Downsized - Episode 7 Grand Supreme

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Come on Poppy. Look, all the other girls have left. Poppy, practice only
makes perfect if you show up to get your crown. You like your princess crown, don't you?Well,
it's even bigger than your princess crown. Come out here and show me your shimmy shimmy.
Poppy, you know you're gonna win that Grand Supreme crown because you are the prettiest,
most special girl here.\ They've been calling for Poppy.\
-- in your division. You are the prettiest, most special girl here in your division.\
Poppy, pretty is nice but it is more important that you evolve into a confident woman and
learn to love yourself emotionally and physically so you can prosper.\
Thank you for taking Evie to the lineup.\ Actually, Evie brought herself. She said you
were busy. She's very resourceful for a three year old.\
Yes she is! Come on out Poppy. You have to come out now. Don't let your shine be confined!\
What motivated this?\ She wanted to wear her purple lip gloss because
it tastes like berries, and I said no no no you cannot wear your purple lip gloss in the
finals when you're wearing your pink glitz gown, because pink and purple are tacky! And
then she locked herself in there and won't come out.\
I see. I just came to get my rhinestone gun. We left it in there. We wouldn't want Evie
to be even one rhinestone short when she wins her Grand Supreme title. But since we have
a moment alone, do you usually coach two children in the same pageant?\
It's my first time!\ Because Evie thought she'd have all of your
attention. She is suffering this sense of betrayal of distrust.\
Oh well Evie is so good she only needed half of my attention! Poppy, this is is not funny!
Your mommy and daddy are gonna be very upset when they don't see you on that stage!\
Because you assured us that she would win and that's why we brought the whole family
here-- her grandpa, her meema, her cousins from Long Island. They all took the train
out to see Evie win her first Grand Supreme crown.\
Well, she won the little miss crown.\ She has division titles. She wants a grand
supreme. You said a grand supreme.\ Well, let's hope the judges don't have their
sass in their ass! POPPY! POPPY! COME OUT!\ As you know, the grand supreme title winner
gets a $2000 prize today and Evie said to me just this morning that my dream is to win
the $2000 and give it to you and Daddy. And she always fulfills her dreams! I mean we
even bought her the fake teeth.\ And don't they make her look pretty?\
Are you suggesting that my daughter isn't naturally pretty?\
No! But every girl needs a little help. That is the first rule of femininity.\
Evie is pretty and perfect.\ Yes she is. Of course she is.\
Evie is a winner.\ She is a bright shining star!\
Say it.\ Say what?\
Evie is pretty and perfect!\ She is pretty and perfect!\
And she will win the grand supreme crown.\ And she will win the grand supreme crown.\
Louder!\ And she will win the grand supreme crown!\
And her sassy walk is so sassy!\ The sassiest!\
And they will pay us in cash!\ And I have no idea about that!\
Well, then, I'm so glad we agree. It's so important that this be a growth opportunity
for the children. Now open up that door and give me back my stuff, you little monster!\
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