Самодельный микроскоп. How to make a microscope

Uploaded by raelchifi on 15.03.2010

Now I will tell you how withing half of hour and without using any inaccessible components
you can make regular web camera work as microscope
with magnification of about x1000.
The main idea is very simple.
You just pull out the objective of camera
and then you join it back upside down (with lens to camera).
That's all! Microscope is ready.
Now you will need to set it inside some appropriate holder and make highlight.
For example this is the construction I built myself.
Its built up of accessible components, that you can purchase in any materials store.
As base for the construction I took metal corner.
At this metal corner I fastened sled of drawer of writing table (for example) with one side of it.
And at second side of it I fastened other small corner with hole at center of it.
From one side of this hole I have camera attached.
From other side, using small extension tube, I have my objective of camera attached.
Camera and objective are fastened with adhesive strip,
so I can reassemble my microscope and use camera again as camera.
If you didn't like the microscope then you can easily get your camera back.
To small corner (that camera attached to it) I attached one more corner
with hole and small female screw pressed into it.
In female screw I have male screw.
Male screw is needed for shifting camera up and down on a sled to get right sharpness.
The table of microscope is regular metal plate attached to base of construction.
It has small hole right under objective of camera.
Under the table in front of hole I have highlight.
It can be regular one with mirror
or some special light solution with filters.
But in my construction I used flash of camera of broken cellular phone.
(You can use LED light of flashlight like MAGLITE).
And now I will show you what we can see using this microscope.
OK, highlight is on, lets connect camera to computer.
Let's take sample of blood and put it under the objective.
Let's play until we get right sharpness...
And this is what we see. This is red blood cells.
You can now evaluate the magnification of this microscope.
Lets take samples of other things...
This is the cell of onion with its kernel.
This is infusorium.
As you can see this microscope is very simple in construction,
has no rare parts, has big enough magnification.
More then it - it does not affects your eyes,
because all objects are displayed at computer screen.
As one more advantage - we can store all images and films and then work with them.
So, built it, use it and have many interesting and successful observations!
Good bye!