Salomon Running TV S2 E05 - Taking a break

Uploaded by SalomonTrailRunning on 26.07.2012

We're in France I think, France or Spain...
No we're in Font Romeu.
Do I have to say Font Romeu again?
Kilian has spent all of his life here
these are his mountains.
He knows these mountains better than anyone else
I was born not far from here, just 10km South of here.
It's here that I know every rock, every tree, so when we run here, it's just different.
It is here that my parents gave me the love of nature and mountains.
It's kind of hard to believe sometimes,
I have to pinch myself and think am I actually here or am I just dreaming?
I always find it refreshing to just get out into the mountains
and not really follow a structured plan.
I get mentally tired and physically tired as well
so it's nice to have a break
I almost think if you don't do that your body will force it upon you.
Competing is a small percentage of what we're actually doing.
In order to improve and to go forward in your racing career and as a person
you've got to look back and reflect.
It's just about going out there and enjoying the moment.
There's times when I'm running for competition,
there's times when I run to escape,
there's times when I run to just fully be in the moment as well
and that's absolutely not escaping, that's being as present as possible.
Maybe other people think in a different way but I like to think,
first of all I want to enjoy it and then all of the other things
I think it's all about being yourself
that's the way it was before and that's the way it will continue to be.
As long as I can be out in the mountains and enjoying them
that's the most important thing for me.
I think that is what keeps us together.
I don't even necessarily think it's mountains
I think it's just having a love for the natural aspect
I need that more than I need a race to compete in
Being out there and just being in the sun and being nature,
It sounds kind of crazy,
but you know I think it's another dimension that seems quite common with trail runners
We share this passion and we have the same values
and it's because of this that the community is so strong.
We have a mutual respect for people whether they're running for 20 hours or 3 hours.
We don't talk about competition, we don't talk about the winners
Those barriers are stripped down and we all share the same common bond
The winner is not based on position, the winner is the person who enjoyed it
It's definitely a shared feeling and shared connection
I think we are all here for the same reasons
The pleasure of seeing new places to run on new trails and meet new passionate people.
It's all about that.
Being a better trail runner as well because I want to, I want to be better.
My objective is to race for many years, not just one and stop
They're just doing what they love and it's obviously working
The people who seem to be there for the long run
are the ones who really love it - and they love the mountains
Because we all run different races, and go on different paths
But the result is the same, We like to discover the mountain
At the end of the day running is running, it's a universal language.
So being here around the energy of all the other athletes
I'm starting to feel that fire again to compete and to start training
Competition is important but it's important to have these kinds of events
to be all together - to be the family together.