Wegmans Italian-Style Slow-Roasted Pork 3 Ways

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 04.01.2011

All right, guys, I'm really excited about showing this one.
I'm gonna show you an Italian-style pork shoulder.
So you're gonna use a pork shoulder right here.
Some recipes will refer to it as a pork butt.
It's super economical, one of the best deals around,
and you're gonna be amazed at the results you can get
from this and how easy this is to achieve.
All right, this recipe calls for a fair amount of garlic in it,
so it's nice to have these guys peeled already.
They come in a jar ready to go. There's no oil or water
in there, just like you peeled them yourself.
All right, the last thing you need to grab for this is the fennel seed.
This is a perfect combination for our pork, think Italian sausage, right?
We're gonna let this sit on there for at least overnight.
Flavors are really gonna penetrate.
Let's go cook this thing. All right, so remember when
I said I was excited about this one? This is the kind of dish where
if you're afraid to invite the chef over for dinner because
you're worried about what to make, this is the one to make where
ya'll get excited about this one. So I'm gonna explain about
the pork shoulder. First of all, 'cause it's a,
you know, rather large piece of meat, but don't be
intimidated by it. Because basically what we have
here is off the shoulder, and I've got one bone
in this, sits right here and it may come out the
other side here, but that pops right out
right at the end. This is gonna be fall-apart
tender for you. I'm gonna show you
how we marinate this. We're gonna go
overnight with it, and what I do is I take
three onions here and just give those a
nice julienne, it doesn't have to be perfect.
This is just basically a bed that we're gonna cook the pork roast on.
So three onions, and you're gonna take two navel oranges,
just random slices here. Again, it doesn't
have to be perfect. This orange and the onions
really gonna give a good flavor to the sauce
on the bottom of this. So at that point, we take all
these onions and oranges, we're gonna place that
in the bottom of our roasting pan, and this is
exactly what we're gonna marinate in this overnight.
Just create a nice bed on the bottom there.
And then what I do over here for the pork shoulder
is actually take this guy and you notice that there's
a fairly large fat cap on this. We're gonna cook this
for a long period of time. What we're gonna do is
actually score the top of that about a quarter
of an inch down, all the way
across the top, and then we're gonna come
back the other way, and kind of
crisscross that. And what this allows us to do
is penetrate that fat cap that's in there, and all this
little corners in there are actually gonna render
out that fat and it's gonna come to the bottom of the pan,
but all those little corners in there are gonna get really nice and crispy.
Those are the pieces that I go for.
I'm actually gonna do some salt and pepper.
Keep in mind that this is a fairly large roast,
so don't be afraid to go at it with the seasoning here.
It's only gonna help us in the end.
So I'm gonna get in there, do the fennel all the way around.
And then I have some garlic. I have six cloves of garlic.
And I'm gonna take this garlic and rub it all the way
around on the outside. And we'll go on the top.
What you really want to do is get all that spices
some that are left on the board really worked into the meat, right?
And then what we do is take this whole guy and place
it directly on top of your onions and oranges, and I'm gonna cover this.
I'm gonna refrigerate this overnight.
So let me get cleaned up here and I'll show you how we finish this.
All right, so I have my pork roast that I've actually marinated overnight.
It doesn't look a lot different, although we have a little bit
of plastic wrap and we gotta take that off before it goes
in the oven, but what's happened here is that salt and the fennel
and the garlic's really penetrated this overnight.
You really need to make sure you let this cure overnight.
It's gonna pay off a lot in the end. So take this guy, and it's just
as easy as this to cook it. I take this and put it in the oven
at 275 degrees for 8 hours. Through the magic of TV,
I actually have one ready that I did. Right?
And it comes out just like this. We've got some juices
down on the bottom. It smells fantastic.
The onions and oranges have caramelized a little bit
on the bottom of this. And what I'm gonna do is
you could take this guy just out of this oven, and you gotta
be a little careful with it because it's actually so
tender, it kinda comes apart a little bit,
which is perfect. Be a little bit careful with it.
And I can serve this dish just as is, just like this,
and make some slices tear off it, and I'll show you how to do that,
but what you can also do at this point is go
right in the refrigerator with it, okay?
Plan a little bit ahead, right in the refrigerator with it,
and then I can have it here. So this is a pork roast that I
cooked the exact same way, refrigerated it,
and now what I have is that same falling-apart pork,
but now it's solid because it's cold.
And so what I do with that is I actually take a pan
and I warm this guy up. And I make some slices
off this, right? Nice, cold pork.
It holds together, but it's beautifully falling apart
once that warms back up. So I'll take these pieces
and actually put that in the bottom of the pan, and no
need to add any extra fat to this, it's got enough in there,
it's gonna render out, it's gonna sear really
nice and crispy, so just like this piece
over here, it's gonna be crisp on the outside,
but now it's gonna be beautifully crisp on the
bottom of that as well, adds that much
more flavor. So now back to this guy.
So I can take this one here, it works perfect on tacos.
I can simply take this guy and actually kind of tear at this,
and actually pull some of those pieces off.
I've got some crunchy bits here that fat rendered out,
got nice and crisp. And I'm gonna take some
of these and just line it on some tacos here.
I've got some salsa, some cheese and some lettuce there.
So now I've got my pork tacos done,
and actually come back to this, and flip these over.
These pieces are just falling apart, but the nice thing
about them: they're beautiful on the one side, really nice and crisp,
but now they're getting nice and soft.
Now let me show you this pork shoulder, what I can do with this.
And you see that one bone that it had in there?
This literally just falls apart and falls directly off that bone.
And everything is completely clean off of this,
leaving you with all this completely edible.
Another thing you can do is, as soon as it comes
out of the oven, I'm gonna come by and actually make
some slices off of this. So these pieces are beautiful,
I can go directly on top of a plate with some of this reserve juice.
Actually, if you want to, you can take one of the fat separators
and separate that out and just simply use that juice
over the top there. That's beautiful.
And then, the other one you can do with this, these pieces,
as they come out of the pan, really nice and crisp
but falling apart, I can make one of these sandwiches
where I take some rappi, a little bit of cherry peppers,
and provolone and put my slice on there on a nice hard roll.
And then I can even go in here and grab some of these onions
that have been inside here and actually garnish my sandwich
with the top of these onions. That's one of my favorites.
All right, one preparation, a beautiful pork roast, super easy.
All I did was throw it in the oven and I'm done.
And to me, this preparation right here, tossed with some
barbecue sauce, the best pulled-pork sandwich you'll ever have.