Fourth of July Bikini Workout | Tone It Up Tuesday

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 03.07.2012

Hey, guys, it's Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up, and we're here on Livestrong Woman.
Get ready for that red, white and blue bikini, because this 4th of July, we're gonna have
a ball. Alright, we're gonna start out by making some Stars and Stripes. Take a seat
on your ball and slowly roll out until you're resting on your upper back. Arms are extended
overhead and open wide. And squeeze back up. This is a great move to target your chest
and also right where your tank top meets your arm there. Good. And your booty is lifted
to the sky, so you're also working your glutes. Good. Breathing. And from here, we're gonna
keep the hands overhead, bend it 90 degrees and straighten. So we're working our triceps
now. Still squeezing your glutes. Hips up to the sky. And now let's make some stripes.
I'll take one weight away. This move is tricky–when you roll to the side, you wanna roll onto
your shoulder like that and then roll to the other side. So you have a twisting motion
here. Keeping your core tight. A lot of balance as well. Still have hips up. Got it. It's
hard in the sand. Just a few more. You got it. This definitely targets the waistline.
Everything you wanna do for that bikini. And last one. Alright, and roll back up. Okay,
next is a move that really targets the abs. So come onto the ball. You'll roll out. Watch
Katrina here. You're on your forearms in a forearm plank position. And what are we gonna
do? We're gonna spell 4th of July. 4th of July. Ready, make a 4. T-H-O-F. You got it.
J-U-L and Y! Exclamation point. I love it, love it, love it. Alright, now you're gonna
go down into your ball. You grab one dumbbell. And get into the position where the small
of your back –the natural curve in your lower back– is over that ball, and you're
gonna crunch up and reach for the stars. Good. Now remember, with this Have a Ball Workout,
we also have a recipe at the link below: Have a Ball on Livestrong– it's a peanut butter
bite. And if you wanna be the biggest hit at 4th of July party that's the recipe. Yes.
It's so good. Everyone's gonna say "Where'd you get this?" Be like, "I dunno." Tone It
Up Peanut Butter Balls–our favorite. It's great for a post-workout snack as well. Yes.
Alright, a couple more. Last one. Good, alright. Now you're gonna stand up. Turn around. Grab
the other dumbbell again. And since we worked the chest, the triceps, everything forward,
and the abs, we wanna equal it all out and work the lower back and the core and those
postural muscles in the back–the back of the shoulders right were it meets your triceps.
So get yourself situated in the sand. My toes are sliding in the sand. There you go. I'm
trying to grip them. Dig! And now you're just gonna row. Good job. So when you do this move,
you can actually wedge your feet up against a wall somewhere. Karena has to really balance
with her toes in the sand. But this move is actually really, really great for those lumbar
muscles, the glutes, the postural muscles right here. Great work. A few more. 3, 2 and
1. Alright, now we're going to have a Thigh Challenge. We're gonna have a ball. I've tried
this one other time, and there's a video on… Just once? Yes, that one time. And there's
a video on our channel, and I did not win. Alright, so… We're gonna time each of us
and see who can balance longest. Alright. And if you do this at home, be careful–we're
not responsible. Yeah, but tell us how long you go when you do it. Make sure nothing's
around you. Maybe have a friend stand next to you, in case you need to hold on to them,
but don't cheat. Okay. Alright. So you wrap your thighs around the physioball, and you
squeeze it with your inner thighs. Draw your belly button into your spine. Abs are tight,
and then time yourself. You can do bicep curls. She's really good at this. Shoulder press.
In college, we had to do all, like, classes with fitness and stuff–part of the exercise
physiology program. And people would stand on the ball with dumbbells–it's crazy. Wait
here, let me give you some dumbbells. Okay. Let's do those curls. Alright. Curls for girls.
Let us know, I mean, this is–literally, my inner thighs are on fire. So good. Alright,
we're gonna work on that. We hope you had a fun workout. Have an amazing 4th of July–you
all deserve it. And don't forget to subscribe to Livestrong Woman, and we'll see you next