Browser Test: Chrome 15 vs Firefox 7 vs Internet Explorer 9 vs Opera 11.52 vs Safari 5.1

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 27.10.2011

Today I’m here with the next in my series of browser
tests, this time going over Chrome 15, Firefox 7,
Internet Explorer 9, Opera 11.5 and Safari 5.1.
Before we begin let me explain a little bit about
my testing procedure. All browsers are fully updated
to their latest non-beta release and all were tested
multiple times with no additional options enabled
such as hardware acceleration. Each test was run
multiple times on the same Windows 7 computer.
The first test is Peacekeeper. This is a great overall
benchmark of browser performance and one of my personal
favorites for testing browsers. As usual Opera does
very well here with Chrome right behind it and the rest
of the pack falling behind.
Next up we have the Dromaeo Javascript suite. This is
a good indicator of how well a browser handles sites
such as Gmail. Chrome dominates this test with Firefox
and the others quite far behind. Moving on is the
Particle Acceleration demo which helps determine how
well a browser handles graphically intense HTML5 work.
Firefox and Internet Explorer flatten everything else
on paper however I will note that I got a smooth 60
frames per second on all of the browsers except Safari.
Next is the HTML5 Test. As the name suggests, this
measures how well each browser adheres to the latest web
standards. Here Chrome does the best however all of the
browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer do a
very good job. Lastly we have the memory test. Each
browser was loaded up with the same five tabs containing
popular sites such as Hulu and I measured the memory
usage. Very surprisingly Safari went from being the worst
by far last time to easily winning this one. Opera and
Firefox do quite well with Internet Explorer and Chrome
being much more memory hungry. As it’s been for the past
year or so all five of these browsers are competent to
the point where the numbers don’t matter as much as the
individual features you might need however there are
some clear winners. This time it’s a tie between the
excellent new Firefox 7 and the standby Chrome 15. If you
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