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What's that?
Is there something in that castle?
You're lying about Terra stealing Princess Aurora's heart!
It's the truth.
Terra stole the heart of his own free will.
You're lying...
Don't be fooled, Ven!
Terra would never do such a thing!
You know that, too, right?
I see. So you're Ven and that's Aqua...
What a beautiful friendship you three share.
However, reality is a cruel thing.
Master gave me the order.
Ven, let's go home together.
What about Terra?
Terra can't go home yet.
Sorry, Aqua.
I can't go home yet.
I have to hurry and find Terra!
You're a keyblade bearer, too, are you not?
How do you know about the keyblade?
I just do.
The keyblade unlocks the hearts of both people and worlds,
and is the necessary key for controlling all the worlds.
That's why I had Terra give me a hand.
No way, Terra...Did you really...?
How about it? Would you be willing to help me as well?
No thanks!
My, my, it's just as Xehanort said.
What a stubborn girl you are.
You know Master Xehanort?
It seems you need some time to give it a bit more thought.
You can do some good, hard thinking here.
Who are you?
My name is Aqua.
I fell into a trap and landed here.
And you?
I'm Phillip.
I, too, was captured by Maleficent.
And I heard that Princess Aurora was cursed to a life of endless sleep.
I want to save her.
You love her, don't you?
Is what you just said true?
Yes. I heard it all from Maleficent.
Why, you're Prince Phillip!
Prince Phillip,
the road to true love is a difficult one, but you must face it alone.
Please allow me to come with you.
I have something to ask Maleficent.
Yes, alright.
Come. We must return to Princess Aurora quickly.
Forest of thorns shall be his tomb
from the skies in a fog of doom!
Answer me! What did Master Xehanort tell you!
It seems that, no matter what I do, you are intent on not helping me.
If you don't help me, why should I help you?
Is it true that Terra helped you?
It is. Terra was overwhelmed by his own power and succumbed to the darkness!
You're lying!
I'll show you...the power of evil!
Oh, no!
Now, sword of truth fly swiftly and sure!
That evil will die and good endure!
You have been defeated by the power of true love.
As if I'd be defeated by something so fragile...
A dweller of the darkness like you could never understand...
...the strength of the light within a heart that experiences true love.
No matter how many times you challenge it, you'll never be able to win against the hearts of light!
Remember this!
As long as those of light exist, the darkness will never perish.
Just like Terra, you will be swallowed by the darkness, and I will rise all powerful once more!
Terra...You won't fall to the darkness, right?
Fairy Star A keyblade with strong magic.
Xehanort Report 6 A report written by Xehanort.