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Episode 1
Ah Biao?
Ah Nan.
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B.O.N F u n S u b s © Band Of Nuts F u n S u b s PRESENTS Express Boy
Tie Nan, you must remember one thing...
People in this world may ostracize you, bully you, humiliate you, and laugh at you.
What you should do
is tolerate them, give in to them, let them be, avoid them...
ignore them.
You absolutely have to remember this.
Boss, we brought him.
It's you.
You're the one who's been helping the police?
Damn dead monkey! How much did Sir Lee give you?
Mute! [He means he won't disclose any information]
How about this. I'll give you a chance...
as long as you're willing to become one of my men.
Kill him!
Kill him!
Sir, they're all hiding in there.
Don't move!
Don't move!
The police are here!
What are they doing?
Don't move!
Boss, the police are here, hurry and leave.
Boss, let's go!
Hurry up!
Quick! Hurry and chase them!
Don't run!
Move! Calm down!
It's so scary! What do we do?
Tie Nan! Tie Nan hurry and leave!
Don't move...
Long Yan.
Long Yan...
F*ck, damned cop came to observe, huh?
Sir, you came to our house so late.
Did something happen?
The person wasn't killed by us.
Is this your man?
Saving his life is more important.
Can our personal differences be set aside for now?
That's not possible.
A life is at stake here. Help me this once, okay?
Dr. Su! Help!
Dr. Su, hurry up! Someone's about to die!
Dr. Su!
Dr. Su!
It's the middle of the night, what are you doing?
It's not me, it's that damn policeman.
What damn policeman?
Biao Ge, what is it? [Ge means brother but can be added on to show respect]
Oh, that...
Rong Rong, I'm sorry.
It's so late and we still woke you up.
It's that rascal's fault.
This one...
Hurry and bring him inside.
Hu Tie Nan!
Don't think that just because you're the boss's son,
you can do whatever you want in the gang.
Let me tell you,
if you keep listening to your cousin,
you will regret it!
Damn it! You're almost dead and you still dare to disagree with us!
I hate disloyal brothers the most! Today, you have betrayed the Express Boy Gang!
What else do you have to say?
Hu Tie Nan, you actually accuse me of betrayal?
Have I accused you wrongly?
You still won't admit that you were conspiring with Big Foot's gang?
Stab him to death...
Don't let him be so arrogant!
Kill him...
Ah Biao?
Ah Nan.
Nobody move!
Throw your weapons away! Lie down!
Lie down!
Sir, he's not breathing.
If you have something to say, say it quickly.
That boy that was just injured is named Long Yan.
He's my associate.
I know that this situation has nothing to do with you.
But that boy's identity has been exposed. He could be in danger at anytime.
So I hope that he can stay at Express Boy for the time being.
When all this is over,
I'll definitely take him somewhere else.
One sentence: It is okay or not?
I can't do it.
Don't refuse so quickly.
Including the one earlier, just count it as you helping me once, okay?
Please, I'm not a charity.
You think I'd keep him just because you said to?
Moreover, I haven't had my revenge on you for what happened that time.
I really don't understand.
Where did you hit your head that made you even think of finding me?
Sir, we're already doing normal work.
We also hope that you'll spare us and stop troubling us.
Also our brother Ah Nan hasn't seen his old gang for a long time.
That's right. We're not lacking men either.
Also, we only run a small business so we don't give loans.
You guys are mistaken. Policeman Lee,
why don't you ask your relatives for help?
This is Policeman Lee. Okay.
Ah Nan, I beg you.
Biao Ge!
Rong Rong, is that rascal okay?
How come Biao Ge left?
Maybe he has things to do at the station.
Who knows if it's real or fake.
Oh. That...
That boy is fine now.
But after he comes to, he needs a lot of rest.
Boss, you aren't really going to take in that rascal?
Oh yeah, you can't leave him here.
I don't have any nurses on night duty here.
I think sending him to a large hospital would be better and safer.
That rascal is Policeman Lee's...
Tie Nan, we'll go home first and take that little guy with us for now.
I'm going back with you.
No need! You can leave this to us.
Also, don't you have something that you want to discuss with Rong Rong?
We'll take care of it. You relax.
You two have a nice chat!
I never thought our Uncle Fei Long could be so caring!
Haven't you seen the way your Boss is every time he sees Dr. Su?
He only needs to see the girl that he likes
and he'll stammer, sweat, and get dizzy.
He's just like that.
But there's no need to behave like that
just because of the girl you like.
The police's assistant is really troublesome.
I think we should tell him to leave tomorrow.
Is this your first day working?
Don't you know that your boss
is very brave and loyal!
It's that bad.
You don't hate him anymore?
Hate who?
Lee Ah Biao?
What hate? He's a cop and I'm a criminal.
A cop catching a criminal has always been completely logical and understandable.
I really can't understand the two of you!
When you were kids, you were closer than brothers.
How come, now that you've grown up,
you hate each other to the point where one must die for the other to live?
I really don't get what you're doing.
I don't understand it either.
Actually, when we were younger, I really respected him.
In our village, he was the only to stand alone.
He didn't submit to pressure and join a gang.
He was always a lone hero.
I thought his mind was only filled with thoughts of loyalty and repaying kindness.
Who knew that when he fell in love, it would cause so much mayhem!
That's right. At that time, I also really respected him.
For his wife,
he actually disobeyed his father.
That's right. He was always so obedient to his father.
Before you came out, [She is referring to prison]
his wife passed away.
I heard about that already.
How about you? Do you have a boyfriend?
You're not young anymore.
How come every time you end up talking about me?
Besides, whether I'm young or old,
how is it any of your business?
It's not that I can't get a boyfriend,
just that right now I'm not in the mood to date.
What is it? Do you have to pick a lucky day and time?
I'm waiting for someone
Waiting for... an impossible person.
[Signs: Express Boy]
Express Boy!
- Fastest in the world! - Fastest in the world!
- Strongest in the universe! - Strongest in the universe!
Express Boy!
Doesn't matter if it's big or small packages, we deliver to the entire world!
Yo! Yo! Yo!
Today there are more customers than usual.
I'll be responsible for delivering to the eastern areas.
The western areas...
Let Uncle Fei Long take care of it.
Wei Jue Ye will handle the northern areas.
Boss, that means I'm southern areas.
I'll do the southern areas too.
You're responsible for looking after the house.
That's terrible! Why am I always the one to look after the house?
Yeah, Boss. You always take the eastern region.
The girls there are better looking.
I'm the boss.
One day as the leader, a lifetime as the Boss!
Uncle Fei Long.
I know.
F*ck. They must here to find that brat.
I knew that letting him stay wouldn't lead to anything good.
Not bad! Your mood's very good.
Express Boy! Yo! Yo! Yo!
If you have something to say, say it quickly!
How brave.
Now, hurry up and give me the person I want!
Which person?
Your wife going missing isn't any of our business.
Don't stand there joking around!
Be careful or I'll shoot your brains out!
Not bad. It even rhymed a bit!
Big Brother! Boss!
Fine! Beat them up!
Beat him up until even his own mother can't recognize him!
Stop fighting!
Stop fighting!
Don't move!
Still fighting?
Stop fighting all of you!
What are you doing?
You're good.
So that boy is actually the one Big Foot's gang is looking for.
Count it as me owing you one. However you want it is fine.
Take a look. He beat me so hard, my nose is bleeding.
I want to sue him!
If you have something to say, say it at the police station.
- Bring all of them back to the police station! - Yes!
- Don't move! - Raise your hands! Stand up straight!
Hu Tie Nan, you remember this!
I will definitely sue you until you can't even make a comeback!
Let's go...
Boss, are we really just going to drop it like that?
Didn't you want to sue him until he dies?
Are you fools? The old leader of Express Boy gang is still around.
We've got to leave him some dignity.
If anything were to happen to that Hu Tie Nan,
do you think he'd let us off easily?
But it's easy to avoid obvious attacks.
And hard to prepare against sneaky attacks.
F*ck! Damn fatso!
Ah Nan!
Now what?
I'm really very sorry.
I should have explained the situation.
Policemen don't have consciences anyway.
Alright. Now what?
Are you going to take him away?
I didn't expect Big Foot's gang to find him so fast.
I'm sorry. I miscalculated.
Didn't you say that the boy was your associate?
Why does Big Foot's gang want him so much?
He must want to use Long Yan to deal with the police.
Except Long Yan must have refused to submit to their threats
and ended up getting beaten like that.
You picked him well.
People that loyal are rare.
Ever since he was little, Long Yan hated his gambling father,
and wanted to be a policeman with all his heart.
It's a pity that he doesn't have enough education.
Look at how evil you policemen are.
Why do you always need to use other people's chivalry?
I will arrange for Long Yan to go south to hide.
But I'm a bit worried about you too.
You really humiliated Big Foot this time.
He will definitely strike back at you.
He doesn't have to go south.
It's fine to just leave him with me.
I thought you didn't want to be involved in underground issues anymore.
Who's getting involved in underground matters?
It's because I see that this boy is so brave and loyal.
But this is still too dangerous.
And you're actually a policeman!
Haven't you ever heard that the most dangerous place
is the safest place?
That's why I said, I don't approve of him staying here.
What do you mean? You don't approve? I don't approve either!
Ou Gu, do you approve?
Exactly. That's why I'm telling you that you must not
allow that boy to come back again.
What's up?
What's the result of the discussion?
Boss, I feel that boy...
Ah Nan, is everything okay?
Everything was settled privately.
That's good...
Come. Give some incense to thank to Goddess Guan Yin.
Thank her for her protection.
What is it now? Planning a revolt?
Boss, we aren't against you.
Wei Jue Ye is worried about everyone!
Ou Gu!
Tell me. What's the spirit of Express Boy?
To do good deeds! To be good people!
Very good.
I just talked with that damn policeman.
That boy will stay here for now.
Ah Nan, you must think about this clearly.
That boy offended Big Foot's gang.
We, Express Boy,
have ended our underground connections a long time ago.
Think about it.
We don't have power to fight
Big Foot's gang anymore.
Uncle Fei Long, I know what I'm doing.
I must keep this boy no matter what.
Think. He doesn't have any relatives or friends.
If we don't help him then nobody will.
In the end, he'll probably be taken by Big Foot's gang.
Tell him to get Sir Lee to adopt him as a godson.
That'll protect him!
I know you all mean well.
I don't want to let him stay
and bring everyone trouble.
I can't just ditch him.
Everyone needs a chance.
Maybe we are the ones destined to give him that chance.
Boss, have you been hypnotized?
Why isn't it Sir Lee who gives him that chance?
That Long Yan is his man after all.
Why is he giving him to you when something happens?
That's not right.
Wei Jue Ye, do you remember
why you came to Express Boy?
I know. If you hadn't helped,
I would have been killed by the Green Dragon gang by now. But...
Ou Gu, what about you?
The blood and tears of the past. They are not to be remembered.
You actually dare to say that?
Ou Gu was the most worried.
He was so smart,
but he didn't do anything worthwhile and went and joined those computer hackers
and spread computer viruses everywhere.
You! If Ah Nan hadn't brought you here back then,
you would have been caught by the police.
Helping you was a good thing.
Helping him is a sin?
Give others a chance.
Everyone, I'm going to deliver things now.
Wei Jue Yie!
If Big Foot's gang comes for him again,
I will ask him to leave again.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine now.
I just saw everything that happened.
Uncle Fei Long wouldn't let me go out.
What are you thanking me for? No need to thank me.
Just focus on recovering for now.
We'll talk after you're better.
Thank you for helping me.
But, I really can't stay here.
Afraid that Wei Jue Ye and the others will give you trouble?
It's not that. I want to ask Sir Lee first
and see what plans he's made.
He arranged for you to stay here.
I can't stay here.
Big Foot's gang won't give up so easily.
Besides, I still have a job.
Do you think that if you went back now you could still help the police?
No matter what,
I still have to discuss things with Sir Lee.
What's that supposed to mean?
Pretending to be a hero, displaying your loyalty?
I just... don't want to be a burden.
Do you want to get beaten up again?
Do you think that by leaving, everything will be solved?
What power do you have to fix these things anyway?
Are you not listening to Sir Lee's instructions?
Or are you looking down on me, Hu Tie Nan?
I don't have those intentions.
I don't care. If you don't want to get us involved, that's fine.
If you don't want to stay, that's also fine.
Don't worry about Big Foot's gang.
You don't have the ability to do anything anyway.
If you consider that damn policeman to be your boss
then be obedient and stay here.
Now that he handed you to me,
it's my responsibility to take care of you. Do you hear me?
Nan Ge.
Don't say anymore! That's the way it is!
Ah Nan.
Rong Rong!
Uncle Fei Long told me that you guys were here.
I came to check on Long Yan.
I forgot!
I still have to bring him to the hospital for a check-up.
I just knew that you wouldn't listen to a doctor so I came here myself to check.
Long Yan, this is Doctor Su.
She's the one who saved you.
I know.
The famous Doctor Su of the Underground
who treats the rich and poor, regardless from which gang.
You're a sweet talker.
Come. I'll take a look at you.
Ah Nan.
Ah Nan.
What is it?
What's wrong with you today? Didn't you get enough sleep?
Doctor Su is about to leave.
Leaving so fast?
Yeah, in the afternoon I have to go back and see a patient.
Long Yan is fine now
but he needs to rest more and take his medicine.
Okay. I'll remember to do that.
Why must you remember to do it?
The one who is injured is Long Yan, not you.
What's wrong with you today? You're acting weird.
No. What I meant was
I will remember to make him take his medicine.
- Okay. Bye bye. - Bye.
How are they doing?
The boy should be fine.
All his wounds were superficial anyway.
What about Ah Nan?
Ah Nan? What's wrong with Ah Nan?
Something happened to Ah Nan this morning.
This morning?
What happened to him?
Big Foot went to Express Boy looking for someone.
But didn't they already stop fighting and decided to leave each other alone?
Big foot was looking for someone.
Looking for someone?
Long Yan is your man.
Then you put him next to my big brother as a spy.
So that's why my big brother went looking for Ah Nan again.
You're so smart.
But I'm not letting my emotions get in the way of work.
I'm not biased towards anyone.
I know. I can understand.
You don't have to explain to me.
My big brother,
whatever he does isn't any of my business.
I won't try to protect him anymore.
Actually, I know
that you're always very worried about your big brother.
Ah Nan.
How come he didn't tell me anything?
That guy just likes to act tough.
I already talked to him. He shouldn't have any problems.
No matter what,
thank you for helping me take care of Long Yan.
What are you thanking me for?
I'd definitely help you.
How about this? Some other day you can treat me to coffee?
No problem.
That's right. I have some things to do. I'll be leaving first.
- Bye bye. - Bye bye.
Is this really fine like this?
Are you worried that you brother would give me trouble?
I'm worried about your bad temper.
Relax. Now, I'm the
essence of good deeds and good people.
Okay, okay.
The most I'll promise you is
next time I see your brother,
I won't call him a damned fatso.
You called him a damned fatso?
No wonder you guys started fighting.
Hey. Why don't you let Biao Ge
take Long Yan to the south to hide?
That boy worships Lee Ah Biao.
He always wanted to be a policeman.
What do other people wanting to be policeman have to do with you?
Lee Ah Biao's personality...
It's not like you don't understand it.
When have you ever seen him beg someone?
Biao begged you for help because of Long Yan.
That shows that he's very worried about Long Yan.
- But... - Aiyo. Don't say so much.
Come. I'll teach you how to skip rocks.
I don't know how!
I'll teach you!
How do you do it?
Hold this.
Look carefully.
Look! 3 skips!
Really, that's nice.
You need to bend lower.
F*ck! I really don't understand those women.
Why do they only look at you but not at me?
They don't understand that I'm the only good man left in this world.
Let me tell you what those women want.
If the boy isn't bad, women won't love him.
That doesn't make any sense.
What are you doing?
No manners.
Your fish?
Obviously! These fish are really expensive, okay?
If you don't know, then don't touch them.
Are you mute? Don't know how to say sorry?
I didn't do anything wrong.
Why should I apologize?
Are you looking down on me?
Don't think that just because Boss is keeping you here,
you can act arrogant!
I, Wei Jue Ye, didn't agree to this yet.
So when your boss gives an order,
he still needs your approval?
Stop trying to start something.
Your angelfish is pregnant.
You'd better separate her and put her in another tank.
F*ck! He's acting smart!
Do you understand what I said?
Are you going to apologize or not?
I didn't aggravate you. So don't aggravate me either!
He's talking back to you! He's talking back!
What's wrong with you? Who do you think you are?
What's the matter now?
Wei Jue Ye, what are you doing? Stop it!
Okay...Stop it!
Don't fight! It's okay!
Stop fighting...
Don't fight!
Boss, you're serious?
You know what pain feels like too?
Both of you were fine. Why did you start fighting?
It was Long Yan who started it.
Boss, did you know that he fooled around with my girls.
Those fish are the most precious to him.
Don't touch them in the future.
Also, he even got his fish
Ou Gu, what are you talking about?
Okay. No matter what,
fighting is wrong. Uncle Fei Long...
By the rules of this gang...
Uncle Fei Long!
By the rules of this company,
whoever causes trouble or fights on the premises
will be sentenced to run three rounds on the 6 km route.
No way!
I'm not your little brother. [He doesn't belong to the company]
But if you're going to punish someone, punish everyone.
I won't run away from my responsibilities.
Okay, very good.
Boss, don't do it.
But can it be a little less?
6.5 km!
7 km!
Why do I have to run too?
It's none of my business.
You were urging them to fight
instead of stopping them.
Of course you were involved! Continue running!
Ah Nan, have you decided to let that Long Yan boy
stay here?
If not, then what?
We can't just ditch him on the side of the road
and let him get run over by passing vehicles or be bitten to death by dogs.
I think that
making Wei Jue Ye and the others accept Long Yan
will be very difficult.
Should we arrange for them
to go on a mission together?
Is that a good idea?
Express Boy! Whether it's big or small,
we will deliver to the whole world! Yo! Yo! Yo!
We have received another secret mission!
This, of course, should be given to me.
This girl is called Elva.
She's already been away from home for two months.
Her father wants us to send her a letter.
Send a letter? Why isn't he making a police report?
That's right! Wouldn't going to the police be faster?
If the police could solve this problem,
he wouldn't have come to us.
The important thing is
this girl's father
is the director of a major corporation.
She ran away from home because they often had conflicts.
He's afraid that this would be exposed if he went to the police.
So it's another father who won't risk his reputation or pride.
He doesn't actually care about his daughter's feelings at all.
If we successfully complete this mission, the reward will be a large amount.
No problem.
This is all the related information.
I want all of you to put in a lot of effort!
Elva gets really angry
when she hears her father's name.
Do you have her usual hang out spots?
I've seen her before!
So it wasn't a dream! It was real!
I know where we can find her!
That's good! Then let me officially announce
that this mission will be given to
Long Yan and Wei Jue Ye together.
No way!
I really don't understand that boss.
He actually asked a greenhorn to go on a mission with me!
If you don't like it, you don't have to follow me. I can do it by myself.
What are you being so arrogant for?
Anyway, for a team to work well together,
isn't mutual trust the most important thing?
If you don't believe me,
how are we going to work together?
Is your friend's information dependable?
The target has appeared!
OH MY GOD! She's so hot!
If she gets ruined by that man, that's too pitiful!
No way! I must go and save her from her misery!
Wait for me!
Come on! Get inside!
Wait a moment!
We've already waited for so long. What are we waiting for?
Waiting a moment won't kill you. Just wait!
I already paid you!
Hurry... go...
Let go of me! Wait a second!
Why are you dragging my classmate inside?
Your classmate?
That's right! We're only high school students!
We're not even 18 yet.
High school students?
I don't care. I already paid her.
Go... let's go!
Let go of me!
What do you mean let go? Hurry up!
There's a sex maniac! Help!
You two are playing Xian Ren Tiao! [Xian Ren Tiao: conning men with their beauty by pretending to be prostitutes and students]
Boss, it's these two.
- These two are the ones who've been playing Xian Ren Tiao? - Yes.
Take them away!
Go! Go with me!
Stop screaming!
Don't wail!
Let me go!
Why didn't you let me go and save them?
Didn't you see? We were outnumbered!
Don't act on impulse!
- Shut up. - Help...
Shut up!
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