Movie 4 - Antarctica - part 2 (subtitles)

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That iceberg doesn't look like much but it is as big as a car underwater.
It bumped against the hull and it shook the whole boat.
Nothing was crushed but it is a risk in all the anchorages in Antarctica.
There comes the next problem. It's like a articulated lorry underneath.
It weighs several tons. That shakes the whole boat if it drifts into us.
It can cause some damage.
We have to be ready to change its direction so it doesn't hit us.
It's calving. You were ready but you weren't needed this time, Heléne.
We can go below and continue our meal.
–Leave your things up here. –I won't tie down the boathook.
No, don't. Just leave them here so they are easy to get at.
Is it nice?
–Is it nice? –Beautiful!
–That's nice. –We bake bread and saffron buns...
–We? –Well...on board.
–Cheers! –Buns are produced on board.
We've left our anchorage at Melchior Islands.
We are motoring southwards into Antarctica.
There is a giant iceberg in front of us, as big as a mansion.
It would be interesting to know what it weighs.
Nature is powerful. It's incredible.
–It's an unbelievable experience. –Was there anything in the water?
No whales yet.
If the wind picks up we can sail and then our chances are better.
We're going through that sound. It's hard to see when ice and snow merge.
You have to know where it is. You can't see it until you are there.
The sound I tried to show you, is here.
We're going down the Neumayer Channel–
–to Port Lockroy which lies about there.
Heléne is on lookout to find a gap through the ice.
–Does it look okay? –Yes, so far.
See the ice barrier in the water a bit further on.
It follows the whole channel.
We'll drive slowly through it so as not to damage the hull.
We're leaving the ice behind us. It'll be ice free for a while.
It's the afternoon of 28th December.
We're gliding into the, so–called, Lockroy harbour.
It's going to be our base for the next few days.
We'll be here for New Year's Eve. This is the view from the boat.
Completely unafraid.
Have a peck at the teak decking.
Hard to say how many there are but there are an awful lot.
It seems to be Penguin's New York City.
A whale that has been beached at high tide and died.
–Any contact with the little penguin? –He came very close.
Without exaggeration I think it was a long time since I felt so happy–
–as I have this week.
It's 12 o'clock. Cheers, and a happy new year.
Yaghan is sailing south from Port Lockroy...
...towards the Lemaire Channel.
We're counting on getting to a southern latitude of 65.
There's some whales!
There is his tail fin. Did you see?
The Channel may be blocked with ice so it isn't always passable.
We'll see how far we get. We're heading for the narrowest part.
We might have to turn back and return to Port Lockroy.
It looks like there is a large iceberg ahead.
Here is the Lemaire channel and we had to stop.
There is too much ice.
We got to 65 latitude–
–and then began the journey northwards.