Faces of Change: A Fair Price

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[Rebecca Freiert-Voiceover] My son is just an amazing little boy. And knowing that you’re having to make health
care choices based on finances is, you know, it’s a very, very hard decision to have to make.
Liam was a typical baby, he had minor illnesses,
ear infection kind of things. But
was a very happy and healthy baby.
[Rebecca] When Liam was five months old, we got a letter
in the mail informing us that his insurance premiums were going to go up by, um
approximately $100 a month.
[Russell Feiert] I remember sitting in the kitchen saying, ‘Are you kidding me? There’s got to be… there's
something wrong there. You know, they made a mistake.’
[Rebecca] It was just completely unbelievable, uh that insurance for a five-month-old could be that expensive.
[Rebecca-VO] I called them and what I was told was: ‘You
can change your plan or you can go somewhere else.” And that was, that was it. You don’t have any...
you don't have any recourse, you don’t have any options.
[Russell] You’re kind of stuck.
You know, what are you supposed to do, you don't have your kid on insurance?
[Rebecca] We ended up having to drop to a lower plan.
My baby is a couple months old and I’m already feeling like I'm having to make a choice that’s not
in his best interest.
[Rebecca] It is a very powerless feeling. It’s hard to realize that you've got to settle for
less because it's…financially it’s what you can do.
[Liam Freiert] Here we go! Weeee!
[Rebecca] A few months later actually is when the
Affordable Care Act was passed.
[Newsman-VO] BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina will issue refunds to more than 215,000 individual
policy holders.
[Newsman VO] The refunds are a direct result of the recently passed federal healthcare reform law.
[Brad Wilson] It’s simply the right thing to do.
A new law was enacted, new rules are enforced, change is in the air.
[Rebecca] Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act,
the Insurance Commissioner in my state has been reviewing the rates that people pay,
and making sure that we're getting a fair deal. Everybody’s going to get that protection now. It actually
resulted in us getting a refund. We were actually able to put that refund into our son’s college fund.
This year when the time came for our annual renewal notice, effective January 1st,
Liam’s premium actually went down. We’re so used to those premiums going up that it
was very exciting to see that it was going down, and going down considerably.
[Rebecca] One, two, three...
Before the Affordable Care Act I felt totally helpless. And I now feel like there’s somebody looking
out for us.
[Liam] Two, three…
[Rebecca-VO] I am very grateful that the President fought for health care reform and I think that he understands
that it’s families like mine that are going to be helped by this.
[Liam] Mommy…
[Rebecca] Liam…
[Rebecca] Getting money back from the insurance company
and then having premium reductions, that’s money back in our pocket, and it's money that
helps our family. It makes a difference.