Sony SLT Camera with Translucent Mirror Technology

Uploaded by SonyAsiaPacific on 26.08.2011

Did you know That the first-ever permanent photo
needed EIGHT hours of exposure?
More than 150 years later came the first DSLR camera,
And Sony came into the market, some years later.
You could take great shots, and decent videos too...
But shooting on the move, chasing after moving cars?
THAT, was always tough.
Those videos probably turned out blurry, bothering you a little.
It got to us too,
and that’s why Sony created Single-Lens Translucent, or SLT cameras...
With Translucent Mirror Technology
‘Translucent, what?’ you say
Yes, Translucent Mirror Technology...
This means that the mirror inside the camera
stays in place with every shot you take.
In other DSLR cameras, the mirror flips upward as the shutter clicks...
Light passes through and an image is captured...
before the mirror flips downward again.
Like everything else, this takes time…
So DSLR cameras can focus fast,
and with the precision of Phase Detection AF,
But not both at once.
With a translucent mirror in an SLT camera, light is brought to BOTH
The image sensor AND Phase Detection AF sensor simultaneously...
For ultra-fast response, and full time Continuous Auto-Focus while shooting.
Our cameras shoot so quickly – moving subjects stay in focus.
You can take stills, or close-up video in Full HD…
Even capture up to 10 frames per second* with a High Speed Shooting mode.
It’s revolutionary! And it’s only with Sony.
This technology has made our SLT cameras smaller, lighter and faster…
So you don’t have to be a pro to capture amazing shots.
It’s so fast you’ll get moments other cameras can’t,
And who, or what you’re shooting always stays sharp...
Even if you’re zoomed in, or shooting while you’re moving...
So you’ll never miss the moment.