Alejandro & Diego - 030 (English Subs)

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Who is it? -It's me, Diego.
Last night I didn't notice that I took your keys. You have an "I didn't sleep at all" kind of face.
Well, it looks like no one slept because of Elizabeth. My dad was in his shift so he had to treat her.
He got paranoid, that's why he's been calling me a lot, but Yesenia told him I wasn't at the party. So I'm good.
Hey, are listening? -Yes, and how is Elizabeth?
Well, it's a miracle that she's alive. My dad told me it was an overdose.
They found two types of drugs in your system. What was it? Something that you drank, something that you inhaled. A pill? What was it?
I don't remember. I really don't know. Everything's so blurry.
You can't say at any costs that I have you that pill.
My sons Rodrigo died from the same drug that they found in your body. I need to know who's the culprit. Who sells it, who distributes it.
Elizabeth, Rodrigo was your friend.
Elizabeth is no junkie. It has to be that Gonzalo gave her a drug.
Why do you guys have to treat people as if they were trash? -Well, I don't know what you're talking to me about, so.
Do you know who he is?
It's Jamey Rodemeyer. -Who?
Lady GaGa did a concert in his name. -Well how cool to have Lady GaGa dedicate you a concert.
Where can I watch it? -She did it because he was 14 years old when he committed suicide.
And do you know why he killed himself? Because of some assholes' fault that made him feel like trash.
Only because different. He was GAY! But you know, I don't think he committed suicide. But that he was killed by someone like Gonzalo...
Someone like Máximo. Someone like you.
I swear to you that as much as I try to remember, everything is completely gone. I don't even remember how I fell into the pool.
For your welfare. I hope you're telling me the truth.
Because for covering someone, those people that make it, those people that distribute it and sell it, that keep on playing with people lives, I don't know.
And if you hadn't come. I would have been another Jamey Rodemeyer right now. And I'm telling you about him because he became famous.
But we're thousands the ones that suffer from bullying in the schools. All the days of our lives.
With hand full of these. I could end my torture. -Why do you feel so bad, I don't understand.
Have you even been forced to drink water with urine from a toilet? Have you had to hold it because you were locked in a classroom?
Have they called you at least once, "Dieguita?" -Enough, Alejandro. Enough.
Why is it fun watching people suffer like me or Cassius? Why?
Because he's black? Why? Why is it so funny?
Where is the fun in someone else's pain? What bothers you guys is that I'm different.
Do you remember what Kurt Cobain said? 'You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same'
I am Gay, Diego.
And I want to thank you, because you guys are the best thing that has happened to me.
You made me realize that because of three fucker's fault, I don't have to live my life hidden, scared, in silence.
You know what? I'm not going to let you guys kill me.
Ma'am, how are? How is your son? -Ma'am, I'm Elizabeth's dad, your son's girlfriend.
Oh, yeah, -Excuse me. Was that him?
What happened? -He fainted. He was sweating all of a sudden.
I think he even has a fever. Oh Virgin Mary. Neither his step dad nor I were able to wake him up.
My son is not going to die, right?
Doctor, what happened to Gonzalo. -The same exact symptoms as Elizabeth.
An overdose. Look, are you sure my son Diego was not at that party?
Look, I know I've been kind of hard on you, but I don't know, Alejandro. I mean, That's how I learned at home.
Gay people are ill. -Do you see me with a face of dying from something?
Okay, well forgive me. We sometimes make jokes without thinking about the consequences they may cause.
It's Nora. Sorry bro, I can't stay here, or tomorrow everyone in Cervantes will know I was home alone with you.
What!? -No way!
Coming! -Ale? Yoo-hoo!
Open up. -Hi.
Hi. Were you talking to yourself? -No. It was a video.
And your pops, Portillo? -They arrive tomorrow.
Ale, now that we're alone you're going to tell me what they did to you last night, right?
It was horrible.
Don't fuck with me! So Javier was in conspiracy with Máximo and Gonzalo?
They paid him to make me think he liked me. That's why the other day he was on the chat, he started to throw himself at me, and I...
Nora, I fell for it like an idiot.
Yesterday Javier asked me to go to a secluded place and to take my clothes off. Gonzalo was there, taking me a nude picture.
Ale, I told you. I told you, you couldn't trust anyone. Máximo and Gonzalo are sick. Coming to an agreement with Javier to make fun of you.
I can't believe it. I don't think Sebas knew about it. Because if Sebas had known he would have told you something.
Oh my! What if Diego knew? -I don't think so. I asked him and he said he didn't even know Javier.
Oh yeah! And you believed that asshole? -Well before I wouldn't believe him. But now I do.
No. I believe he's in alliance with the other two, because he's probably a son of a gun as well.
I think Diego has at least a little bit better feelings.
I know. I really like that guy. But if it turns out that he's as homophobic as the other two, then he better not even look at me.
You know, I've always believed that the men that talk really bad about homosexuals is because they are projecting themselves.
And in reality THEY are the closeted gay guys.
What do you think if I invite you to eat? I know a really good place with some really good fish. Come on.
You're going to love this place. You'll see.
Leo, we have to go. Your father was let go. And he's waiting for you at the house.
Hi... Max just left with his mom. I heard his dad was let go.
And, and, did Elizabeth's parents press charges? -No because your dad told them ELizabeth was saved thanks to Max.
If it wasn't for him, Elizabeth would be dead. -Yeah, Yeah. He sent me a text message telling me to come over here.
Ugh! He's probably going to scold me. Did he ask you guys about me? -Yeah. But don't worry. We told he you had not gone to the party.
But I really don't know if we convinced him. Shh, he's there. -Well...
I asked you to come down because I have everything ready in the lab to take you blood test.
What?! Why? -I want to check that you don't do drugs like the rest of your friends.
In my house I don't raise, neither thieves, homosexual, nor drug addicts.