Animation Block - "Golden Eye" - nockFORCE

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on 08.07.2009

MALE SPEAKER: Hey, man, you wanna go to a party?
It's gonna be awesome.
EFFNOCKA: Nah, because we're gonna
go play N64 or something.
MALE SPEAKER: Are you sure?
There's, like, tons of, like, hot college girls
and stuff to drink.
And it's gonna be crazy.
MALE SPEAKER: These girls are so easy, they'll sleep with
everyone there.
no, that's-- that's OK.
And you know what?
We went and played Goldeneye for hours, and we
didn't regret it.
FUCKFORCE: Well, you know what'd be funny?
EFFNOCKA: We didn't regret it at all.
FUCKFORCE: If that guy was at the party and he was like,
man, I mean, what was I thinking?
When I saw them, I--
I knew they were going to play Goldeneye.
And it was gonna be in paintball mode.
And these college girls, like, all they care about is--
this is just like, why did I do this to myself?
I just, I go to these parties, I get so
excited, and then I always--
I always get let down.
I wish I was playing Goldeneye right now.
FUCKFORCE: God, I hate being popular.
EFFNOCKA: I don't--
I don't want to live in the suburbs, you know?
EFFNOCKA: Like, when I grow up--
because I'm still a kid now, not grown up.
I'm still--
I'm still a kid.
EFFNOCKA: I'm not an adult.
FUCKFORCE: He's still riding that on.
FUCKFORCE: You need to--
you need to get up.
Come on, we need to leave Toys"R"Us.
I'm a Toys"R"Us kid.
FUCKFORCE: Listen, listen.
EFFNOCKA: This is--
FUCKFORCE: Security's looking at you [INAUDIBLE].
EFFNOCKA: I don't care.
They can look.
I'm gonna--
FUCKFORCE: We need--
EFFNOCKA: I'm gonna--
FUCKFORCE: We need to--
EFFNOCKA: --ride a bike.
FUCKFORCE: Oh, jeez.
EFFNOCKA: Where is the bikes?
EFFNOCKA: Where is it?
What aisle is the-- oh, no, this is the-- this is the
Barbie aisle.
FUCKFORCE: Ugh, gee.
EFFNOCKA: We need to get out of here.
FUCKFORCE: Yeah, it always feels weird in here.
EFFNOCKA: This is weird.
FUCKFORCE: I don't care how comfortable with your
sexuality you are, you can't--
EFFNOCKA: Yeah, this is rock.
FUCKFORCE: --can't--
EFFNOCKA: But no, I'm--
I'm a child.
I'm not grown up yet.
FUCKFORCE: Hey, look, it's Geoffrey.
Give him a hug.
EFFNOCKA: Never mind the fact that I pay my own taxes.
Oh, no.
I am--
I'm an adult.
FUCKFORCE: Yeah, well, I'll give you a hug, Geoffrey.
Come here.