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Here it comes...
Here it comes...
- Let in 200. - 200.
in cooperation with
with contributions from
the State Fund for Promotion and Development of Czech Cinematography
present a film reality show
Welcome, dear viewers.
The intro you're watching is sort of like an advertisement for our film.
We're in a parking lot situated next to a meadow
where we'll build the front of our hypermarket.
One that will never exist. It will just be a front wall.
We've called the hypermarket the Czech Dream.
First, let us introduce ourselves.
This is Vít Klusák and I'm Filip Remunda.
We study at the Film Academy in Prague and this is our final project.
During the film, we'll visit a world-renowned advertising agency
who will create the ad campaign for our fictitious hypermarket.
It'll be the kind of campaign we're all familiar with.
The kind with ads that are always in your face.
We'll have our own TV and radio spots,
ads in newspapers and magazines and 400 City lights in Prague.
We'll have a website and items like ketchup and mineral water.
At the end of the campaign, we'll announce the grand opening.
May 31st here in Letnany.
We expect several thousand customers to come.
You might be asking why we want to do all this.
Why fool thousands of people into going to a fake hypermarket
which is more like a meadow than a hypermarket?
We won't answer, in the hope that the film will answer that for you.
So come join the film with us.
- We'll see. - You'll see.
Should we use a particular look?
It's not so important right now. The main part will come later.
Then I'll tell you how to look, how to act, how to turn.
Mr Šetlík, we're trying for a certain expression,
the ability to act and look honest in front of a camera.
But that's not what we're working on right now.
Let's document this now. Side by side, please.
Is it obvious that we don't have the right look yet?
Yes, I think it is.
You should look like a manager, respectable and trustworthy.
I've already talked to him about it and we agreed.
Then we'll pick a proper haircut.
It's a bubble that will burst soon,
but at the same time it must be a hypermarket logo,
a symbol that'll stick with you.
When you say a bubble, we could use a cartoon bubble.
There are two kinds of bubbles.
When a person says something and when they're thinking.
A bubble cloud with their thoughts and ideas.
Czech Dream
Welcome to Hugo Boss, where we'll continue to...
Into the camera, please.
We'll continue to transform you into real managers.
It was a chance to enter into a mutually favourable contract
including an actual presentation of the Hugo Boss logo.
For about ten seconds.
- Three, four, five, six. - I think that's enough.
Now the image makers will transform you into real managers.
Girls, your time has come.
Tuna in brine
Now you are a perfect semi-finished "product",
but you need to come to life and perform,
because in business you need to persuade the client
and it's not your looks or your clothes that will convince him.
Those are actually just supplementary things.
You must persuade him with your personality, your charisma,
your power, your ego.
Those are the key elements.
Now you must pull it off.
- That's it. It's good. Very good. - It's absolutely convincing. It's perfect.
OK, OK, let's go. This is it.
Let's see that warm expression in your eyes.
You could do a ballet and not management.
Gestures, moves, expression, look at me.
Smile, put the smile into it. Look at me. I'm here.
Your enthusiasm must be obvious.
- Yes, this is great. - Side by side.
Czech Dream. Extra special Czech Dream.
- Closer to each other. - Czech Dream.
The image of adverting presented in the Czech media is distorted.
That's why I find it interesting that in this documentary
advertising agents aren't played by actors, they're real agents.
In fact, you kind of show them the mirror.
We didn't say that.
It's a glimpse at our own ranks, into our own work,
through someone's disinterested eye, which is quite interesting.
I mean, you say MARK/BBDO, Martin Prikryl and his team,
made an ad for something that didn't exist
and people still came, just because of the ad campaign.
- That's absolutely incredible. - That makes it way cool.
Do you view it as publicity for your team?
Beer cap hat - a big success
If it works, then it helps us.
Witty ads work everywhere
Our ads work even if the product sucks or doesn't exist at all.
- So you're into the experiment? - Pretty much.
Czech Television seeks people for a documentary film
Hypermarket with a Human Face.
We're looking for a Czech family who have repeatedly experienced
entire days in hypermarkets.
The selected family gets a shopping spree at the shoot.
This is exactly what you see. It's just scaled down to 1:100.
So there will only be this front wall
which is 100 metres long and ten metres high.
Our task is to convince people that it's a real hypermarket.
Now we've got to think of a campaign for it. Ivanka has the brief.
So, the Czech Dream Hypermarket.
What impact do we want this ad to have?
Something to the effect that, "I can't miss this."
Remember when Giga Sport opened or Electro World?
It's something a typical Czech person won't miss.
He'll spend the night there
to get the cheapest washing machine he saw in their ad.
Hello. If I could have your attention now.
I'd like to welcome you to today's casting.
Also I'd like to introduce Dr Jitka Vysekalová,
a shopping behaviour specialist who is in charge of casting.
So I'll give her the floor now.
What does your day in a hypermarket look like?
Well, shopping starts the previous evening.
Insomnia, preparation, a list written on toilet paper, et cetera.
You pack your prepared bags and crates quickly, split,
drop the kids at a play corner.
The shopping in Makro takes two hours, then two more in Hypernova.
Then we maybe have some lunch.
I always tell myself not to spend too much
but then I see something for a good price and I think,
"I might need it. It will make a nice sauce."
I like to try all the various kinds of spices. I can't resist.
And I end up spending a fortune. I'm stunned by how much it costs.
I love supermarkets. They make me feel great.
You can relax in a hypermarket. You can look at stuff.
Whatever you're interested in.
That's the joy of hypermarkets. It has something for everyone.
I don't like small stores with only one brand.
Last weekend we went on a hike, not very long, six kilometres.
She hated it, so to calm her down,
we went to Tesco that evening and she beamed with happiness.
That reflects the youth of today.
But you refused to go to Kenvelo and to Orsi with me.
- That was too much for us. - So was the nature for me.
Can you tell us about the relief? Can you describe it?
Being dragged along all day and then coming to the store.
Well, it was like, I don't know, like it was raining all day
and then I suddenly saw the sun come out.
It was cool, fun and mellow.
How did you spend your Saturdays together as a family
- before there were any malls? - At home or in our garden.
We hardly remember what it was like before the hypermarkets.
Back then, nobody was buying milk in bulk.
Ten years ago, we weren't buying water either.
- What would you call it? - Nothing comes to mind...
Can you think of something pleasant? Some word or name.
I'd call it Amore.
Amore Supermarket. That's love, so people would feel close to it.
- I'd call it Harmony. - Easy Life...
I like Oneness more than Harmony. It says more.
Grant Me Wishes is too long. It wouldn't work.
I got it. I'd call it Cornucopia.
- I like that, going to the Corn. - Corny, huh?
- It's not a dream, it's Harmony. - What did you say?
It's not a dream, it's reality, it's the Harmony.
- How about the Czech Dream? - Why not?
Good morning, dear TV viewers.
Let me welcome you to our Tesco Hypermarket,
one of the most beautiful hypermarkets in the entire world.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Eva Williams
I'm the director of corporate relations.
I hope that the day which you'll spend with the Kudrnas
will be enjoyable not only for you but also for our family.
Now let me introduce the director of our hypermarket, Mr Suran,
who will greet the family personally,
wishing them a nice time shopping
and enjoying themselves in our mall.
Hello. Welcome to Tesco,
our beautiful hypermarket and shopping centre
which is, I dare to say, the largest in the Czech Republic.
I hope that you'll enjoy shopping in our hypermarket
and also in our shopping centre.
Let me give you an example from my own life. I was about 17.
I went to a stand selling bananas. There was a huge line.
Bananas were hard to get so I got in line.
It was terrible. Tourists from Japan filmed us.
I waited until it was my turn to buy one kilo of bananas.
There were restrictions then. We couldn't buy ten or 20 kilos.
- They're running away. - They finally got rid of us.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Martin Prikryl
and my job is to think up advertisements.
Today I'm seeing what people like you buy,
what you'd want in a hypermarket, so we know how to make the ad.
Hi. Whose birthday is it today?
Look, the sun is setting.
Look how beautiful it is. Tomorrow will be a nice day.
We're not just filming it or... How to put it?
- We live it. - We study it.
Life is short, so live your life as best you can.
Yeah, that's obvious. And what about you? I mean...
- Mum, do you have any scissors? - I think your work has meaning.
What makes you think that?
You do it with enthusiasm and you want to achieve something.
What are we trying to achieve?
You find the positives and negatives of shopping.
- What are your passions? - My passions?
To be honest, I am gripped by circumstances.
I have a passion for reading, drawing, and I like to sing.
Would you sing something for us?
- Yeah, I can sing for you. - The English song.
I'll sing with Michalka.
- How does it start? - Hey ho?
If I may say something... They are all sad...
- We just discussed it. - You can hear it.
Kids, I'd like you to know that this is the song's composer...
A very competent person said what I've said from the start.
It continues to drop so keep a slight smile on
and try it without the music.
Try swinging in opposite directions. Vítek, start.
One, two, three.
Try to see as a child, many things will seem wild...
Just like Yesterday.
Each row sings in waves.
How would you describe your interpretation?
Even though you've heard it before, it still makes you cry.
How do you make someone cry?
Horns, strings and harmony that's very obvious.
I play...
- That's it. - And it gets stuck in your head?
Now it makes you cry, or it doesn't.
"Try to see as a child," meaning through a kid's eyes.
Everything is great, stunning. It makes you happy.
Why should they point to things?
Because "many things will seem wild".
I mean, we thought the cart... Is it for that...
- For what? - For that Czech Dream?
- For that supermarket... - So they'd point at store items?
- "I'd like this or that." - So many things they could want.
- "Wow, I like this." - I see.
- It's up to you if you want it. - You thought of it.
- It's your call. - I like it.
Let's take it from the end. "I want to fulfil my dream".
Everyone nods, "Yes, I want to fulfil my dream."
No need to nod in unison, but you want to fulfil your dream.
Nod that you want to fulfil your dream.
What is happiness like? What makes a dream full?
How can anything be bright when the day is so dull?
You see what you want, no need to idealise
Life lasts but a second, so want truth, not lies
Try to see as a child, many things will seem wild
The world's yours, so take it, all you need is to want it
It will be a nice big bash, and if you got no cash
Get a loan and scream
"I want to fulfil my dream"
The City light poster. I like the simpler one more.
Don't go there
The client laughs. That's great.
So this is where we'd take it. I like it a lot.
It's funny. It's nice.
Sometimes it takes an hour before the client laughs.
- So we've got "Don't go there." - I always do what I'm not supposed to do.
So if someone tells me don't come, then I'll come.
- "Don't come." - That's great. Even better.
"Don't skip ahead."
"Don't wait."
"Don't rush."
Don't push
That's my favourite.
"Don't bother." "Don't spend." And so on.
Cut. Nice! One more time with the assistants and we're done.
It's long enough to be a feature movie.
Act less.
It's more macho with your chin up...
Don't be so modest.
The sun's shining so let's go. Video.
It wouldn't be too expensive and it'd have cute shop assistants.
I think we've got it.
The Czech Dream Hypermarket, opening on May 31st at 10am.
Where? You'll find out soon.
Be a little slicker.
More lurid. "The Czech Dream Hypermarket..."
The Czech Dream Hypermarket, opening on May 31st at 10am.
Where? You'll find out soon.
That's better. It's natural.
Commercial Break
Imagine the hypermarket of your dreams. What would it be like?
It wouldn't be too expensive and it'd have cute shop assistants.
The Czech Dream Hypermarket, opening on May 31st at 10am.
Where? You'll find out soon.
That's better. It's more natural.
I suggest that we put there, "The Czech Dream Hypermarket.
"On opening day you won't walk out empty-handed." What's wrong?
It's a lie. People won't get anything...
They won't get a thing but they'll get some experience.
If you personally explain that to everyone then you can add it,
- but we don't lie to people. - It's not a lie.
- It is and I won't approve of it. - We don't say, "You'll get stuff."
Empty-handed is never used to describe something immaterial.
But you can open the Czech Dream Hypermarket when there isn't one?
- What's the difference? - There won't be a hypermarket.
- We aren't going to build one. - You didn't say that.
You said you'd build the front of the hypermarket...
It's a front, not a hypermarket.
Since when is a front called a hypermarket?
Why don't you write "The front of The Czech Dream Hypermarket"?
- Are you splitting hairs? - No, you are.
How is not leaving empty-handed equated with loads of free stuff?
Why should it mean that they'll get something?
They'll have what they brought along, or they can pick grass.
We'll piss them off. If you want to, go ahead.
But we don't do things like that.
If they come and there's nothing, they'll be pissed off anyway.
That's ludicrous, to say they'll be pissed off by the slogan.
But they won't go there to leave empty-handed.
It's another comment, something completely new...
You're making a film about a hypermarket that doesn't exist.
It's about an event taking place at a certain day and time.
We brought professional suggestions
that have the values you want.
And like with our paying clients, we can say that we're done,
we can say that now too.
So let's agree on what we'll test in tomorrow's focus groups.
If we don't agree on anything, we'll test empty billboards.
I suggest two versions, this and the "Opening" version.
How about putting "You won't leave empty-handed" there?
I'm staying away from that. I won't lie.
But you're lying to them. There is no Czech Dream Hypermarket.
I'm not going to promise anything.
- You won't. - I'm really not going there.
There's a difference between a double meaning and a lie...
How can you say that this is opening when it doesn't exist?
- Well, at least I won't... - They won't know it's not real.
I mean, if you filmmakers are used to lying to people,
we don't lie in advertising.
It's surprising, but we don't.
- Can you repeat that? - Sure. I can say it again.
Even if you lie in your films, we don't lie in advertising.
Listen, I've got to go.
I was supposed to be somewhere else at five...
Imagine a new hypermarket opens. Of course it will be advertised.
And you'll come across a billboard or a magazine
and see some kind of a logo
which will say, "Don't wait."
I sure will wait. It invites me to wait.
OK. So you think it's captivating, that it's witty.
- "Don't come." - I sure will come!
What about you?
Well, it's negative.
"Don't spend."
- What would we do there then? - Your management could go home.
- They won't make any money. - They won't sell anything.
Will it grab people? Will they take it seriously?
- Maybe they'll shop. - They might shoplift.
- Thank you and goodbye. - Here are your gifts...
- Thank you for coming. - Thank you very much. Goodbye.
If you could move your hair off your forehead.
I'll put the camera contraption on your head now.
I'm going to adjust the top camera to record the position of your eyes.
Is it too tight? Is it OK?
The top camera records the exact position of your sight.
And the bottom camera records what you're looking at.
Is it too tight? Is it uncomfortable? Great.
The computers behind you blend both of the signals
so we can see what you're looking at,
and the small square shows what you focus on.
The square moves around the materials.
Here is the lens. If you could look directly ahead.
Now imagine this situation.
You come home from work, take three flyers out of your letter box.
You're planning to buy a lot of groceries tomorrow
and, based on the three flyers I'm handing you now,
you'll decide which hypermarket you'll go to.
So go through them slowly
as if you were sitting at home and had time to do it.
Flip through them and tell us which one inspired you
to go shopping there.
When you're done, put everything aside.
We'll end by presenting our results.
We divided the front into four basic categories
to see how effective they are.
The company logo's at the top,
the headline "Opening day surprises for everyone."
Then products and information.
The next slide shows how time was distributed.
Products 70°%, information 7°%, logo 17°% and the headline 6°% .
So the headline was not as noticeable as we'd hoped.
Nobody seemed to notice the part about the surprise,
so we recommend highlighting that part.
What did you just say about Czech Dream?
The idea behind marketing campaigns that are manipulative and misleading
is something I don't agree with.
Then why did you take part in the research?
You worked on Czech Dream, to help reach its target group.
It's a professional approach to evaluating ads.
You got information on how to make the most convincing ad
so it'd affect the recipient.
The decision to manipulate the recipient was yours.
It's your responsibility.
I don't see why you work on corporate things you disapprove of.
There are ads we wouldn't do if we had the power,
as we don't believe in them.
But professionals must be able to test things
that aren't their cup of tea,
like an ad for something they don't like.
Selective research has no point.
A doctor can't refuse to operate on a felon who raped some little girl.
When they wheel him into the operating room, he operates.
So who is who, then? You are the doctor?
- In this analogy, I am. - That's enough.
Attention, all Prague citizens. Leave the capital.
A huge invasion is nearing. Prepare for chaos.
The Czech Dream Hypermarket - a whole new experience -
opens on May 31st at 10am.
So don't forget.
There are only 13 days left.
Our dream? I guess, more money.
More money so we can afford more.
- And a vacation. - My dream is a bit different.
I'm a student, so my dream is to finish school and have a career.
Of course there's money too, so I can afford more stuff.
What do you want that you can't afford? What do you long for?
- I guess a vacation abroad. - A vacation above all.
- Then maybe a car. - A beautiful car.
Our own place to live without our parents.
These are our basic ideas.
It's nice, all glossy. It's an attractive flyer.
- Is that important? - No, it's not.
The prices and stuff for sale are important,
like I want their juice, cheese or a cheap camera.
Everything here is very cheap. I hope it stays that way
and it's not just for the opening to get people there.
Then they raise the prices so next time it's twice as high.
It shouldn't be that way. Some places try to keep prices low.
- OK, thank you. - You're welcome.
- Where will it be? - Look at your flyer.
Oh yes, here it is. Thank you. Goodbye.
I think people like to be persuaded.
Do you know why?
I mean people need solid footing, and ads provide that for them.
All ad manuals always use the example of the Sistine Chapel ceiling,
which was an ad made to order.
It was a paid advertisement.
A mega-billboard on the ceiling stating that God is great.
It was done for dough. It was made to order and it's art.
Its goal was not to be a beautiful image that would evoke emotions.
The commission was...
"Paint the ceiling so it's obvious that God is great.
"And it must blow everyone's mind. Here is the dough."
You know, it's like you make something and you want to sell it.
So it shouts. But the way it shouts today is smarter.
But, you know, it still shouts. I mean, it's still the same stuff.
It's totally normal, so no point in getting worked up about it.
You know, there's more stuff, so you've got to shout.
I mean, the world's like that whether we like it or not.
That's just the way it is and there's nothing wrong with that.
I mean, it's as bad as making cars in a factory, right?
Cars pollute, but you could talk like this about anything.
I mean, it's nonsense. You know, I try not to piss people off.
You know, I definitely don't want to lie to them or cheat them.
I mean, it's something that I'd hate, so I try to do my best
to make them happy, you know.
I enjoy working in advertising.
I mean, every time I leave work to see my friends in a bar,
I honestly think that it's me who moves the world.
In what sense?
I mean, like the stuff that we're working on
and we'll work on for a couple more hours.
If it works we'll decide
what several thousand people will do on May 31st at 10am.
That's pretty cool.
The feeling that you talk someone into doing something,
that you hook them into something, is kind of slick, I think.
We're just a tiny land, we're just a little place
But we can take nothing and build castles up into space
Good people live here, beautiful children too
So kill the envious viper and let your dream come true
How many ways can you let love in? What does a happy dream say?
When they cut the red ribbon on that nice dreamy day
The earth becomes Shangri-la, it's sunny and they all play
Add it to your agenda, the 31st of May
I want to see like a child, many things will seem wild
The world's yours so take it, all you need is to want it
Don't be a sloth, come grab a cart
Don't blow it off
Let the Czech Dream start
Let the Czech Dream start
This is Czech Radio. Here are today's stories.
At dawn we can view a solar eclipse.
Sunrise will not cast its usual glare,
rather, only a small crescent which will shrink further.
You don't need much to watch this fascinating phenomenon.
Get up early and have your special glasses to hand.
Details on the course of the partial solar eclipse
will be given by Michal Švanda of Amateur Sky Watchers.
I want to see like a child, many things will seem wild
The world's yours so take it, all you need is to want it
It will be a nice big bash, and if you got no cash
Get a loan and scream
"I want to fulfil my dream..."
I have this image of no one coming at all.
What would that mean?
- What would it mean for you? - That it didn't work.
But if nobody at all came it would also be significant.
Look, a woman with a plastic bag is coming.
Those people are coming here, they are.
- Don't come near me. I'm shy. - Here is our first shopper.
- What caught your eye? - I've never done this before.
I didn't want to come today either,
but there was a solar eclipse and my husband woke me up.
I was interested in this digital camera for 1,690 crowns.
I want to see if they have it.
- Looking forward to the surprise? - Definitely.
I like surprises if they are pleasant.
You came almost three hours before the opening.
When I saw how people always went crazy,
I expected to see sleeping bags here.
And because there was that solar eclipse today,
and my husband woke me up, I thought,
since we were already up so early we could risk it.
I was told to buy this TV here. What else?
Chocolate, powder detergent for 89 crowns. That's all.
Three cartons of milk. Two jars of pickles.
You're using a wide-angle lens so my whole body will be there.
I don't know.
- Hold on. It's opening at ten. - Where is it?
- Look and see. - Where am I supposed to look?
- It's happening. There was an ad. - Yeah, the ads are everywhere.
Did you come because of the flyer?
Not only the flyer. I saw the ads about a month ago -
"Don't pay more" or whatever it said. "Don't spend..."
- It said, "Don't come." - Yes.
So where am I not supposed to go?
I saw those ads saying, "Don't come, don't spend,"
and thought the government came up with something dumb again.
And then I saw it was at the Letnany exhibition grounds.
I fish here anyway, so why not go?
Then, two days ago, they told us that it was for a hypermarket.
I had no clue that it was for a hypermarket.
Since I work at a supermarket, I wanted to check it out.
But they told you, "Don't go there, don't spend."
They said, "Don't go there, don't spend," so I listened
and I didn't go and spend money in any other supermarkets.
I thought, "What the heck? Something will come out of it."
It says, "Don't come, don't spend," then only, "Opening at ten."
If it's their opening, I'll wait to see what opens.
It's interesting to see how the ad works.
It says "Don't come, don't spend." It's an odd mechanism.
It's true, but I am a joker too.
I like practical jokes like this one
and also, their ad is very good.
They didn't reveal their know-how until the very end
so that Tesco couldn't react to it
which was pretty well thought out by their management.
Hello everybody, our dear customers.
Welcome to the opening of Czech Dream.
The idea behind Czech Dream and our main goal is
to go beyond the expectations of our customers, you.
Ads are everywhere, but nobody pays attention to them any more.
So we had to be original and make it look anti-consumer.
As if we weren't really inviting you, which may appeal to you.
I greet our next wave of patrons. We're glad more folks are coming.
To everyone still in the car park, come closer.
There are still some items available here...
Come and get the last key chains and rainbow-coloured flags.
Can I ask what you came to buy?
I don't know. I guess the TV for 500 crowns, if it's there.
- I just came to look. - Did you get the flyer?
No, they were pulling my leg. I saw it on a tram.
A week before opening, an ad said to go to the exhibition grounds.
It kept saying it was elsewhere.
- So you followed when it was opening? - Well, kind of. I marked it down.
What else can old folks do? We browse the stores.
Come and enjoy it like a child, many things will seem wild
The world is yours so take it, all you need is to want it
Don't be a sloth, come grab a cart
Don't blow it off
Watch the Czech Dream start
We hear applause. Thank you.
Let's play the song with heartfelt rhymes again
and I hope you'll join me in this beautiful weather.
What is happiness like? What makes a dream full?
How can anything be bright when the day is so dull?
Which isn't our problem today...
You see what you want, no need to idealise
And now, together...
Life lasts but a second, so want truth, not lies
And now the refrain...
Try to see as a child, many things will seem wild
The world's yours so take it, all you need is to want it
Sing it one octave higher. It's a children's choir.
They sing very high. I can't even do it.
It will be a nice big bash, and if you got no cash
Get a loan and scream, "I want to fulfil my dream"
Some of you are joining in.
Here is the moment everybody has anxiously waited for.
Soon, we'll cut the red ribbon
but first I'd like to invite on stage
the managers of Czech Dream, Mr Vít and Mr Filip
who are backstage organising things, but their time is up
and whether they like it or not they have to come on stage.
Welcome to our meadow by the Czech Dream Hypermarket.
In a moment, the ribbon will be cut
and you will have a chance to visit our hypermarket.
Then we'll be ready to answer any questions you may have.
Thank you for coming and please go easy on us
if we don't completely meet your expectations.
You may feel our hypermarket is not your average store.
It was kind of obvious from the campaign,
which was very original and, in a way, a form of anti-advertising.
"Don't come, don't buy, don't fight."
So let's proceed with cutting the ribbon.
Can we raise it higher? Now comes the special cut.
Commercial Break
Imagine the hypermarket of your dreams. What would it be like?
Hey, as longs as it's not boring, man.
The Czech Dream Hypermarket, opening on May 31st at 10am.
Where? You'll find out soon.
Now here is the special cut.
The scissors are dull. The trumpet sounds.
Here we go. Czech Dream is open.
Now if you could please open the gates.
I'd better say goodbye now.
I'm 84.
Like cattle being put out to graze.
They won't cut it so we'll just trample down it for them.
It's stupid! They're making fools out of people.
Should I carry groceries on my back when my car's so far away?
This is how we join Europe?
Nitwits joining Europe, a bunch of blockheads and idiots.
Go ahead and go public with it. Like a herd of Czech cattle.
- Easy or you'll have a stroke. - I'm cool.
- How else can you get some rays? - Me? Alone.
- I should have brought my bikini. - Me, going to the beach?
I don't need a European sea, I have Czech water...
Don't bother going there. It's just a banner. They fooled us.
- There is nothing there. - It's just scaffolding.
Man, what the fuck...
- Now I've made a fool of myself. - I said it. It looked fishy...
Those shitheads. Go ahead and put it there.
It's a great dream.
It's that building over there.
This whole country is a big scam.
- That's right. You're on TV. - Good. I want everyone to know.
Fooling people like this is outrageous.
You comedians think it's OK to make us look like asses?
I wonder how much it cost?
We can afford to blow money on such stupid things.
It's a good joke. They wanted to see how many idiots would come.
- And there are plenty. - No point in commenting on it.
- It's useless. - We should just stay put.
- It won't get us anywhere anyway. - Let's not aim too high.
Somebody should beat them up. This is not a children's party.
Joke like this and when you're serious, nobody will believe you.
Make a fool out of someone else.
Lucky we're not Hussites or we'd use flails and trash the place.
I want to know who's behind this.
I told you that Czech Dream was just a joke.
The weather is nice, so it served its purpose after all.
Fun always has its price, but we are satisfied. Thank you.
- Do you have any dream today? - I do. I am completely satisfied.
I expected this.
And you succeeded. I mean, let them have some...
But why didn't they do it?
It says it in the name. Czech Dream.
- You think they should open it? - They should.
It said we'd all get a gift and they stood by it.
- Everyone got a flag or this. - But all these people came...
- Why do you think they did it? - Why did they do it?
I guess it's a stunt to show how greedy people are.
- But it still annoys me. - Do you think that...
The weather's nice, so I think a family can hang around.
There is a meadow here. They can have a picnic.
I think a big campaign that gets people outside is great,
even for the elderly.
- They did a nice job. - So are you delighted, or not?
I'm delighted because at least I got out of the house.
- We'd be at home doing chores. - We'd be cleaning so it's nice.
- Do you feel cheated? - Not really.
I mean, they should trick us on April Fools' Day.
Go listen to the opinions of those on their way back home.
We'll keep walking forward.
Oh God, you're filming me. I'm camera-shy.
Was it a surprise or not?
I must admit that my wife told me, "Buy the original gherkins.
"You can't get them any more and they have them. Buy them in bulk."
This can't be true.
Jesus Christ...
Those assholes.
It's an illusion. This day, May 31st will make its mark.
Great day. The sun's shining. A supermarket opened, beautiful!
- Did you get the flyer? - We did. It's our souvenir.
- It's also an illusion. - I think so, too.
What a disgrace. Now they'll never trick anyone again.
Yes they will, because Czechs will fall for anything.
If they sold duck for 25 crowns,
you'd travel all the way across the country to get it.
- But I'm not greedy. - Czechs are easy to manipulate.
Look, the crowd's coming back.
I mean, it's not good for the old people
and the handicapped who fell for it.
But it's our dream. It's every Czech's dream.
How many ways can you let love in? What does a happy dream say?
When they cut the red ribbon on that nice dreamy day
The earth becomes Shangri-la, it's sunny and they all play
It's the biggest mean stunt that I've ever seen.
You got maybe two thousand people here and for what?
Our politicians do worse things that that.
But making fools out of two thousand people is...
Our politicians make fools out of ten million.
And they do it every day. We have it up to here.
So what would be your recipe for a great Czech dream?
- This day. - It's a rude awakening, but...
- Today was good. - Goodbye, guys.
This is how we're joining the European Union?
And you want us to vote for it?
What can they promise us, that whole European Union?
They can't promise shit.
Line them up. Get it over with.
A bullet is cheaper than joining the EU.
- Are you mad you wasted your time? - You know, I'm a fisherman.
I often sit and don't catch anything
so I'd have to be mad all the time but I never am.
I'm just mad they lied to us.
I thought the era of lies was over, but it's not.
If my supermarket did this to people,
- they'd turn it to rubble. - Which supermarket do you work at?
- I can't tell you the name. - Is it here in Prague?
I could get fired, so I'm sorry, but I can't give you the name.
On Saturday the Czech Dream Hypermarket opened its gates.
Their campaign was mysterious and non-conventional.
The company's bubble-shaped logo told their customers
not to go to the hypermarket and not to spend.
On Saturday, the bubble burst.
How did the one-day wondermarket look?
I'd shut you down immediately. I'd lock you up.
You can't make us into fools. We want to join the EU.
But people like you won't go there. Playing tricks on people.
- What's this? Who put this out? - We put it out. We're behind it.
We ordered it, hired graphic designers to make the packaging.
You can't buy it so we can't make any money on it.
So you made it up to make a film about it?
It wasn't just about making the film.
It was also to see how the media and the public would react to it.
We wanted to see how ten million people here would react to it.
It means a lot to me to have a chance to talk to you.
You have money, the good life.
- But you know nothing about us! - No, but you can afford this.
I only borrowed it. I have to return it tomorrow.
When you release something, you are responsible for it.
We're responsible. But it's not an ad for a hypermarket.
I hope you get prosecuted and fined a million crowns.
- By who? - A city council.
- What for? - For fooling people.
Do you want to join Europe? You two?
You're kidding me. Take that to Habesh.
Don't be surprised if you get beaten up here.
You do this and act like nothing happened. Look at all the people.
I mean, the reason I came here was to see that it wasn't true.
I knew you could never sell steaks for fifty crowns.
- Good businessmen don't do that. - But we're not businessmen.
- What are you then? Grifters? - No, we're filmmakers.
- We study at the film school. - Wow, that's great!
Where did you students get the money for all the ads?
- A Ministry of Culture grant. - Great, wasting our tax money!
Which film school do you go to?
The billboard owners, the printing companies
and the ad agencies make incredible money
neither of us will ever get hold of.
That's why you don't have any chance to even touch this world
or to do something about it.
Czech Dream. Under this name, two filmmakers created a huge scam.
MP - Media Committee.
Most troubling is the fact it was financed with public funds.
MP - Media Committee:
It was a cynical raw deal. People paid to be scammed.
Avoid the exhibition grounds. The fortune teller warned me.
People here were really offended.
That's not surprising. If they weren't, they weren't thinking.
Yeah, people should finally see that these young folks are right.
It's not our problem any more. We won't be here in ten years.
But the youth are concerned with everything that's going on.
Too bad the Prime Minister did not cut the ribbon. It would have been fun.
Czech Dream showed the massive power of advertising
and the campaign to join the EU is just an ad to vote "Yes".
At least, this is how people my age see it.
Maybe more money should have gone into public education
rather than dumping 200 million into TV spots.
Prime Minister Vladimír Špidla
The TV spots weren't 200 million. They were about 60 or 70 million.
I'm sorry, Mr Prime Minister, but this isn't about the campaign's structure.
The main point is that the Czech Dream Hypermarket showed
that people follow ads even if there is nothing tangible.
Is the Euro campaign different? Is something behind it?
The problem lies elsewhere.
The commercials, as the numbers show,
are "only" a fraction of what is spent on edification.
Banks practice fraud. People steal. That leads to dishonesty.
But they were openly dishonest, while banks keep it secret.
They'll get to that once the money runs out.
They're used to having it. So if they're short they find a way.
They just need to win recognition and to hook up with a manager.
That is what they're after.
- Why do you think they did it? - Why?
People want to be better than others around them.
So if his colleagues make films about animals,
he makes films about stupid people, right?
This can't be forgiven. Even though I said I was a patriot,
you can forgive all kinds of things, but not cheating.
Did you gain any experience today? Was it a lesson for you?
Experience? A lesson? Don't believe filmmakers.
Well, I mean now I am certain that
politics has a lot to do with it, unfortunately.
Now I am certain that I'll vote against joining the EU.
Thank you. Goodbye.
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