Mahabharat - Episode 04

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Yes. I cannot speak for my children
But I have every right to remain childless
I, Devavrata, son of Ganga...
in the presence of Gods all over
swear this oath that
,,I shall never marry
I shall live childless...
and die childless
This is my eternal oath
I am no one's friend
nor anyone's enemy
Nor am I related to anyone
I am free of all relationships
so, listen carefully to what...
I am about to say
because this concerns the ldeal Man Devavrata...
who, in a twinkling of an evelid...
became Bhishma (the Terrible)
I salute this Great Hero
Because I am Time...
I know of all the oaths sworn before and after...
,,Devavrata's oath
So, only I can say that no such oath...
was ever sworn before
or after his oath
I salute this Great Hero...
who has made his mark in the Universe
Found Anything No
It is surprising that no one,,,
...should know where Devavrata has gone
He has never disappeared like this before
I am getting worried
Please stop the chariot
What's the matter?
Once we reach Hastinapur
I will become your mother....
...and then it will not be possible for me to do...
...what I want to do
Even now you are my mother
But what is it you want to do
that would be impossible later?
I want to touch your feet
No mother
If a mother touches her son's feet
it will upset the social order
This son of yours is the keeper....
...of your chariot and your mind
Sons like you will never be born again
Welcome home mother
Why did you hesitate to promise that...
mother Satyavati's eldest son...
would reign in Hastinapur?
But son,,.
I am your son, not attached to the throne
To serve you is my duty
So, I have sworn to remain unwed all my life
What a terrible oath, my son
No Devavrata,,,
you should not have sworn such an oath
Forget it father
How can I forget my son
,,that you have sacrificed
.,,your own happiness for the sake of mine?
But father
my happiness is a part of your happiness
But how can I forget
-,,the fine Indian tradition initiated by Bharat...
that Worth and not Birth...
should determine the heir to the throne?
How can we determine the Worth
...of an unconceived child?
The king has another duty:
to protect the rights of his subjects
That is true my son but
whose rights have I not protected?
My father
You have. not protected one of my rights
which one my son?
You are denying me the right to make a promise
What can I say to that? YOU surprise me
What you have done will be remembered forever
Today, standing on the crossroads to peace and war
happiness and unhappiness
I, Shantanu, grant you a boon
Unless you desire your death Will not die
Your name will become immortal
You will live forever
Death will not touch you
Mother please explain to father
...that whatever has happened to me...
is of my own doing
From today we shall call Devavrata. Bhishma
Not only us but
the entire Universe will call him Bhishma...
because of his oath
Greetings mother
A long life to you my son
I wanted to talk to you mother
About what son?
About whether I did the right thing.
You cannot do any wrong my son
You are, born to do the right, thing and lead by example
I am proud to be your mother
I need your blessings
They are always with you my son
You have given a new meaning to the word oath
What you have done would be impossible for man or God
what you have done is worth emulating.
Any, order for me, my mother?
You are beyond orders
You do not have to be told to do your duty
You are among those who are born to do their duty
Why are you looking at the moon?
Forgive me my king
But why?
I have committed a grave crime
Such beauty and fragrance!
You can never be guilty
It is my beauty
which has eclipsed your life
If I were not beautiful...
... Bhishma would not have to suffer this injustice
If man began to think like this
life would be impossible
And yet, that is the truth
It is not the full truth
The truth is that this
is a web made by the lines of fate
where man is caught helplessly like a fish in a net
He cannot avoid this web even if he wishes to
I remember
When Ganga wanted to drown this child...
I could not keep quiet
I broke my oath and questioned her
To which she said
that our sons were Vasus
who had been cursed with birth on Earth...
and the fact
that I had broken my oath Meant that...
the eighth son was fated to live
Which means that
Bhishma's fate was sealed much before our love was
Our love. was merely an excuse
Even if we had not met
Bhishma, would have to follow his fate
Does your conscience agree to this?
What wrong had I done
that I became the excuse for Bhishma's destruction
Don't you think
... that we are lucky to have a son like Bhishma?
Of course, but ...
...isn't it 8hishma's bad luck...
... that he has Satyavati for a mother?
Heartless, harsh and selfish,
Do not insult his filial love by saving this
But by not saying it... I not insulting Bhishma?
If anyone is to blame... is I because...
... when Bhishma took the oath you were not his mother...
...but I was his father even then
I staked Hastinapur's future for my Present...
,.not you
Protector of his Subjects
Idol of Justice
Protector of Religion
King Shantanu is passing by
What's wrong Honoured teacher?
Why is the Crown Prince's throne empty
The King is sworn to keep it so till
a son is born to the queen
Who made this promise?
Who else but the King?
Who gave him the right to swear this oath?
Does a king need permission?
'why? Does the king own this land?
My lord you forgot that ...
you are merely a representative
only God is the owner
You had no right to make that promise
I would like to know
what was wrong with Devavrata
that you thought of a new Crown Prince?
Even if Devavrata has faults
...what is it that recommends a prince who is ...
...yet to he conceived?
Do the citizens have a right to ask this question?
The citizens have a right to ask any question
May I answer the Sage's question my king?
No. I don't want an answer.
I want justice
Let us not talk of Time O Sage!
Time is only a witness
Talk of Action
,.because we are Man of Action. of Deeds...
,responsible for our Acts
Isn't this true O Sage?
Yes. It is true.
Then why are you blaming the, king for my actions?
It was not the king who swore the oath: it was I
Had he stopped me from doing so
...he would have done me an injustice
The king had already told Dashraj.
...that he could not change his decision
It was I 'who gave the promise...
...that Satyavati's son would he king
Had I not, done so
...I would he failing in my duty
Why do you say this Prince?
I swore the oath because
an unhappy king
...can never make his subjects happv
And who will be responsible
if the unborn prince
is unworthy of the throne?
Look at Hastinapur's Fate line and determine that
But if my word has some value then
today I make a promise Hastinapur that
whoever ascends the throne
I shall see my father's image in him and serve him
with the same devotion
What have you done?
0 Shantanu of Bharat's Dvnasty?
You have staked Hastinapur's Future for your Present
Is it my father or
or the king who worries
Then should I ask my father first or the king?
First ask that weakling who could
neither be a king nor a father
who could keep neither's honour
and who has made both helpless
What kind of a father am I
Helpless in my thirst for Love
I condemned my son to an eternal thirst
And what kind of a king am I
I have removed a worthy Crown Prince
.,,and placed the future of Hastinapur in the hands of
...another who is yet unborn
and about whom no one knows...
whether he will be worthy or not
By my act I have insulted Mv ancestors
Do not trouble your heart my king
Had you ordered me to take the oath
you could have blamed Yourself
But this oath was of my Own doing
and so will be the result
I swore this oath because...
fathers often sacrifice for their sons
so, why shouldn't a son do the same?
Your happiness means a lot to me
You are more valuable to me than the throne
Even then...
What father?
What happens if your brother is not worthy
...of the throne
In that case, I shall repeat the assurance
I gave Hastinapur
That all my life I shall serve and protect
the throne of Hastinapur
and till it is secure from all dangers
and in need of my services
I shall not
allow Death to claim me
You are blessed on Earth and in Heaven
May I make a request father?
A King should never by lonely or sad because
if his mind strays
so will the nation
because it is the king who leads the nation
I am honored by your coming horn
why did you not call me?
Even Lord Brihaspati will be honored to be
...the Sage of a family in which you are born
So what if I have come?
Even the Gods will come here some day
To see if have fulfilled my duty?
Or to see the unvanquished Devavrata
defeated by his love for his father?
Do not go contrary to your Fate prince
You are a man of Action
Do your duty
Who knows for what Future the Present in preparing you
And now you too are leaving
I would come to you when I had a problem..
,,and you would solve it
Where will I go now?
That is why I have brought Kripacharya
After I leave I want you to accept him
as the Royal Sage
He is the son of Sage Shabdavan
and my disciple and
under the king's protection. . .
I cannot break the king's silence
And reach out to him
So look after your father's ward...
and give him your protection
A Sage requires no protection
but your order will be obeyed
Please accept me as your friend 0 Sage
You had a sister too?
Yes. She is married now
To whom? Dronacharya
So Dronacharya our relative
If I were young I would
learn archery from him
That is your modesty No
The one who holds Brahma's weapon
is to be respected
I am honored to be living in his era
We are all honored.
to be living in yours
Being a Brahmin you cannot
ask for a blessing
but you can give him one
There's no need for that
He has been blessed by God himself .
What blessing should I give you prince?
Bless me so that
I am able to break my father's silence
Which even that Sage could not do
Father's silence is like
an egotistic bird
pecking at Hastinapur
with its beak
Two moons rose Hastinapur
Satyavati gave birth to two sons
Chitrangada and Vichitravirva
But instead of being happy
Shantanu became even more depressed
So depressed was he that
the entire palace was enveloped in it
The mind is saddened
by the turn of events
The mind cannot forget
...the quilt it accepts
What's wrong?
When I try to weigh
our happiness
our Love
and our children
..,the injustice done to Bhishma
I find that my happiness,
.,,vanishes and
...I start crying
I had heard that
...crying lightens the heart
But my tears cannot lighten my heart
It is not that
I do not love my sons but
my kisses turn to ashes
when I am reminded of Bhishma
and the injustice done to him
This wound
will not heal easily
Why do you blame yourself beloved
I am the one to blame
for having staked the country's future for my love
I will have to face my ancestors
You are not to blame
You had in fact told my father
that his condition was unacceptable
But I allowed Bhishma
to cajole and coax me
into accepting his oath
I could have told him that
I did not want my peace of mind at that price
But I did nothing of the kind
You too were there my beloved
You tell me
Did I ever tell him that
I did not want Satyavati
or my peace of mind
at this price
In spite of this I granted him a boon
Go my son and,., this colorless life
We are both to blame my king
Just think
...thanks to God we are blessed
with two handsome princes
but the darkness in my heart.
...goes on increasing
It is this darkness that I am afraid of
Why are you afraid?
And of whom?
Sometimes I am afraid of my Present
...and sometimes of Hastinapur's Future
Let us then
...go to Bhishma
and request him to withdraw his oath
You have not understood Bhishma my love
His oath is very sacred to him
Like a commitment made to Cod
We have no alternative.
but to go on living in this hell
We can do nothing
but accept our Fate
Yes my king
that will be our penance. .
and our repentance
I am tired now beloved
Tired and broken
I had granted Bhishma a boon to die when he wished
but I wish I had the boon
The dark depression in Shantanu's heart
enveloped the entire palace
Lying on his death bed, Shantanu
could say nothing
but his expressive eyes
bade a final goodbye to Satyavati
He entrusted his sons
to Bhishma
and passed away
The guilty heart
wishes for death
Gone is the chariot of fire
left are flowers on the pyre