Sam Harris: God versus Elvis

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Cause religion is a path to God.
Wh-what are you calling 'God'?
What am *I* calling 'God'? Where- where is 'God'?
God is the intangible creator of the Universe,
in whose presence a human being can live and according to whose dictates or will a human being can live in this world.
But what is your evidence for the existence of God right now?
I don't have evidence cause it's not a scientific claim.
OK, but I don't... -Unless you wanna say...
Oh well, I shouldn't say it that way.
I don't have *proof* because it's not a scientific claim.
If you want a supporting idea, I would say: my understanding of other human beings and experience of other human beings
which leads me to believe that there's something more than material.
My understanding of the design of the world which leads me to believe we're here not by accident.
My appreciation of the fact that human beings -even though we're made of stuff- have consciousness
which leads philosophers like Galen Strausand (?) to assume that even rudimentary material has consciousness,
because we can't explain how consciousness arises.
My experience of religious human beings and the way they live and the fact that they live in harmony,
-to my perception- with an invisible order that gives them a life of a certain sanctity and holiness...
This is a general claim. Do human beings generally live in harmony with...?
No, I said my experience of certain human beings. I can keep going if you want me to keep going.
Well, I think you have put enough on the table...
None of those are scientific evidence!
Many of those claims trespass upon the territory of science *overtly*.
I mean, the claim about your understanding of the human beings being suggestive of a divine... artificer.
-Is that a scientific claim?
Absolutely! I mean...
Is your understanding of mathematics also suggestive of a divine artificer?
No, it has to do with my experience.
Your ability to learn language? -Do you understand?
It has to do with my experience of you.
When I’m looking at you right now, you may assume that what I see is a material,
but that’s not what I see and it’s not what I believe.
I *understand* that it's not what you believe... -I think that there’s something in you
that is more than you believe.
I really think so.
This is a... -Now if you wanna...
If you wanna make that a scientific claim, you can.
But I'm telling you it's a metaphysical claim, and to confuse the two is a mistake.
OK. You can add any metaphysics you want... -Thank you! that means. I mean, I can say, you know:
"I see you as a reincarnate personality, and I think you are probably on Atlantis."
-Don't make me like a washer woman...
People... people do this all the time.
I mean, you can broad-...
This is constrained by our common sense in every other domain of discourse.
Just take, for example, the people who think Elvis is still alive.
What's wrong with this claim?
Why is this claim not viciating our academic departments and corporations?
I'll tell you why, and it's very simple:
we have not passed laws against believing Elvis is still alive.
The problem is that whenever somebody seriously represents his belief that Elvis is still alive,
in a conversation, on a first date, at a lecture, at a job interview,
he immediately pays a price.
He pays a price in ill-concealed laughter.
-Right. Now surely you can agree with...
That is a good thing!
Then he could rattle on about: "This is not a scientific claim. This is a matter of faith.
And when I look at you, I see you might be Elvis."
He *could* DO this...