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so anyone who wants to race their moped
or scooter
up, at this uh...
raceway in our town
I will just tell you what my experience
After I shoot this damn dog.
that is ruining my video
under the trees or to do to work
you come up to the main berth where drag racing
is starting
and you could be a spectator fear of so much per person
cheaper under under eighteen if you wanted race
food lady told me was uh... always display
in my category i guess general gentle country was twenty dollars
suck air twenty dollars
and i fall of yellow truck as economy
and he went over to the inspection please
he took my name a number
what what kind of
amazing bike i had
and after big gains
the guy got out my helmet
but the bullpen what's on the inside outside the committee gloves
finnegan adrian stamping and one other thing you said was will look good
generation in long pants and long icao
nineteen oh that
so i'd run home and get
so long pants
so i can race
one other thing people ask
why were you racing and night
and i guess that's a good question
from what i see
is that the uh... drag racers and everything else
do not race in nyc
your reason we raced at night is because
we went there like everyday better crew
at six o'clock
at night
instead of the in six o'clock inmate or june
where it's gonna stay like for three hours custer
we're doing it in mid-october
sunset is going to occur right around six o'clock
and on my speed tests in in everything
the one thing i can tell you about that
track is that that the trackers
it's very long
i don't know where the end of it is i just know where the
the lights are way ahead of me
and i can see these black marks everywhere with a moped persons will be
very careful about
fifty feet in front of always cuz you don't little dep rock anything
you're going to have a really bad keisha concrete wishing
so i was reluctant to go
that fast
on the track specially at night
so i can only off on it
problem that i had was
since i've never dragged before are you still
a really nice cleaner on the siege
to know that we used to keep the
whether whatever the stuff is supple
problems in asia slick
so when you take off hand you have to take off
very quickly when not windows
that christmas tree lights goal from
staged presage to stage
yellow yellow and green
you don't read the straw poll asked
and i used a uh... cleaner on there
when the seat
which made it
slightly selections
so i had that kind of always
just pulled my conscious mind i was taken off
monday she worked
did a great job
it off he said
who's fifty one miles an hour hike
i think it did did they do you have a problem
their equipment is top rate for
doing time in everything but i believe it due to the fact that smoke that is so
damn fast and so small
that maybe there had been a uh...
a malfunction or
logistical there
in their computing
so i hope you like my
my racing i'm going to do i mean for this way for the winner
after i uh...
imitating the relief for you spray already bill everything
and that'll be they'll be that
next year
i'm going to make even faster to marty got the times
for the
for my equal
in a minute to pester best you can see the correct
unlike lycos traumatized on it richard
you know you guys eating harem
you can hear at recently sold out
erasing today
yet we can stream today
has told the guys that
these are this is a gallon oil how many
leader for leaders in gallatin
but this refuel right here
is a hundred twenty octane any slate blue like historical but it's twenty
five dollars again
and i was told i go through five-gallon
that they sell
vp of three-four years intake they go through with this motor
where they go through it in one run
and i don't are to be careful with the tires