Spore in HD- HARD MODE- Part 10 FINAL- Civ Stage- Herbivore Playthrough

Uploaded by 9000productions on 01.06.2009

We've done it...
It's finally over.
(Blue HQ) No, Commander! Ohhh, you'll pay for this.
(Blue HQ) Fire all missiles!
(C.O. Quines) No....
(Phael HQ) No, sir!
(Phael HQ) We need medical attention over here.
(C.O. Quines) Splode, give me the strength to save my people.
Fanatical Uprising!
(Blue HQ) Something's stopping the missiles.
(Blue HQ) What is going on?
(Blue HQ) Noooooooooooooooo!
at last.