GeekBeat.TV - 149 - Is That a Singing Light Bulb??

Uploaded by geekbeattv on 07.03.2011

Track your kids, Adding Audio to Your Light Bulb and a portable grill! I’m Cali Lewis.
Welcome to GeekBeat.TV! This episode of GeekBeat.TV is brought to
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How many times have you wanted to grill something, but you’re just not willing to invest in
a massive grill? Or maybe you own an RV and there isn’t room for a big grill. Or maybe
you live in an apartment and would love to walk to the park and grill with friends, but
that’s not feasible. Fuego has a solution. It’s a small, portable grill with handles
and a shoulder strap. The burner is 8,000 BTUs, it has a cast iron grill grate, a dishwasher
safe tray to capture that extra grease and it’s only $150. Just make sure you let it
cool down completely before closing up shop and swinging this thing over your shoulder!
I have a couple apps for you. First up, iHound. It’s an app for both the iOS and Android
platforms that keeps track of your devices. Think MobileMe and Find Your iPhone, except
with more features. Blogger Trace Dominguez has spent some time with it, and his full
review is at, but here are the highlights. At a basic level, it tracks
the location of your devices and will display text notifications on a lost phone to hopefully
encourage whoever finds it to return it to you. If they don’t, you have a remote wipe
to back you up. But there are two other features you might not expect. If you’ve lost the
phone inside your house, you can sound an alarm to find it. And, they have what they
call GeoFencing. If you’ve told your kid they’re not allowed to leave the neighborhood,
and they do, you get alerted. You basically set up a “fence” and you’ll know if
a device is inside or outside that area. The app itself is $3.99 which includes a 3 month
subscription. After that, the more months you pay, the less you pay - 24 months is only
$19.99. MobileMe is $99 for 12 months. The other app is Android only. It’s called
Plug In Launcher. When you plug in your headphones, it’ll automatically open an app of your
choice. For example if you’re plugging in your headphones, you could be wanting to listen
to music, so tell it to open Pandora or a music player. If you plug in a USB cable,
maybe you have it launch the alarm clock app. You can have it just automatically open the
apps, or you can have it ask you first. It’s free.
You know how excited I’ve been about the Motorola Xoom since we first heard about it,
and now I’m happy to say they’re supporting the show. You already know that it’s the
very first tablet that has Honeycomb - Android 3.0, and it has all the guts to back up that
beautiful UI, including a 1GHz dual core processor. It has a 3D interface and 10.1 inch HD widescreen
display where you can take full advantage of tabbed windows, multitasking, and Google
Maps- tilt, rotate and zoom in in 3D with Street View - you remember me talking about
Street View, right? It shows you real photos of where you are rather than just a map. The
Xoom is upgradeable to 4G LTE in the future for faster speeds. And...don’t worry about
those rumors that it won’t run Flash! Soon it’ll be available as a free download from
the Android Market! For the most part, advances in light bulb
technology have to do with more powerful bulbs using less energy. But not the Audio Light
Bulb. The name says it all - it’s a light bulb that plays audio. Specifically audio
from your iPod or iPhone. It has a 10 watt, full range speaker that can get a signal wirelessly
(and interference free) from up to 50 feet away. The transmitter docks with any device
with a 30 pin connector. There is an auxiliary port if you want to connect other audio sources
as well. AND it has a remote control to play and pause, and to adjust volume. This will
save you from having to install in wall speakers. Though it’ll cost you $300 for two speakers
and the transmitter. You can add two more speakers for $200.
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