Diary of a Dirty Tongue - Trick-or-Treat

Uploaded by curebadbreath on 19.10.2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Hey everybody its me, Morgan, the Orabrush tongue. And it's that time of the year
It's that time when people dress up like ghosts and ghouls
and witches
toward off evil spirits
that probably want to possess your body and make you do bad stuff. Like last year, I stole a car. Evil spirit, not my fault
Boo! Oh, yeah you are a ghost! I'm a ghost.
I thought you were a mattress at first, sorry. But I am a ghost.

What are you supposed to be?
Oh, well uh...
Little red riding hood. It's Halloween, not Whore-o-ween.
Ha ha!
That's not going to ward off evil spirits. If I am an evil spirit, and I see a cute little girl
walking down the street
you are the first thing I am going to try and get
and possess.
I'm sorry, what? Let's go!

I love halloween. I am a total halloweener. Are you a halloweener?What's your favorite part of
halloween? Trick or treat!
Right here, right here, right here!
Are you serious? Two pieces?

You gave them way more than me! I know.. they are children..

Are you kidding me? Golden generation my butt.
The worst
is when people
try to give you something
that's not even candy.
Oh, how nice!
I am a ghost! Give me candy.
Hey, here we go.
Give one here lady, don't forget the ghost. What are these candy bars?
Let's be polite. A tooth brush? Really?
You're giving out tooth brushes?
Those are very good for you. Yeah what am I supposed to with a tooth brush!? I am a tongue! I cant even use this properly.
Come on!
Seriously. Get some candy.
Hey, I hope next time you are
crossing the street nobody's there to help you.
I am not going to Mr. Scrooge. Aw, look at your cute costumes.
Look at your cute candy. You look great.
Hand over you candy! Hey, seriously?
Hey you need to cool it.
You don't even have any good stuff!
Hey how about you give me that candy or I kick you through a goal post.
(children crying) We have had a lot of fun today.
Haven't we?
We learned about the scary traditions of halloween.
And we made some jack-o-lanterns
Lets see how they turned out.
Oh, thats scary.
Oh and let's not forget.
They pay the bills.
Trick or treat! Did we scare you?
I was expecting some little children.
Yeah, well
to you, we are little children. No, not to me.
Well I mean I am saying there is an age difference. That's okay. Trick or treat.
So what do you hate about halloween and what do you like about it?
Leave it in the comments below. Right down there. What do we got here? Well this is gum.
Can you handle this? Yeah, I can handle gum. A couple of pieces of gum?
Thats it? Thank you so much.
Lady! This is our dinner.
Oh well you can have one more. Well, if everybody did this, we'd starve.
I know you would, and you don't look like you are very hungry.
What happened to you?
Is that a fat joke?
You can take it any way you want to, it could be a skinny joke, but your not.
Also, don't forget to prescribe to my channel. Trick or treat! What is it?
It's another video from Morgan the tongue.
Oh and in this video, I hid an Orabrush, see if you can find it.
See you later.
Who are you supposed to be, Edward Cullen?
Think all the chicks are going to be about you just because you sparkle in the sunlight?
Guess what? I think you are creepy.
I think you are creepy in the movie, I think you are creepy now.
White pale face. Some day karma is going to come back and bite you. Some day you're gonna learn to be nice.