Real Love, Episode 4, Chapter 1

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What do I have to do?
It's something...
...about my baby sister!
Velarde can't lend money to us!
Don't think about it now
How can you ask me that if I have to pay for the Farm's mortgage in a few days?
We have to believe in God!
Are you feeling better, my daughter?
Better, thanks
How is my father?
What do you think? He still tired but...
He is getting dress now because Manoel Fuentes Guerra is coming to visit us
Why he is coming?
Your father wanna say thanks for help him yesterday and I invited him for lunch
So please, I beg you be nice to him!
Mama, tell me the truth, please! You and Mr. Fuentes Guerra talked about me?
Ok but it's so weird he is coming here all the time
I'll tell you the truth
Velarde can't lend money to your father and Humberto became a good friend of Manoel...
I've been thinking to ask him for help!
Why him? We have another friends!
Well, because Manoel is not from here and it's better to keep our problems in secret!
So, get dress and don't be late for lunch!
Coming in, Mr Fuentes Guerra
Please to meet you!
My pleasure, General
Have a sit, please
I wanna say thank you for your help
If you wasn't help me maybe instead of a lunch we'd have a funeral in the house
Oh no, sir! It wasn't so bad!
Maybe you are right
Anyway I wanna say thank you from my heart and I hope to do something for you too
The most important is that you feel better now
So you are son of Don Joaquin
Yes, from his second marriage!
Unfortunate I didn't know much your father
He used to came to Trinidad Ville but I never saw him in social events
I think he prefers his farms!
How are you going with the Farms?
Well, although the vandalism and my cattle being stolen, I'll have a great harvest this year!
I think the simple life could be boring to a young man
Actually I have so much work to do that I don't have time to become boring and I prefer to work than social events
I'm surprised! The most part of youngers prefers to have fun than work hard and you is different! I like it!
Oh, don't tell me, aunt!
You always know about my mother plans!
Well, what if she gave permission to Fuentes Guerra comes to see you? What is wrong about it?
You know I'm engaged with Adolfo!
You cannot be engaged with a man who your family doesn't know!
I know who he is and that is enough!
Would you like some juice?
Yes, please
I like to know still exists young men who has responsability
Totally opposite to my son Humberto! He is an irresponsible!
Don't bother Mr. Fuentes Guerra with family problems
Besides is time for lunch!
I would you like to join you but my doctor said that I have to stay in bed!
And you don't listen to him!
You'll have another opportunity to talk to Mr. Fuentes Guerra
Because he wants to keep visiting us...
He told me about his interest for our daughter Matilde
Oh Really?
Yes, if you give me your permission, sir!
I thought the General already knew
I haven't time to talk to him but you saw he likes you
What about your daughter?
She doesn't know nothing like we deal in yor house, remember?
What I asked to you is not talk about my financially help but of course I want you talk about my interest for her
Oh, sorry!
I think I didn't understand!
But don't worry! I'll talk to her later
Come with me, please
Hilário adored Don Manoel's visit
Do you remember my sister, Prudência?
Yes, of course
How are you?
I'm good! I won't ask about you because you look gorgeous!
Your mother told me you've been sick!
It's just a flu! I'm feeling better now, thanks
You talk to Matilde for a while, Manoel I'm going to the kitchen, be right back!
Good afternoon
I wanna talk to General Peñalverde I'm Tenent Adolfo Soliz
I speak to him, Eugênia
Yes, m'am
How dare you to come to my house?
So you are Matilde's mother!
Yes and I want that you leave this house immediatelly!
Please, Doña, let me talk to your husband!
My husband is sick and he is not receiving visitors
Especially from you that came to humiliate him with an absurd idea!
I'm a military like your husband!
Oh, don't tell me!
Between you and him there's an abysm
You must understand...
We'll never let our daughter...
...marry with a miserable like you!
I'm sorry to bother you!
Excuse me!