[TAG] Origami, 100k subcribers and Giveaway #9

Uploaded by jonakashima on 12.07.2012

Hello people This video is going to be different
as you should have already noticed and I'd like to talk here about three things
the first one is was tagged by Sara Adams She challenged me to show myself here
answering 5 questions
about origami, of course And that is what I'm gonna do now
Probably an airlplane, or a boat, or a hat... it should be the airplane because it is the
easiest one
I always liked origami since my childhood probably about 7 or 8 years old, I'm not
The most complicated model was the Ancient Dragon, by Satoshi Kamiya
On my first attempt I spent about 12 hours folding it
The result was not so good... Nowadays I can make it better in about 6
or 7 hours but I still think it is very hard
I have no idea I don't spend a lot of money
Usually I use simple origami paper or even printer paper
I only buy expensive paper when I really need
so I have no idea
My favorite origami is this eagle I don't know how to pronounce the name
of the author On the first time I folded it I spent about
10 hours This one I'm showing was folded by
myself and there was a giveaway last year
well, that is it
The second thing I'd like to talk in this video is
I'd like to thank you all because I reached 100k subscribers on YouTube
And also 20k likes on Facebook
And to celebrate, let me show I'll make a giveaway
I'll giveaway a mug like this one to participate fill out the form down below
I'll post on Facebook as well
And if you wanna buy a mug go to
the drawings were made by myself, but the products are from Cafepress
And that's it! Good luck and see ya!