GoPro Steadicam - DIY Camera Stabilizer Explained

Uploaded by catascouts on 28.10.2011

Hello, friends!
This is Constantin.
And I’m here today to discuss with you about my new steadicam design. Because I’ve been
getting a lot of questions on email about this particular setup that I have here.
So, just I want to give some explanations about it.
This is the gimbal. This is plastic. This is also plastic.
And what you see here is a mountain bike handlebar grip. It’s like a sponge. Just to hold the
gimbal better.
This is a pipe that goes into the 90 degree piece. This was also machine worked so, as
you can see, this is thicker here because it need to go inside. Perfect fit.
This is a 90 degree piece. This was also machine worked. Because the bearings were actually
larger than the diameter of this pipe. So, this was machine worked.
Again, a perfect fit.
Now, at some point I’m gonna add some resin glue inside to hold this forever. But for
noe, I use it just like this.
The fit is very good so no need... I can also heat this margin and fold it against the bearing.
Hope you can see that.
So I can heat this and fold it on the bearing.
Now this is an Omega piece, that holds the cable on the wall. I just bent these... These
were bent 90 degrees here. I made them flat. There were some holes there, I just made them
larger. Okay.
And this basically holds the gimbal and the handle together.
This is a self locking nut. Again, the other one is also a self locking nut. And inside a bearing.
This was also machine worked because it was the same issue: the ball bearing was too large
for the pipe.
And here, ball bearing inside. The same here. But the difference here - I added some washers
so these 2 nuts can be further (from the bearing) - not inside there because I couldn't access
Okay. Now we have the camera plate. The design is pretty simple and functional.
So this is Alubond. And I have these holes here made in such a way that the head of the
bolts are buried inside. So anything you place on it, it shouldn’t have any obstacles.
Again, self locking nuts. These are 6 mm bolts.
So, this is the GoPro mount for my steadicam.
It’s just another piece of Alubond with this bolt here. So you can slide it. You can
rotate it. You can do fine adjustments to calibrate the rig.
So this is the bolt here. Pretty simple.
Then we have this plate. The down plate, the bottom plate.
And we just loosen these two wing nuts. Then...a bit more... Then you can just slide it like
this so you can adjust the balance of the steadicam.
This is... You need to have this spring washer. You can see it there... Hope you see it...
For a firmer hold. When you tighten these, that spring washer makes it a better hold
- gives it a better hold.
And I also added these washers here because this was too light.
This is Zinc...Iron...but this is really light. It’s aluminum and plastic so this was too
light and I needed to raise this too high.
And when I had this bottom weights plate too high, I touched it with the gimbal. So I made
this heavier and if this is heavier this must go lower on the shaft. So everything is good
Okay, what else?
Oh. Let me just show you how to mount your GoPro here.
So this is the sticky mount that you stick it and stays there forever.
Just slide the camera. That’s it. You’re good to go.
And you can also adjust the GoPro. It allows you to adjust like this so you can fine tune
the balance.
You can slide it sideways or you can slide it with the whole plate.
Let me put this back on. Okay.
So this is the setup that I work with.
Now here we have the bottom plate with the weights.
If you have a DSLR and you need to add lots of weights (and of course you need to add
lots of weights) you don’t have to add all the weights here. Because if you add lots
of weights to the extremities of the plate, this will probably bend.
So what you can do instead is, either fill this with washers (the shaft) or you can add
2 extra bolts and place theme here, at this end of the channels. And when you have them
there, there’ll be no problem.
And you only need some small weights here so you can fine tune the balance. But the
bulk of the weight you can have it here on the shaft.
So that’s it.
Thanks for watching! Bye bye!