Change the Discussion About Autism

Uploaded by YouTalkAutism on 10.04.2012

Hello, this is Joel Manzer with
On behalf of Autisable and the Autism Society, we believe it’s time to change the discussion
about autism.
Just because we have a loved one with autism, or are on the autism spectrum ourselves, doesn’t
mean we cannot live lives of dignity and opportunity.
We are all born with talents and skills to contribute to the world, no matter how we
express ourselves or despite the challenges in front of us.
We all have a story to share, whether it’s of struggle or triumph.
Through accomplishments, advocacy and stories, people are changing attitudes about autism
Every person has a voice, regardless of how we express our thoughts and feelings.
This is why and the Autism Society have partnered together, to change the discussion
about Autism.
We want you to get involved as well, and are asking that you upload a video sharing how
you are changing perceptions of autism.
Tell us your story by making a video and submit it here.
We can’t wait to watch it.