DRACO chipurile de piatra -TRAILER- Documentar Film Romania 2012, cine au fost geto-dacii

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Draco (or Draco) was the Dacian battle flag. It resembled a wolf head, mouth open, with a dragon body.
The head was a stuffed wolf trophy or a mould made of bronze or silver. The tail was made of canvas with colored fringes.
Draco was bound to a pole and during the riders’ chase it used to quiver
and produced a terrifying whistle due to air entering through the wolf mouth.
Fighting is difficult.
Fighting with the villainy of life or with your peers.
Your heart has to be made of stone.
In the ancient times, suffering was normal.
War was a nature inherent law and it implied suffering or, on the contrary, glory.
Mars was the dominant god.
The harmony of the household was as temporary as the glory of the conqueror.
The dark beginnings of humanity gave birth to famous warriors belonging to all the people of the earth.
Their war deeds terrified and shocked throughout centuries.
Their remembrance is kept alive in myths and popular legends.
From all of them, it is only the Getae who never died.
Because they, with their strange philosophy, "these getas tous athanatizontas", which means "the Getae who know how to reach eternity"
assumed themselves the ability to defy not only the enemy but also the curse of death.
Thus, they lived their mortal life liberated from their fears...
This is the last description of the Daco-Getae, according to the way they were seen through the eyes of the ancients,
who, in fact, didn’t write too much.
Nowadays, 2000 years have elapsed
and what is left behind is the silence of the statues and of the ruins in the mountains, the only ones able to speak.
the stone faces