Skins S04E02 Emily

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{\a3}The police would like to interview you all.
{\a3}Somebody gave that girl drugs.
{\a3}- So? - I'll fucking...
{\a3}Thomas! It was me! Cook dealt me the powder.
{\a3}I slept with someone who wasn't you.
{\a3}I told him I never want to see him.
{\a3}Well done. He needs to think about what he did.
{\a3}I'm going to... expel you.
The postman just looked at my tits!
Yeah, he does that.
You're supposed to be planning us a route across Mexico.
Sorry, I got bored waiting for my garibaldis.
Can you turn away a minute?
Turn back.
I saw these a while ago, and...
I love you.
Yeah, I know.
Don't forget it, though.
How do I look?
What are you doing?
Just clearing some space.
Fitch hug.
You too, big man.
Oh, Mum. He wants to hug me again.
Hug your father.
Emily, in here, please.
Can you take that stupid thing off your head?
We need to talk about your options for next year.
I'm going to Mexico with Naomi.
Don't worry. It's all worked out.
Well, a lot can change in a year, missy.
Why don't you look at these in the meantime?
Have you seen my phone?
You have six missed calls.
All from me.
Morning, Jenna. You're looking very beautiful today.
See you at lunch.
Yeah. See you.
What's the matter?
Forgot for a second.
Ah, girls. Good. Follow me.
Actually, don't. We're late.
Frankly, Emily, I don't give a damn.
The police are back and they want to talk to you both about Sophia Moore.
So come along, ladies. This way.
So, how close were you to Sophia?
We didn't know her.
- Did you know her, Emily? - No.
You sure?
We heard you three were quite chummy.
Well, we weren't.
Have you ever used MDMA?
Uh... it's illegal.
We found traces of it in Sophia's blood.
We think she might have bought it in the club.
Did you see Sophia at the party?
We only saw her...
We were only at the party for ten minutes or so.
We went home long before... before the accident.
We didn't see her.
Emily said you did.
Um... no. I meant since the party. There's been posters everywhere.
What are you looking for, exactly?
Just want more of a complete picture.
We just want the truth.
Why did we just lie to the police?
It's me. What's going on?
I did see her at the party.
It was me who sold her the MDMA.
Since when are you dealing?
I needed some money and I thought if I just went in on this MDMA...
I could have lent you some money.
It was for these.
I thought I could keep you safe.
I'm sorry.
Who gave you the MDMA?
- Why did you give them our names? - Em, calm down.
Course I didn't, man. Chillax.
- They ain't got nothing on us. - And you know that, do you?
I nicked the fella's briefcase. He's a fucking Bristol Rovers fan.
His mum leaves notes in his sandwiches. Look at that.
- But what if they do know? - That's what'll fuck this.
Getting scared, poking around, causing a fucking scene in the corridors.
- He's right. - Mum's the word, girls.
Don't you want to know why they had our names?
- Why not? - Because I don't want to go to jail.
Could you just mind your own fucking business for once, please?
Ok. Sorry.
We just have to act like everything's fine.
See you later.
I'm a friend of Sophia's.
Thank you for the flowers.
Sorry. What was your name again?
She never mentioned a Nancy.
But that's Sophia for you.
How did you know her?
Just from... college and stuff.
Are you in with Naomi and Emily and that crowd?
Um... yeah. I see them sometimes.
I thought they'd have called round by now.
- Sophia talked about them nonstop. - Did she?
Did she ever talk to you about me?
She really... loved you.
You're lying to me.
It's kind of you.
Hi, Matt. This is Nancy.
Friend of your sister's.
I'm going upstairs.
Would you like to see her room?
She never used to let me go in there.
It was always so messy.
If you want a memento, just... just let me see what you've taken.
I'll leave you to it.
What are you doing?
What's your name again?
- Nancy. - Sophia never mentioned a Nancy.
Did you know someone gave her drugs the night she died?
I didn't know.
Were you her girlfriend?
What? No. Girlfriend?
You're fucking lying to me.
They're saying she killed herself.
That's bollocks.
I know she didn't do that. How?
Cos she didn't say goodbye to me.
I'm so sorry.
I found this.
Get out.
Hi, chicken. What's the matter?
Is my mum here?
Is it... whatshisname? JJ? Your mum said he was nice.
Now, if he's cheated on you, love,
the thing to remember about young boys
is that most of them would fuck a snake if you put make-up on it.
You can't take it personally. Hmm?
You told Graham I was straight?
Well, he's known you since you were a little girl.
He's gay as a window!
He's an adult. He's earned the right to be gay.
You're too young to know what you are.
I know, Mum.
Oh, you bastard!
You think you know.
Is there any specific reason why you've been crying? Maybe Naomi?
No, we're fine.
You should go travelling to find yourself.
Wouldn't she just get in the way?
She's my fucking girlfriend!
You've got nothing to do with this.
All right. All right!
Wouldn't you like to set out on an adventure?
No! Get used to it!
So... what if I was to give you lb1,000?
- Would that change things? - What?!
- Now you're bribing me. - Oh, Emily. Your mind!
I'm just trying to help you.
Naomi's not right for you.
And there's something about her...
something I don't quite like.
I'm just telling you.
Shove it up your tits.
Jen, please, they're planning work down there.
- So how was your bath? - What bath?
The one you popped home to take about three months ago.
Right. I went to Italy.
Si. How was your summer?
Not bad. Got chlamydia.
- Wow! Exotic. - That's what I said.
Then I realised Cook had it as well
and it didn't feel quite so special, if you know what I mean.
I bet it liked you more.
So, who gave it to who?
We didn't. There was an intermediary.
And you're... all clear now?
Oh! Yeah, fine now.
Clear as a... bell.
Not sure about him, though.
It's you I spent all summer thinking about.
So what is it?
Is it my food or my winning personality today?
Have you ever... loved someone and then...
something happens and...
you wonder if perhaps you didn't ever know them at all?
Do you trust her?
What? No?
- What? No, I don't need to. - But... if you two got together,
wouldn't you be worried she might fuck Cook again?
That hurt!
Emily, I'm sorry.
I'm just a bit busy at the minute, ok?
Why didn't you tell me you knew her?
I met her once, at an open day.
What open day?
It was an open day. What does it matter?
We're going travelling next year. We decided.
You decided.
Look, I went to an open day,
I met a girl, we talked... that's it.
You should have told me.
Well, how could I, without telling you where I met her?
I didn't want a referendum on our relationship over a stupid open day.
- Did you know she was gay? - I met her once.
Did you fuck her?
No! You think I'd shag some random girl behind your back?
I'm not saying you did it. Well, what are you saying?
- I'm just asking. - Why are you acting like this?
- Her mum seems to think we knew her. - What?
I went to her house today.
You promised me you'd stay out of it.
Stay out of it.
Do you know what this is for?
Something to do with the Army.
Probably her cadet locker key.
How do you even know that, Naomi?
Where are you going?
I'm going to find out if you're lying.
Oh, nice!
Let's go, then.
Left! Right! Left! Right!
Left! Right! Left! Right!
What the fuck?
That's my old toothbrush.
It's your bracelet.
Is this the one you lost?
She went through my rubbish.
Close it.
Please, close it.
It's ok.
Left! Right! Left! Right!
Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right!
Left! Left!
Right! Left!
Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right!
Left! Right! Left!
She stalked me.
You're very stalkable.
One, two, three, four.
Sam's a post room co-ordinator.
Oh, very nice.
Oh, yeah. He's, like, responsible. Aren't you, sweetie?
Yeah, babe.
No more room for carrot flan, Rob?
Think I've had too much of a good thing, love.
I love carrots. This stuff is off the hook, Jenna.
Oh, thank you, Samuel. That is so sweet of you.
This one's a keeper, isn't he, Katie-kins?
He's an arse-licker is what he is. But we're letting that one go.
Is Naomi coming?
No, Naomi couldn't make it.
Oh. I wanted to show her my new number.
Stop calling it a number.
A lot of boys become very curious in women's clothing
once they approach pub-erty.
It's called pu-berty, little dude.
Sam's really clever. Ain't you, babes?
- Why is he here? - Because he's my new boyfriend.
Eat your flan. You said Naomi couldn't come to a family dinner.
This is a six-seater table, Emily. What do you want me to do?
Anyway, this dinner is a happy time
because yesterday I got my kick-starter takeoff loan approved.
As from next week, I'm quitting the salon
and will become the managing director
of Bristol's premier new wedding-planning service...
Let's Get Fitched!
Let's Get Fitched?
Let's Get Fitched... get it?
Yeah. That's good.
Yeah, but... I thought we were going to talk about that.
We did, Rob. And we decided.
This is my shimmering dream.
Ah! Toast?
Got the really expensive stuff as well.
I've lost the gym.
I've lost it, love.
No! But that's your gym, Rob.
It's the bank's gym now.
You're unemployed?
YYeah, love.
I'm bankrupt. But don't worry.
I've got an inside tip that they're going to be recruiting at Virgin Active.
But what about money? I mean, we need money.
I was going to give Emily money.
- I don't want it. - What money?
She was going to bribe me not to go travelling with Naomi.
It is not a bribe. It's just money I promised my daughter.
Yeah? Well, where's my money?
No-one's getting any money.
- I'm giving Emily money. - I don't want it.
Don't you get it? I want Naomi.
I want to fuck Naomi.
What? I do. Get over it.
Did you just hear what he said?
She is attractive, love.
Fuck, Rob! He said "fuck"!
Now do you see what she's done to our family?
- I'm moving out. - Don't be rash, love.
Britney, stop saying "fuck". Emsy, sit down.
No. I don't want to live here any more.
Fine. Get out. Go on. Get out!
You're not welcome in this home any more!
You or Naomi!
That's my top.
You know Mum doesn't mean to be a total bitch.
Yes, she does. And you let her.
She's trying to help you.
It's all fake.
This whole family's fake.
I'm not fake.
Fake tan? Fake boyfriend.
Fake concern.
I am concerned! Bitch!
And for your information, I was in the sun for five hours today.
And as for my boyfriend, he may be little,
but for your further information,
he's sweet, trustworthy and totally hung, ok?
Who said I was little?
Can you get the fuck out, babes?
He's definitely a keeper.
God, you're a selfish cow.
- Oh, fuck off, Kate. - Please don't go.
I'll back you up.
You want to pick a better fake name next time.
There's no Nancys at Roundview.
And only one red-haired girl with a moped.
- You've been checking up on me? - You lied.
I think it's pretty clear.
She killed herself.
No. And it wasn't Naomi, ok?
She didn't know either of us. She lied about that.
- She wouldn't lie to me. - She lied to everyone!
I'm sorry you feel angry at her but it's really not my fucking problem.
I need the truth.
This isn't all of it.
Emily, what are you scared of?
We can help each other.
Is it so out of the question that I might know what's best?
I'm not talking to you.
I don't want you to move out.
I don't care.
I'm just trying to help you!
Fuck off!
"What is it, Sophia? What did you lock up?"
Yes. Fucking...
Oh, no. It's ok. It's just Emily.
Who was that?
Oh, just my mum.
What's all this?
I'm moving in.
Uh... isn't that the sort of thing people usually discuss?
I need to, ok?
- Ok? - Ok!
Although, in many ways, it's sort of a violation.
But fuck it. It's ok.
Really! It'll be great.
You can be my pyjamas.
You need to do something about your moustache.
Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!
This is just kind of terrible.
Fuck it!
If it's rubbish, we'll just go back to ours.
Stay alive! I will find you.
How you doing?
This is the worst party I've ever been to.
The worst.
Panda's giving Thommo a dose of the old look-at-me routine.
You know how it is...
letting your exes know that you're out there,
that other people find you attractive...
That everything you thought you had together...
they can do without it.
That they don't need you.
That guy over there keeps staring at you.
I merely observed.
Let it go.
Let it go before you screw everything up.
Cook, excuse me?
I don't want to see your muff.
Emilio looks jealous.
It's probably still not too late to be overcome by desire with me.
I could turn you, deffo.
Fuck off.
No, I'm serious.
It's probably been a while, innit, since you've seen one of these.
Look, mine is totally oustanding, man.
What's up, Emilio, man?
Why are you hiding in the pisser?
Do you ever get jealous, Cook?
If your shag's a shag,
then you're always going to get your heart ripped out somewhere, aren't you?
What do you do about it?
You just burn, kid.
You just burn. You just keep it on the inside.
Is that possible?
Cos you look a bit stupid if you don't, don't you?
Look at me, love. Happy.
You don't tell any of my secrets and I won't tell any of yours.
Or we could just go out there in a blaze of glory.
Dance, my flunky?
- You got it. - Come on, then, kid.
Oh, sorry.
- Cook! - Get off me now. Get off!
What are you doing?!
That's all! Who fucking wants one now?
I need to see you.
"No, now.
I've got something I need to show you.
Why did you?
Why here?
I dunno.
This is where it ends.
I've got something to show you.
I think she wanted you to have this.
I got it from her cadet locker.
I need to know what's in there.
Me too.
It's her work... her diary, you know?
Can't we just leave it?
I don't think we can, Naomes.
She's dead. Let it go.
I can't.
See you round.
Can't we just go home?
Matt, come back!
Emily, please!
Emily! Wait!
Can't we just go home?
I don't think so.
I made this for her.
Woodwork, you know?
"I can't stop crying."
"I've tried to stop thinking, but it doesn't work.
You don't expect stuff to happen.
You can't control it.
You can't control anything.
So I'm at this stupid open day and everyone's snotty and rude,
and then I see someone.
I'd never even spoken to her at Roundview.
It didn't seem to matter because then everything got really fun.
And by the time we were on our way home,
we were telling secrets.
I wanted to move my hand.
I wanted to move it so much.
And then she moved hers.
I wish I'd told Naomi how easy it is for me to love someone.
We're all lonely and all we want is for someone to...
you know, pay attention
and tell us we're beautiful and cute
and say that they want to..."
I don't believe it.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!
You've ruined it.
You don't want anyone to care.
I could be dead in a second.
so... fragile.
Didn't you realise that?
We were special.
- I was scared! - You're always scared.
Naomi cheated.
And... I don't know why she did that.
Oh, love.
Sweet girl.
I hate her.
- I know you do. - I hate her!
I know, love. It's ok.
Listen, I want to tell you something.
Listen to me.
You know, I cheated on your mum once.
I was young. I was too young. I was 19.
I'd been married for two years.
Her family always saying what's what.
Scottish people.
God knows I regretted it.
Your Aunty Julie's no better-looking now than what she was then.
Her sister!
People do stupid things
when they're trying to act like they're not trapped.
Was it ever the same again?
It was worse.
And then it was ok.
Then it got better.
And then we got you.
We got all the things we love.
Did she hate herself for taking you back?
Hate herself? What for?
She didn't do anything wrong.
She hated me, though.
For a very, very, very long time.
She's tough, your mum, you know. You want to be glad of that.
I'm not like her, Dad.
That's okay, too.
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