Virginia Cuevas Talks About Academe's Science Impact: Biology

Uploaded by academepublishing on 04.11.2011

>> Virginia Cuevas: Good morning to everyone, I am Virginia C. Cuevas a professor here at
the Institute of Biological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences of U.P. Los Baños, and
I am one of the editors of this book, Science Impact: Biology, published by Academe Publishing
House. I am proudand I am also inviting everyone to buy and support this book because it has
quality content. First of all, the sequencing or sequencing of topics, starts with something
that we call hierarcherial organization, where we discussed what is the science of biology,
and basic living matter: the cells, up to the most complex: the biomes, and our last
chapter which is the human and the environment. There are many other benefits that can be obtained here,
first of all is, the examples that we used were Philippine materials. We all know that
our books are from the advanced countries, where the materials that they used cannot
be found here in the Philippines. In this book, our materials were the cited examples.
We have also included a lot of basic knowledge on the recent advances in Biology, from molecular
Biology to the environment. And one more, this book comes with a laboratory manual,
where the exercises for the students have the investigative approach, and the teachers
have their own lab guide which have answers to the questions in the book. So the teachers
are well guided in order for them to properly teach how to create their experiments or the
simple experiments in Biology. So everyone, please support this book, Science Impact:
Biology, published by Academe Publishing House. Thank you.