How to Make Mango Tequila [Recipe]

Uploaded by jasonmichef on 03.05.2011

OK today we're going to make a recipe for Mango Tequilla
You need one bottle cheap tequilla
Four cups peeled and sliced Mangos
and here I have a 2 quart pitcher to make it in
Ok we are going to start off by peeling our mangoes
Take all the skin off
Ok the next step
after we have our peeled mangoes remove the pit
This is a super good recipe to make for your wife
girlfriend or for your next party
because tequilla is quite harsh
and the mango is going to make it sweet
and smooth and easily drinkable
slowly cutting around the pit
Get all the mango flesh off
it's hard to see the pit because a lot of the fruit is going to stick to it
then after this we are going to slice
our mango and put in the pitcher
we cover it with tequilla
ok going to slice up the mango
Ok we have all this wonderful mango pulp
we are going to add it to our pitcher
get it full of our sliced mango
we are going to cover it with tequilla
ok here we have all our mango pulp
covered with tequilla, in our 2 quart pitcher
we're gonna
store this in the refrigerator for thirty days
and everyday when you go in the fridge give it a good shake
mix it around
and after one month you can strain it out
pour it back in the bottle store in a cold dry place
nice dark place be preferred or i prefer to keep it chilled in the freezer
ready for
drinks anytime you care to enjoy it
the shit i do on my day off!