Service Receive - English Subtitles

Uploaded by stcvideos on 12.05.2010

Hello everyone, we are back to talk about Basic Fundamental Techniques
and returning to talk about fundamental position
we will talk about how receive short service
within the table, both the right and the left
or forehand and backhand
starting from the fundamental position, if the ball comes short on your right you will place your right leg into the table
and receive the service with the wrist or f earm
try not to let the arm too tight, because you will not have much more movements to hit the ball
try receive the service with the arm not much extended for keep your movement in the arm
and moving the wrist and forearm
if the ball comes from the left side or backhand you will place your left leg into the table and receive the service
entering into the table and leaving the table in the forehand
entering into the table in the backhand with the left leg and leaving the table
Practice this exercise enough that you will greatly improve your performance on the table, until the next video.