Happy (2006) *HD* w/ Eng Sub - Telugu Movie - Part 2

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She might even say you ''l love you''
You are used to it, aren't you?
He is torturing me.
Why do you trouble her for such silly things?
My seat. - lt's behind you. Come.
He doesn't believe that my name is Pentaiah.
Even l won't believe you. -Why?
Pentaiah is my brother.
l told him to cancel the ticket. But he sold it to you.
l pulled my own legs.
What happened?
Where are you going?
What happened?
l missed the bag which contains ourtickets & money.
Pentaiah might help us. Shall we ask him for help?
You go & bring him.
Come. -Very urgent?
Please show us something... - She's punjabi, doesn't know telugu.
We lost ourtickets. Save us from the T.T.
Okay. What is your name?
Why should l tell you?
Then why should l help you? - Tell him.
Kanthamma. -What?
lf you can be Pentaiah, can't l be Kanthamma?
What is your name? - Pichamma.
You said you're a Punjabi. -Athamma singh.
All of you go to the bathroom. -Why?
Do as l say. Go.
Why did squeeze all into the bathroom?- Keep quiet.
Who is inside? - Move.
ls it you Pentaiah? -Yes sir.
Carry on.
Saw how l managed it.
What if the T.T. comes back once we go out?
Show him the tickets.
How is it possible? Tickets are in the missing bag.
ls this your missing bag?
Greetings sir.
ls he short-sighted?
Was he sleeping till now?
What is it?
My name is Bunny. l am from Vizag.
Did you come from Vizag to say this?
Recommendation letter?
To Respected Appala Naidu...
Did you think l will say this.
l will slap you. You're not so great.
You will come up only if you stop sleeping with your eyes wide open.
A small obligation.
He is a very good boy.
My relative.
He is an orphan.
He got admission in MBA.
He wants to work & study.
So, give him a good job.
My recommendation is very high.
After reading the letter, he will look at you.
Give him a smile.
Now he will ask you a question.
ls that idiot still alive?
My life got ruined because of him.
During my school days, he squeezed me into pulp.
l've come to this level after a lot of hard work.
l would've given you job if you hadn't come with his letter.
Now, no job foryou. Get out.
l'm busy with my business.
What should l do now?
What is this nuisance? - l don't know sir.
Sir, medical college gang is back.
When they were teasing girls, l objected them and they hit me.
They have become a daily menace.
l will take care of them.
You refused to offer me a job on seeing the letter.
Atleast look at my skills and offer me a job.
What skills?
Why are you closing your ears?
l can't fight without music.
Fight & music? - Keep watching.
Looks like you are teasing girls.
lnstead of exhibiting yourfighting skills, you are getting beaten up.
Sorry sir. There are no batteries in the walkman.
Play any music.
Play the music.
Didn't l tell you that l will beat them to pulp if there is music?
Play some music.
Play some music, fast.
Someone please sing atleast.
Hit a six.
Play rough.
March ahead against all odds.
Victory is a must in a contest.
They must get admitted in hospital.
Beat them like a mega star.
Beat them to pulp.
Beat them to pulp.
Stop it.
He will die if you hit him more.
Thanks brother.
You must do all kinds of work in the shop,
and should do door delivery.
Food, shelter & an egg everyday is free
Work in the morning. Go to college in the evening.
lf you don't deliver in 30 minutes,
No pay.
Come let's go, friends.
l'm now a Hyderabadi.
lt has given me shelter.
Hyderabad is incomparable.
Everybody here is what they want to be.
We win heart with love.
lt's memorable always.
Get back & see. Girls are so pretty.
Let's contest & fight.
This is Cyber city.
There is competition everywhere.
They love their duty & also party.
lf you think it is only a city of pearls and bangles, you're mistaken.
lf you look at the fast growth rate, you will be surprised.
The city is famous for Golconda, Salarjung & Charminar.
But people are always seen in Necklace road, lMAX theatre.
This is a city with lot of life.
This is our New home.
With life so busy all around,