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Why aren't we as free and crazy as these waves?
They rise so freely, subside... and rise again
They aren't afraid of falling...
...nor do they consciously try to rise
And man stops himself because he's...
...afraid he might be shattered
He remains dormant for years and eventually turns into a stone
And no wind, water or storm can have any effect on him
I hope you don't mind me sitting here, do you?
The sea doesn't belong to me...
...nor do the waves or the shores
I'm Jatin Pandey.
My profession is to capture beautiful moments of life
In my third-eye
And the waves stay frozen
And the Sun will not set
By the way can I have your picture.
Are you calling from the aircraft? - No sweetheart.
Still not boarded
You missed the flight again, Vinod! - No... I'm stuck here
They suspected there was a terrorist around...
...so all flights are delayed
Are you safe? - Don't worry...
there's a lot of security here, everything's safe
How will you get to Mauritius from Geneva then?
And listen... don't forget to take your medicines
I'll take.
You can sit there, if you wish to
No thank you. - Because neither the hotel...
...nor the table nor the chairs belong to me
But I must tell you something...
I belong to the human race, I'm not an animal
I won't bite
You eat lesser than a bird! More?
Some more please.
I eat a lot, don't I?
My girlfriend says that too, you know?
That I eat like a Sumo
I have everything...
let me have another You?
A wrestler?
So what have you seen in Mauritius?
You've been in the hotel ever since you arrived?
You haven't been anywhere?
I thought as much! You can't go anywhere on your own
What do you mean? - I mean...
Something adventurous and crazy... simply isn't for you
Tell me something
When was the last time you did something reckless?
Years ago. In college
I guessed as much. - You simply can't do something out of the way
That's not true. - That's true too
For example, if I asked you to go sight-seeing with me...
you're surely going to answer me with a No'
Mr Jatin Pandey, listen carefully to what I say
You're not an animal, you're human
And you don't bite either.
So why would I be scared to go with you?
My heart is flying...
What's happening to me?
My heart is flying...
What's happening to me?
What twist is this?
The sweet dreams my heart secretly savours
My heart is flying...
What's happening to me?
My heart is flying...
Hello wait for me.
You were so happy this morning.
So what's wrong in the evening?
There's been no call from Vinod
If he had a problem...
...there would surely have been a message. Simple
What a lovely climate!
How can you stay glum in such a weather?
Because I'm waiting for someone
Why's everything about me so different?
The crazy breeze...
And the colorful journey...
make me lose sight of my goal
These youthful times, are getting out of hand
The warmth of my lips, tell a legend that is of the past
What twist is this?
The sweet dreams my heart secretly savours
My heart is flying...
What's happening to me?
My heart is flying...
What's happening to me?
What's happening to me?
why aren't you with me now, this moment?
May I?
Have you eaten then?
Eaten? - Yes.
What did you think?
I thought you wanted to take a picture of mine
At this hour of the night...
...I don't go around with a camera...
I go around with a hungry stomach
You haven't eaten, nor have I
So why don't we eat together? - Actually...
I was waiting for Vinod to call. But he hasn't
let's eat then. It's ten already
Hello Vinod?
Have you reached Mauritius?
I've been waiting for your call!
Oh Vinod! This is just like the times we spend at home!
I'm coming, I'm coming... - Even on our wedding anniversary!
Anniversary? Did I hear right?
Yes Tomorrow's our wedding anniversary
And there's no sign of Vinod
You go ahead and eat, Jatin. I must leave. I'm not hungry
Hey... what are you saying?
Are you going to cry in your room on your wedding anniversary?
I'm not letting that happen!
We'll celebrate your anniversary. With champagne! No...
C'mon, Kamini. Today's a day to celebrate for you
You can't refuse me today
Just a little, c'mon!
What happened?
I've forgotten to dance!
Oh come on! That's not true
That's what every wife says who makes...
...her husband dance to her tunes
Hey! You haven't had anything to drink
Please have some!
Just a little? A little?
One last time, please
Dance, music, merriment, it's all so prefect...
I think I must say the three magical words
My head's in a spin
My head's in a spin
Problems and problems
Problems and problems
Why're you laughing?
I'm only kidding
What's going to happen to me?
Why must you be scared? I know of a cure...
That will bring you back to your senses
Really? - Really
Okay? C'mon
Watch it
Watch it, Kamini
Wake up... don't fall asleep
Wake up
Sit right here. I'll be back in two minutes
Get up,
Get up, Kamini. You'll get a stiff neck -C'mon, get up
Why does my heart...
Why does my heart...
seek you, crave for you?
Why does my heart...
Why won't it think of anything except you? '
Why does my heart...
Why does my heart...
My love, do not be angry
My love, do not be angry
Why does my heart...
Why does my heart...
Why won't it think of anything except you?
My heart...
Why won't it think of anything except you? '
Why does my heart...
Why does my heart...
Not to get close to you...
How will I reason with it?
Not to get close to you...
How will I reason with it?
Lt torments me, it causes me anguish...
It won't heed any reason. How will I placate it?
Wherever will I go?
My love, do not be angry
My love, do not be angry
Why does my heart...
Why does my heart...
seek you, crave for you? '
Why does my heart...
Why does my heart...
Is this really me?
I can't believe it
Can I ever do such a thing?
Didn't you even realise the consequences...
...of your folly, Kamini?
There was such a tramp hidden somewhere in me...
And I didn't even know of it?
What happened? Were you asleep?
Now look, I'm up at 6:30 to give you a call...
And you're still asleep? I'm coming this evening...
I've finally got the tickets. Okay?
What are you thinking about, Kamini?
Go ahead and get all the sleep you want
Once I get there...
...I'm just not going to let you sleep, okay?
- What happened? - That which shouldn't have happened
A big mistake
Mistake? Whose mistake?
Neither was I in the, wrong, nor were you'
I knew it. Like the wet sand stinks you into the seas...
I was drawn to you, as madly and crazily
It wasn't a mistake. It was intentional
For me, mistake.
It's a blunder And I want to forget about this blunder
You won't be able to forget it! Tell me the truth...
Weren't you wholly with me last night?
Didn't your body really tremble under my touch of my fingers?
You could have stopped me. But you didn't!
Why? Tell me!
You're speaking the truth
Whatever you're saying is the truth
But I wasn't in my senses. I had had so much to drink!
I don't remember anything. I don't even remember...
You're lying, Kamini!
Ask your lips, your fingers...
any part of your body, for that matter...
They won't lie to you
let me go! You're hurting me!
Please go away. Go away
Go away?
How can I go away from you?
Wherever I go now...
There will be a voice that will keep drawing me to you
And I will come rushing to you. Back every time
Now look...
I'm a married woman
I have a family
Henceforth, we will never meet again
We were so right for each other. Whatever you call it...
I don't know about all that
Please... go away
And forgive me, if you can. Okay?
I'm in love with Vinod
He's the only one who lives in my heart
I hardly know this man
So how could I give in to Jatin so suddenly and?
Hi, son
Thanks, my child
Mom, has Papa arrived? Give him the phone
No, Papa hasn't arrived yet'
What happened?
You're so late
I had heard that distances make love more intense...
And you've proved it right today
Good. My gain all the way
Will you have something? - Come here
I will have nothing
Food, coffee... - I've dealt with all the hassles on the flight'
What will you eat? - I'm not hungry
Why? - I'm not feeling like it
I know what you're feeling like
You've just arrived, Vinod!
Go and take the shower. - Really?
You're in such a hurry? All right
Order a champagne. Chilled
You're going to wear this today. - What's in it?
Nothing. - Nothing funny, is it? '
What do you mean by funny?
When you bought that night gown for me...
it was so transparent...
...it made little difference whether I wore it or not
And that time when you got that outfit for me...
It was actually two pieces of cloth!
And what did you say to me? - What?
Wear it, it's very sexy
It is indeed sexy
Nothing of the sort, is it? - No
C'mon now. I want to see you wearing it
And listen. Wear only this...
Else I'm going to be very angry - Your gift... - later
Go on. The champagne will arrive by then
I forgot! - It's okay, I'll order it -Go on. Hurry up!
Are you through, Kamini?
Not yet
Make it fast, or I'm coming in
I'm coming!
Where are you?
I'm coming
What do you think of my gift? - Beautiful
What have you given me?
Vinod, you're such a simpleton to look at...
So where was the need for all this?
This diamond must be expensive too!
Will you keep talking or let me see my gift?
Know something?
That diamond I gave you is undoubtedly expensive
But I bought it at a shop
But what you have given me is priceless, Kamini
Because it was knitted with all your love...
your scent, your breath, your trust
Enough, Vinod.
Enough How will I tell you what mistake I have made?
I haven't had any respect to words like love and trust
Forgive me
Vinod, even if the world turns upside down...
You must never leave me
Don't wake up yet
Wake up. It's morning already
But there's a morning every day
Know what?
Even our honeymoon wasn't so much of fun
What is said is so true. With age...
Women's passions and spirits also keep getting better
Don't you know?
even if this happens to be the last moment of my life...
I won't have any regrets
I feel as if I have lived my life to the fullest
Hello... I'm Jatin Pandey
Sorry... am I disturbing you? - No
But I had to tell you that your wife is very beautiful
When you weren't here, I must confess...
Your wife and I...
Had a photo-shoot on the beach. I took a lot of her pictures
I see! You didn't tell me.
I took her sight-seeing...
treated her to dinner, only to pep up her mood
She looks very lost and lonely without you
Here's my card. As soon as the pictures are ready...
I'll get in touch with you. - Great. Here's my card
By the way, when are you returning to India?
I don't feel like going back at all.
But we'll have to return tomorrow
Hear! Hear!
I want to tell you an interesting story
18 years ago, on an auspicious day...
The priest gave Kamini's hand in marriage to my son
And a child walked up and asked...
...Why do you shake hands like this?
You know what I said, son?
Before a bout, the wrestlers always shake hands
Jokes apart, Kamini and Vinod...
Have dealt with all the ups and downs...
...of their married life very well
Are you cutting the cake or not?
No, I don't want.
Anything else, sir? - Nothing
How was the shoot? Exciting?
Let me see if the sexy nose is still in place
What are you doing?
You went there to shoot for a perfume...
So I'm looking if you've left the nose behind
Okay... did you miss me?
Very very much? - Very much
What is the matter, Kamini? What are you thinking about?
Ls something bothering you? - No, Mother... '
I've been thinking how fortunate I am
Always take care of your good-fortune, Kamini
Don't ever let it be shattered. - Mom...
Don't you want to eat the cake? - I'm coming, dear
There was a photographer there, in the same hotel...
He just went crazy over Kamini.
He took so many pictures of Kamini...
Some letters for you And this one
Is there anything else you want? - No, you may go home
Isha and Jatin. Are they finally tying the knot?
I'm not asking you what you really did to him!
How was the photo-session?
That's all I'm asking
Nothing of the sort ever happened
You're telling lies. And hiding something from me I...
I've made mistake that I...
Yes, you've made a mistake
That night. In Mauritius
Why did you do it, Kamini?
Now whether I'm awake or asleep, at work or otherwise...
There's just one thing on my mind
You made that mistake once...
...but you're trapped for a lifetime
I'm not sparing you now
I want you to keep making that same mistake with me...
For the rest of our lives I felt as if I had turned...
...into a sixteen-year old all over again
As if it was my first time...
It isn't what you're thinking about...
let me finish. - No way
So much of passion...
and shy too.
If this is the mistake you made...
I'd forgive you a thousand times
What happened, sir? Any problem?
Ever since you've returned from Mauritius...
You appear to be somewhat lost and disturbed
As if you've lost something
Something of mine got left behind
I'm so busy with my shoots, I can't give you enough time...
Is that why you're angry with me?
It isn't because of you
So who is it because of?
Is it a woman?
Where did you meet her? How long have you known her?
Who is she, Jatin?
You're not very serious about her, are you?
Jatin! You're the one I'm talking to!
Answer me!
The magazines and papers have all...
...published news of our marriage
And you... how can you be so irresponsible?
Don't you care for me at all? I mean...
Say something... what is the matter?
Tell me... what's the problem? Tell me!
Who's this? - This is Jatin here
Kamini, I miss you very much. Don't you miss me too?
No. - Why are you lying?
How can you forget that night?
Neither can you, nor I - So when are you meeting me?
Are you out of your mind?
Don't you want to see the photos? - No
I told you, I'm not interested. Please don't bother me
But you said Don't bother me. - Actually...
it was a jewellery salesman,
He was bothering me to buy some jewellery'
I said, Wrong number.
It's me, Kamini
Why're you disconnecting Before finding out who it is?
...a wrong connection has been bothering me for some time'
What made you call? - I was reminded of Mauritius
All that biting and clawing... and the ecstatic cries
Vinod, do you only think of this in... '
'... the office or even do some work?
Can't help it, honey. That's how I am at heart'
listen, I might be late this evening
Do you keep dreaming even during... - Yes, Kamini
I dream of you even during the day.
It's so nice to hear your laughter
It was as if... - Don't bother me again and again!
I told you not to telephone me!
Next change. Quick
What are you doing, Ramesh?
I told you so clearly to keep this reflector here...
...not here! - Can't you understand this much?
Sorry, sir
And what are you staring at everyone's face for?
None of you guys are any good! I'm sick of you all!
Do you think I'm idle? Right from this morning...
What do you think?
Mr Gupta...
...it's easier getting through to the Prime Minister...
Than talking to you. - Who is it?
The photographer. Remember, we met in Mauritius? '
Oh yes, Jatin! Right!
When can I bring them?
Come over to my place. Tomorrow evening
Is Mr Vinod there? - Yes, please come in
You found the place easily? - No problem
Will you have some whiskey?
Maria, get us a soda.
Want me to make you a drink? - No please nothing now.
Look who's here, Kamini'
Stop being stubborn, Kamini.
You can't run away from me
You and I will have to meet up
Why're you bent on poisoning my life?
I beg you...
Don't ruin the peace of my family
Yes, I'm coming
leave me alone
let's eat
No, I think I must leave now
It's ok, brother.
Why don't my pictures come out so well...
...despite being your daughter?
Am I at least photogenic?
If the features are nice...
...the pictures will turn out good too
Why're you so late? Where were you all this while?
The traffic I'm really put me through hell
Why weren't you taking my calls? - Not at all
Must be a problem in the network
Weren't we going to eat together? - Yes, but...
Have you eaten already? - I was hungry...
so I had a little to eat. - Jatin, this is too much'
Have I ever eaten without you?
Don't I feel hungry too?
You know what time it is?
Have you followed up with the marriage registrar?
I forgot. - If you keep delaying it...
It'll upset the entire schedule.
I'm going to Paris for some shows
We decided to have our honeymoon at the...
...French Reviera after our wedding
But you simply aren't taking any initiative
Is it necessary to discuss this topic now?
You will then ask, Is it necessary to get married?
Can't we wait
You just don't care for me!
What is it? - Your order for the food, sir?
What order? - The kitchen will be closed, sir
You've been listening to our conversation...
and say the kitchen will be closed? - No, sir...
I didn't want to disturb you You talk back at me?
Giving excuses.
Don't touch me! - What will you do? What?
Stay out of this! What will you do?
I'll call the manager here. - What will you do?
Go and call the manager! Go ahead!
What are you doing?
What will you do? - Don't touch me
Jatin! Let's go!
Call the manager!
Let's go!
Who's she? - I don't know
lalit, have you sent the photographs? - I'm about to
Who is she?
She doesn't appear to be a model certainly
What does she mean to you?
What's your problem?
You want to ruin our lives, our future...
Because of a frustrated housewife?
You're the one I'm talking to, Jatin!
She appears to be very rich
How much did she pay you for a night?
How much did she pay you for a night?
Shut your filthy mouth and leave me alone
You were like a stray dog on the streets...
When I picked you up! I gave you my love...
I gave you all I ever had!
And what did you give me in return?
Deceit? Betrayal?
That precisely is the problem You don't even know what love is
Because you love only yourself, no one else
love for you is all about give-and Take,
about asserting your rights
You have helped me, so okay!
And I've been a slave to you
But must I stay a slave for the rest of my life?
Is that what you want?
But I've taken enough...
So that you can chase every witch in the street?
I rue the day I met you!
You have ruined my life!
Madam... you're bleeding!
Jatin, you shouldn't have raised your hand at Isha Ma'am
She's bleeding a lot
Don't you know how bad it is to smoke?
And you're still smoking away?
Pack your bags and get lost
I don't know what had gotten into me... forgive me, please
Don't touch me
I don't need you at all
I'll find thousands like you They keep...
...groveling at my doorstep anyway
At one gesture, they could lay down their lives for me
And you... you're nothing without me
You're right, Isha
I'm not worthy of your love
I have lost you. I have lost your love
But I had gone insane!
But don't erase me from your heart, please
Please don't throw me out of your heart
Forgive me
How are you?
I don't know about myself, but you're looking good
Not just good, I want to look beautiful!
May I ask you a question? - Yes, go ahead
Actually, I want to get into modeling
Do you think I'll be able to do it? - Of course. Why not?
Am I at least photogenic? - Absolutely
But my parents say I'm still a kid. - A kid!
You're no kid. You're a young, vibrant girl
When will you do it if not now? When you're an old hag?
The sooner you get into modeling...
...the quicker you will get success
Will you do my portfolio then?
Go inside, Preeti. - What for, Mama?
I was having a word with Jatin.
Go inside, I say You're iealous!
You don't want me to be friends with Jatin!
Preeti, go inside. - I'm not going! '
All right. I'll go away then
Didn't I say she wouldn't understand me?
They still think I'm a baby!
You mustn't talk like that with Mummy, Preeti
Now go inside, say sorry to her and bring her outside
Preeti, do you have iced-tea at home?
Will you make a glass for me, please? - Sure
Properly mix a spoon and a half of powder...
Add half a glass of water and top with it lots of crushed-ice
Why have you come here?
Kamini, I'm absolutely helpless
I've done my best, but I just couldn't forget that night
Kamini, I can think of nothing except you
Once, just once... return that night to me
One night. Please give it back to me
Now look...
I'll phone and tell you when and where we'll meet
Your photographs
I'm going to plan your photo-shoot very soon
I can't talk now
Wrong number, I said!
What's the matter, Kamini?
You're sweating Switch on the air-conditioner.
Yes, I'll switch it on
I said, wrong number!
What is it?
What's happened to you? - Nothing, Vinod
Nothing? There's surely something. Tell me...
And take the load off your chest. - Well...
Nothing... just a headache
Did you take the medication? Come here
Kamini, pick up the phone, I want to talk to you
I want to hear your voice
Go to bed, I'll be back
My uncle is in intensive care
I was trying his number
He'll be all right
Vinod didn't suspect
But what if he did?
He'll ask me why Jatin is so interested in me
Why he took such huge pictures of me
Why I allowed him at all
What am I supposed to answer then?
What if he feels that I'm encouraging Jatin?
What if he finds out about that night?
What are you doing? Why are you tearing up the photographs?
They were beautiful
We don't need such large pictures
What'll people think?
What'll our children think?
What will you think? - What will I and our children think?
Just that, mama is so pretty
I had myself told Jatin to enlarge the photographs
What's wrong with you,
Kamini? You get scared at every little thing
The ring of a phone startles you. What's come over you?
What are you scared of?
Vinod, hold me in your arms
Don't let the world touch me
What's happened to you?
Leh Berry! Loads of energy! Great life
What the hell?
I told you! Leave me alone
After you've had the fun, you act pricey, eh?
Trying to make my Jatin's life miserable, aren't you?
Who is it? - Whoever! Hardly matters to you
Tell me! Does it matter to you?
You've done the damage, anyway
Aren't you ashamed? Get off Jatin's back!
Else, I'll tell the whole world about your antics'
Is your husband a fag? How could he give you so much of liberty?
Mom! What happened?
Who was it? - No one
Mom... - leave me alone, please
leh Berry! Loads of energy! Great life
loads of energy! Great life
Mom, don't hide. Who was it?
Kamini, reach Hotel Palms within half-hour
Within half-hour! Else...
All right, I'll be there
Who was it? Where are you going, mom? - Nobody
I'm going with you. Mom...
I said, I'll manage'
It desires you
It dies for you
It desires you
It dies for you
No matter what part of the day it is... '
It pines without you
At nights, it sheds tears
loneliness haunts it
Why, O heart of mine?
My beloved don't get angry.
Why does my heart
Why does my heart
I'm very sorry for driving you upset
What do I say? You are so uncooperative
Put everything behind you for a few seconds
And give me a smile
When you smile, the entire world seems to blossom
How many times should I tell you? - I can bet on it
The passion in you, that I have found in one night...
Your husband hasn't found in his entire lifetime
You were so intoxicated.
You'll find the marks of my lips all over your body,
Ask those marks, Kamini... '
If you turn me down...
I swear by you, Kamini...
I'll enter your house, your bedroom...
And make love to you You won't dare
I can do anything to have you
Please Kamini, just once...
Why don't you try to understand?
I have only one way out
If not you, it'll be Preeti
She might surpass her mama in...
Stop this nonsense, Jatin!
I give you an option. Choose You? Or your daughter
I'm asking you once again, Jatin
Get out of my life
From now on, you are the one who's going to call me'
And you will tell me who I'm supposed to meet
You, or your daughter
And, if you don't call me within the next 48 hours...
You will regret it all your life
You will regret it!
I'll kill you if you even touch my daughter
I want to ask you something. - Go ahead
Promise that you won't refuse me. - Tell me, what is it?
Please! Tell me you won't refuse
I want to make my portfolio. - Portfolio?
No portfolios!
You are still in class ten. Concentrate on your studies
We'll think about it later
Preeti, you need Maths tuitions more than a portfolio
Why must you always butt in, brother?
Because you always do something stupid
Know what, mom?
He is so fast and reckless with his motorbike
Abhay! - No mom, she is lying
Mind your own business, will you?
Mind your own business, will you?
I hate this guy Jatin
Dad, when he came home for the first time...
I felt as if he was looking for something
You thought he was an ISI agent...
And he turned out to be a salesman
Papa, I want make my portfolio and that's final'
So wait for some time
My birthday is approaching
Kamini, I don't think there's a problem
But I don't approve
No one cares for me
No one loves me
You bought a motorbike for brother... he drives it recklessly
Nobody tells him anything, but when it comes to me... '
Everyone has a problem
If you can make, why not her?
What are you upto?
O heartless lover...
O heartless lover...
Gently... make love to me, cruel one
O heartless lover...
Gently... make love to me, cruel one
O heartless lover...
Why this distance?
Why are we so apart?
Without you...
My life is incomplete
In your arms, agonies wither away
In your warmth, my body burns
I'm wavering
I'm being carried away... slowly
Make love to me, cruel one
O heartless lover...
Papa has agreed for my photo session
Really? And your mama?
But she has no choice
Maybe tomorrow.
I'll call you in the morning and confirm, okay?
Kamini, now you have to call me
Sorry darling, I...
Your poise...
Makes me restless
Your gesture...
Makes me lose my composure
The breeze...
Is marvelously warm
The atmosphere...
Complements your tender body
God spent His own time in crafting you, my love
You are beyond compare I place you under an
Slowly... make love to me, sweetheart
O heartless lover...
Gently... make love to me, sweetheart
O heartless lover...
The curd is quite bitter. - Yes
Aren't you hungry? - No
Did you complete your project? - What project?
Who called up anyway? - A friend
I'll answer
I'll take it from inside
I've told her a score of times to talk in front of us
What's so private that she went to her bedroom?
That's how this generation is
Don't we talk openly before them?
For all the liberty we have given them, they are...
It's nothing as you imagine.
It's just that we have some nonsense talks...
So ramble right before us. Why must you be shy?
Not us, you will feel shy. - I see
Okay, I'll be there at ten on the dot
I don't know why I don't feel like eating fruits
Nisha, where's my coffee? - Coming
Fast. I'm getting late
At least have a toast
I'll get it
What's on your mind?
Just decide whether you love me or not...
And about your plans for our future
I hope you won't use this on me?
Maybe not
Only if you force me to
Isha, that was just an infatuation, which I'm rid of'
You think I'm a yo-yo? Sometimes on, sometimes off?
All right! I'm willing to marry you anytime you wish
lalit, you are witness.
I'm absolutely ready to marry...
Whenever Isha says
My love...
Well lalit...
Ask the makeup man Prakash to reach...
...Garden Retreat bungalow at two
We're shooting
Get my stuff there, too
Want to call Manoi?
No No need
I'll take a quick bath
Where are you going?
I'm grown up, I'm no more a kid, mama
Must I tell you everything?
Okay, I'm going over to my friend's
Which friend?
I want you to come with me.
We are going to grandma's place
Sorry, some other time.
If you want I'll call up and apologise to her
I'll tell her we're coming tomorrow. - Preeti...
She has taken her bag. I think she is going to Jatin...
Now what?
Abhay, we shouldn't have allowed her to make a portfolio
I'll be right behind her
I don't understand why you are doing this, ma'am
You have fallen for his words so many times and hurt yourself
There are so many men who love you more than Jatin does
But you are so indifferent
I know who loves me and who doesn't
There are some clothes lying in the bedroom
Pick up
Your 48 hours aren't over as yet
But your daughter is already here with me
As for what is to be done now you have to decide
However, I'll agree to whatever you say
But you know what I want
Don't do anything with Preeti
Just once, Kamini... well, Preeti is here
Not cute, you must look sexy
Pull it down a bit
listen to me...
Tell me
You'll see the worst of me if you even touch Preeti
Is all well, sir? - First-class, thank you
Sir, can I go out for a while?
Sure. You can take your own time
What's the matter? You've been tense since morning
Nothing. You haven't gone as yet?
I have an appointment at eleven. - Appointment?
With the dentist. - Then if I'm feeling okay, I'll go to office
Nothing, just looking for a paper
Nothing... - Tell me what you want
Is this Jatin's number?
Your name, please? - I want to talk to him. It's urgent
What about? - I can't tell you. It's personal
Come on, ma'am, you have nothing to tell me.
He's not home either
Give me his cell phone number, please. It's urgent
I can't give it to you just like that.
You aren't telling me your name... - Or your business with him.
It's about the photo-shoot - Photo-shoot? As far as I know...
There's no shoot at this time. The camera is also lying here
I know for sure, there's a photo-shoot.
My daughter has gone there
How am I to know what your daughter...
...is doing and where she is?
Why don't you understand? I want his cellphone number
Why are you so tense, ma'am? What's the emergency anyway?
Why don't you understand?
Okay, take down the number. Write
What are you hiding from me, Kamini?
There's no washing powder, lentil and oil
Then buy them. - You asked me to inform you
If you want to buy them, go ahead.
Don't bug me, I'm going out
Where are you going in such a hurry? - Nowhere
What is it?
What's wrong with you? - I'm getting late
I'll tell you everything once I'm back
Now what?
Jatin is not answering the phone
Prakash also has been trying since half-hour, but in vain
Jatin is cheating on you
At the moment, he's with a girl at Garden Retreat bungalow
He called over everyone at two but he himself left early...
So that he gets some time for himself with the girl
lalit, I know that Jatin is cheating on me
And... and I'm so furious that I...
Are you going over? - Yes I'm going with you
Ma'am, you shouldn't have come here
Again you will have a brawl, you will be upset yet again...
What if he hits you?
Go on, I'll get the stuf'
I'm leaving this world
And only I am responsible for my death
What is it, ma'am? Why do you look so tense?
He might be inside. I'll look... - He's not in, I checked
Could be upstairs. I'll take a look.
I'll check the backyard
Ma'am, over there! - What happened?
Take a look! - What is it, Prakash?
Ma'am, please get a hold on yourself. - No! No!
No ma'am. We must call the police
Don't weep, ma'am, please
Don't weep, ma'am
Doctor? - He's inside, sir
Forensic guys? - I've called them up
Come on, ma'am
Did you notice something, Mhatre? - What, sir?
The body fell from such a height...
...yet there's no spurt of blood
He didn't bleed. - Must've been anemic
You're brainless
His neck's broken. Could be the cause of death
But I won't be shocked if the cause is something else
My sixth sense... - Intuition?
My intuition, Mhatre...
says that it's a
Preplanned, premeditated...
Foul play, sir? - Crime, Mhatre. Murder
Jatin wasn't someone who'd kill himself, Inspector
How can you be so sure?
We were living together.
And we were going to marry soon
So you are the caretaker here? - Yes, sir
Who was here? - I don't know, sir
After Mr Jatin arrived, I went out around 10:30
Someone is behind this it's a dirty plot
Do you suspect anyone? - Yes
You are at peace now, Aren't you? You killed him finally didn't you?
You killed him, didn't you?
But you won't rest in peace
The police is coming to get you. You understand?
Who was it? What happened? Speak up
Don't cry
What had to happen, has happened. You are not at fault
We'll handle it
But don't ever tell anyone that you...
Mama, I didn't do anything, I swear
Brother did it
He was only shooting.
Brother came in and messed it all up
Brother beat him up... and Jatin died
I only beat him up, I didn't kill him
But I know who murdered him I've seen him
Who was it, Abhay? - You
Will you recognise him? - 'Dad, I know you murdered him'
'But you are acting as if you don't know'
'And of course, you can't go on telling everyone about it'
Will you recognise him? Tell me, will you?
Forget it. Our children are shocked
Go on and eat, we'll talk in the morning
We all know that it is one of us, who is the...
You, Kamini, you! You killed Jatin
The kids have nothing to do with it. Otherwise...
There is something that I'm unaware of
I hate you, brother! We are in this mess because of you
Because of me? Really?
Because of you! Had you not acted stupid...
Eat if you want to, else go to bed
Preeti and Kamini Gupta. I want to meet them
Sir, police
Stop crying
He died today
I'm here to talk regarding his death
It'd be nice if you cooperate
We want to cooperate but no one will speak...
till my lawyer arrives. - What did I tell them, Mhatre?
What, sir? - Death? Or murder?
Death, sir. - But perhaps he heard murder
That's why he wants to call his lawyer
Mr Gupta...
...it's only preliminary investigation, nothing more
I'm not accusing you,
Either. So why do you want to call your lawyer?
You are keeping something away from me
He thinks it's a murder...
...that's why he wants to call his lawyer
You, you and you
If you folks are innocent...
...why do you want to call the lawyer?
This is called... - Try hard to cover the truth, but...
I wish to ask you something
Can you tell me, with Jatin...
What had you to do with him?
I had nothing to do with him
Still he took so many photographs of you. Why, Mhatre?
Still, you were the last person... '
'... he spoke over the phone to...
Before he died
She is your daughter Preeti, right?
Why is she crying? Why? Hush.
She too was there at the crime scene
What was she doing there?
When did you reach there? And why?
To protect your daughter?
Or to free yourself from this relationship?
Well, what relationship did you share with Jatin?
Did your husband know that with him you shared?
Please, stop harassing my family
You are harassing us, Mr Gupta. You are
How did you hurt yourself?
I fell off my bike
Note it, Mhatre. The boy fell off the bike
You must stop your investigation.
What has a lawyer got to do...
with preliminary investigation? - Nothing, As far as I know, sir
Then why are people mistaken?
All right! Not me anymore. You folks are going to come to me
Tomorrow at nine
You will be there at the police station...
...with Preeti and Kamini Gupta - With or without a lawyer
In case you fail to turn up...
...I'll be compelled to take serious action
And yes...
Two constables will be here at your service
He tormented me
He made me lose my temper
But I shouldn't have done this
I shouldn't have done it
But it's no good regretting
He is not coming back
I don't know how to...
I know, Kamini
I know, you did it
I also know why you did it
To save Preeti
But one doesn't kill someone to save his dear ones?
How could you kill him?
Vinod, I don't know why you feel that I killed him
Preeti did it, nor I. - How can you refuse it?
I saw you with my own eyes
Jatin, I reasoned with you! But you had to die
The path that you had chosen...
This had to be its end
Vinod, you are mistaken
I haven't committed the murder
However, whatever I did...
Is brutal than committing a murder
It's heinous
I have betrayed you
The one I've been loving since so many years...
What are you saying? What have you done?
When we had gone to Mauritius...
The night before our wedding anniversary...
You couldn't make it
I was depressed
He ordered champagne
I was dead drunk
I don't know how!
When I woke up in the morning...
I found Jatin in my bed
I failed to understand why I did such a grievous act
Because, apart from you...
...I have never even looked in the eyes of another man
At this mistake.
I am... I'm shocked...
I'm seriously
I tried to tell you the next day
But I couldn't muster enough courage
I have committed a grave wrong
After that, Jatin didn't stop chasing me
Kept calling me
He kept blackmailing me
He ruined everything! Everything!
Forgive me, Vinod
Please forgive...
If you can't forgive me...
I can understand
I haven't been able to forgive myself till now,
Please say something
Abuse me, hit me!
Your silence will kill me, Vinod
It is you I have to live with
But living...
Seems impossible
The predicament in my heart...
How do I explain to you?
It is you I have to live with
But living seems impossible
My eyes have...
So much to say
Yet my lips are sealed
How do I explain to you...
the circumstances that tied me up?
I shall punish myself
I shall breathe no more
The predicament in my heart...
How do I explain to you?
Although I wish to live with you...
living seems impossible
You have betrayed me...
In a way that I could never imagine
My dreams lie shattered
What mistake of mine have you avenged? '
My tears will not go away for ever
And you shall be tormented every moment
The predicament in my heart...
How do I explain to you?
Although I wish to live with you...
living seems impossible
The predicament in my heart...
How do I explain to you?
Although I wish to live with you...
living seems impossible impossible
Madam is here to see you, sir
Please be seated
Your husband is not with you?
I've come alone
Without their lawyer... - They don't even make a move
I have come to surrender myself to the law
I killed Jatin Pandey
Does your husband know? - No
Mrs Gupta, you committed a murder.
Your husband doesn't know about it...
And you don't want to tell him. Why?
Because he won't let me speak the truth
I'll call him up right away.
Let me see how he obstructs the law
This is the number, sir'
Is Mr Gupta in?
From the police station
Mr Gupta, your wife has surrendered
And she also admits to killing Jatin
Have you arrested Kamini?
Not yet, but I can'
So you killed him?
Tell me... how did you kill him?
I'm telling you, I killed him. Isn't that enough?
What if I say I want to know?
I don't remember...
I was very upset
I was so worked up.
I picked up something and hit him
What did you use to hit him?
I don't remember anything
You don't remember?
Since when have you been so forgetful, Mrs Gupta?
At least you must remember where you left the corpse
On the cupboard.
Where did we find the corpse? - Outside
In the backyard, sir
Which means, the corpse stood up by itself...
And walked to the place where we found it
Someone must've displaced it
Possible, of course
Also, someone must've dragged it around
Are you sure you didn't
Throw the corpse off the roof?
Why are you trying to confuse me?
Jatin was trying to misbehave with my daughter
He was trying to take undue advantage of her
I couldn't take it, and...
I lost my temper and killed him
Mrs Gupta, I think you are trying to save someone
What kind of a policeman are you?
As a responsible citizen, I'm confessing to my crime...
And you are... - We fail to solve criminal cases...
Because of responsible citizens like you
Either people try to buy us out...
...or they take cover behind a lawyer
last night, you didn't want to talk without your lawyer
And now, you've had a change of heart... '
'... and you come to confess. Why?
Take down her statement
And go over to Isha's
And you! I need everything in detail
Be seated
I hope all of you have had breakfast...
Because it's going to take a lot...
...of time grilling each one of you
We didn't let you sleep. - It's my duty
How could you be so irresponsible?
You didn't spare a thought to me and the children?
That is exactly why I have taken this step
How silly
I acted silly. I'm trying to atone
Kamini, I'm saying it in the interest of our children
Coming over here isn't solving problems
let's go home and behave as if nothing has happened
The children mustn't know about what we spoke last night...
It's a real crooked case
No two persons' statements match. Everyone is telling a lie
A lie that can never pass off as the truth
It is not suicide, for sure
We haven't found Jatin's fingerprints...
...or footprints on the terrace
It's a murder, no doubt
Kamini is the murderer,
Kamini is the murderer, sir. She put on an act of crying...
and turned herself in, expecting us to let her go
And you let her go
Isha could also be the assassin
Call all of them here tomorrow, together
Together? - Together
I'll take each one to task.
They will forget how to lie
Come, come
Sorry, I can't say welcome. Because this isn't my house
And I even won't ask you to make yourself comfortable...
Because I'm going to ask you questions...
that will really bother you. Right, Mhatre?
One minute
What are you doing here?
He has come with me
He's a good friend. - Sit down
I have some questions to ask all of you
I expect all of you to tell me the truth
Anyone who tries to speak lies will go to prison
So Preeti...
Preeti Gupta You happened to come here to do a photo-session
Jatin misbehaved with you...
...tried to take obscene pictures of you...
And you killed him. - Would you like to add something?
Tell him, my child. Tell him whatever really happened
Nothing of the sort happened, sir. I was very happy
And Jatin behaved very nicely too
How did it happen? Who did this to you?
It was your stupid brother! - Brother?
I asked him who had done that to him and he said...
What did he say? What?
I don't know. He didn't recognise the man
I went out to look for the man
I don't like this at all! You're always on my tail!
Brother... where are you?
Brother... where are you?
When I returned, Jatin was already dead
Get up and take a wash
Say something, Jatin Please say something!
Jatin, I'm feeling scared!
I was terribly scared, sir. So I ran away from there
Stop, stop...
Stop, stop...
let's go! To Juhu!
Miss Preeti Gupta, your whole family was here!
All the evidence was destroyed!
Even the body was moved!
I have no idea! - You are lying!
She really knows nothing. - You?
So you know everything? What do you know?
Mom and I got the feeling that Jatin...
...was going to harass Preeti
And that is why I followed Preeti
You call her here under the pretext of a portfolio!
What are you really getting at?
Nothing at all Your sister is a kid
And I'm not interested in kids
Stop harassing my family!
You haven't yet lost your milk-teeth and...
...you're out to protect the family?
But I didn't kill him, sir
I don't know what happened after that
When I regained consciousness...
...I found myself in the bathroom
There was no one in the bungalow. And I walked out
Not at all! You had a scuffle with Jatin and you killed him!
After that, you telephoned your dad...
and your dad came here. He did, didn't he?
The marks of his car-tyres, his footprints...
His handkerchief... it's all here
Now tell me the truth. Who committed the murder?
Was it you or your dad? Or was it your mom?
Her handwriting matches the writing on the suicide note!
So what have you to say? Speak up!
I have already admitted that I have committed the murder
You've told me all that a hundred times, Mrs Gupta
What you haven't told me is who moved the corpse?
How am I to believe that when Jatin was taken upstairs...
He wasn't alive? He died
Because the bone in his neck had broken
His death occurred by a fall from the roof...
...and not in the bedroom!
Mr Gupta, you have broken into a cold sweat?
Wasn't it you?
Who dragged him upstairs?
Was he iust unconscious or dead? Tell me
Do you realise that you have killed a human being?
What have I done? I've killed a man!
Lnspector, when I reg, a, ined consciousness...
Jatin was already dead. - Who had killed him?
I was the one who took his body upstairs
And I pushed him off the roof. - Strong boy!
Mhatre, what must he be eating? - Surely a Complan boy, sir
That's what my wife eats too. - Watch it, Mhatre
lie down in heaven. - What?
Play dead, I say. - Play-act?
That's in my blood, sir. - Go ahead and carry him
What are you looking at? Carry him!
Carry him! Move it!
Use all your strength, superman!
Carry him to the roof
Now tell me...
How did you take the body to the terrace?
Did you use a pulley? Or did you send for a crane?
Or did you hire a wrestler?
One stinging slap's going to ruin the way you look
Speak up...
Inspector, why're you being brutal with a child?
You folks are such professional liars...
But you have no idea of police brutality
Do you want me to tell you what police brutality is?
If you touch anyone in my family...
What are you going to do? What?
Oh yes, you must have influence! - You'll make a phone call!
Whom will you call? The C.M. ? The Prime Minister?
Talk, son... speak up! '
He had no hand in this
I was the one who dragged the body upstairs
So Mr Gupta...
...you went through great difficulty to drag the body upstairs.
You must have had a very important reason to do that isn't it?
You got to know that Jatin was interested in your wife...
That he was always harassing her.
But things went out of control...
When you got to know that Jatin was eyeing your daughter
You couldn't control your rage, but there was no way out...
So you killed him. And to confuse the police...
You threw the body down from the terrace! Right?
As you iust told us...
...you dragged Jatin in a state of unconsciousness...
And threw him off the terrace
Which means, Mr Gupta, that you are the killer
Inspector, you are accusing me without any evidence
Preeti wanted to do a photo-shoot with Jatin
And Kamini didn't like the idea
She told Preeti not to go...
...but despite that, Preeti came here
In a fit of anger, Kamini followed her...
And I came following Kamini
When I entered the bungalow, there was no one around
I only saw Jatin's body lying there
I even saw the suicide-note on the mirror
I didn't know who had killed him, Inspector
But I thought the needle of suspicion...
...would turn towards Kamini or Preeti
I dragged the body upstairs
From the terrace, I threw it down
But Jatin was dead before he fell off the terrace!
Ln fact, I was the one who killed... '
'... Jatin before you got here - Why don't you tell him?
To destroy the evidence, I picked up Preeti's clothes...
I picked up everything else and even wrote the suicide note
I had to do all this because...
I didn't want anyone to suspect my daughter Come with me.
Ok, Miss gupta as you say. Come with me.
How can you say for sure that this girl didn't kill him?
Miss Isha Malhotra!
Having found Jatin's body, the Guptas did all they could...
To escape suspicion...
But which strengthened the suspicion against them
You were here at 11:30. All alone
You came to kill Jatin, didn't you? - No, Inspector
I came to check whether Jatin was...
...cheating on me behind my back
But when I got in through the back-door...
I found him dragging someone towards the bathroom
It was then that Preeti...
I'll see where my brother is, Jatin.
She went out to look for her brother
What's happening here, Jatin? - Isha?
I have seen you for what you are! Because I have come here
I feel ashamed to call you my beloved.
Forgive me, Isha... One last time
I can't take this anymore! I am rid of you forever!
I'll be hurt too, but I will bear it!
Yes, Damle?
You've given me this information at the right time
So Miss Innocent Model...
You just told us that you didn't commit the murder
But I will say that you are the one who committed the murder
Very sweet revenge from Jatin indeed
I haven't committed the murder, Inspector... I haven't!
Jatin wasn't killed because of an injury
Neither was it because his collar-bone broke...
Nor because he fell from the terrace.
He was poisoned to death!
And nobody except you could have poisoned him
How is that possible? - Your drama isn't working
I'm placing you under arrest Inspector...
You are surely making a mistake
Forget killing a human being...
...Isha couldn't even hurt a fly
- She could never do such a thing! - Bring her along
Wait there, Inspector
It wasn't Isha...
It was I who killed him. I
Now look, you're wasting my time
In any case, I've heard a lifetime of lies today
I can't take it anymore. I'm sorry.
Just a moment, Inspector
Please hear me out... I beg you
All right. Speak... what do you wish to say?
Jatin wasn't a nice man, Inspector
Jatin used to beat up Isha and get violent with her
He broke her heart so many times
And Isha took it all silently
I couldn't bear to see Isha's misery
I was waiting for an opportunity.
And that morning, I got the chance
I laced Jatin's coffee with poison
A slow poison it's very bitter...
But you don't get to know when you lace black-coffee with it
This is for Madam
I had to throw out Jatin from Isha's life
I'm the one who killed Jatin.
What else could I do? I had no other way
Any time, any day, I'm willing to marry you
lalit, you're my witness. I'm absolutely ready to marry her'
Whenever Isha says, I'm ready for it
I didn't give anyone an inkling that...
...something was about to happen
I knew that the poison would work in a few hours
That Jatin would die. And after that...
The princess of my dreams and I...
...had you arrested someone from the Gupta family...
I wouldn't ever have revealed the truth to you
I can even lay down my life for you
I have no regrets over what I have done
I will never forgive you for what you have done!
Don't ever try to meet me again!
Come on
Thank God, brother! We've escaped!
Get the car
Mhatre, always remember
That which is there,, you can never see'
And that which you see is not there
There are moments when man gets carried away and goes astray
I could never imagine I was capable of killing someone
But at that moment, I felt as if...
I had begun to hate myself
Our love...
it was so strong, so invincible...
and yet, how could I get carried away?
Do you think I don't know how much you love me, Kamini?
Your children and your family?
And don't you know how much I love you?
I'll never be able to forgive myself
What has happened is in the past
Tell me something. Can you live without me?
Can I live without you?
However we are, we're made for each other. Aren't we?