rental cars near the visitor parking.
The wiring, lighting and refining took quite some time.
From the visitor's entrance to the ring fence - it is all there.
Inside and outside the building, entertainment via details is top priority.
Specially designed parking assistants,
amusing competetive thinking,
or this rescue effort with a helicopter.
Currently work is being done on the last small and large details.
Elke is completing the final parts of the airport's elaborate 40 meter long fence.
The components of the terminal are recreated closely to the original,
for example SOS stations,
check-in counters,
or check-in machines.
The final containers are being made for the cargo area, as well as
little hydraulic pumps for transportation of cargo or the maintenance of planes.
The visible progress shows that the airport's opening is getting closer.
On Christmas Eve all children under sixteen receive free admission.
Drop by with your loved ones and enjoy your free time before the festivities.
We're open until 4 pm on Christmas Eve.
Based on experience, we suggest that you inform yourself about our waiting
times during the holiday season and between Christmas and New Year.
You can book in advance online to avoid waiting times.
If you can't commit to an exact time, try the morning or evening hours.
Usually, there is hardly any waiting time.
We often extend our business hours around the holiday season.
For more information, visit www.miniatur-wunderland.de
The Miniatur Wunderland Team would like to wish you and your loved ones
a wonderful Christmas time.